Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

annieokie's complaint that people seem turned off by her constant frothing anti-Hillary ranting is interrupted by a frothing anti-Hillary rant!
When I speak out about this (dare I say woman?) person, whenever possible and loudly, that I believe her to be the MOST EVIL WOMAN ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH, all I get from the listener is silence, as how dare I say that. I think people just choose to think no one can be that EVIL all in one person. Well SHE is the most evil woman alive today, sidekick to George Soros as the most evil male.

It's as if they think something is going to happen to them if they speak EVIL of her. Seems you just can't educate people.

If anything were to happen to Bill Clinton, her only choice of a male spouse would have to be George Soros, as he is the only one left that is her equal evil self.

How do we know that Satan has to be a male?
Fester Chugabrew wants to limit the franchise to anyone who didn't vote fro Obama:
No one should be registered to vote unless they pass some rigorous tests in those regards. Self-government is fundamental to every privilege a free and prosperous citizen enjoys. There are some 100 million people in the USA who, by virtue of placing Barack Hussein into office, should be stripped of their voting privilege.
SkyPilot on Obama's Satan-fueled omnipotence:
Obama has near dictorial powers at this point. With a smirk and a wave of his left hand, he can order the indictments of 4 star generals and former CIA Directors. Obama can have a former Speaker of the House hauled away by the FBI for "structuring" (i.e. deducting his own money from his bank account). Hillary has no Federal agency answering her orders right now, and she doesn't have 99% the media behind her. In fact, there is serious reason to believe Obama can call on the dogs of the press at his whim.

I also believe Obama is backed by Satan and/or demonic forces.
FreepFan found DiogenesLamp wishfully plotting some false flag AgitProp, just like the leftists in his brain!
I have been saying for a long time that we need to be forcing confrontations between Muslims and Liberals. One idea that I keep suggesting is to make up some anti-Islamic literature, put liberals names on it, and drop it off in Muslim Neighborhoods.

Awhile back, a bunch of atheists printed a comic book featuring a cartoon bible raping a woman. I said at the time, "we need to get our hands on a copy, redo all the pages with Koran's replacing bibles, throw in a bunch of Insults for Mohammad, and then drop that off around various mosques in their area with those Atheists names and home addresses listed on it. "

That Muslims would saw off a few heads of my enemies would not bother me greatly. This is how you fight a war.

If it provokes an Anti-Muslim backlash, well that's okay too. Getting your enemies to fight each other is a very good accomplishment.
Speaking of false flag, not many Freepers commented about that Planned Parenthood being set on fire. But madprof98 and 90% of the Freepers on that thread know who did it!
Prolifers will get the blame but who wants to bet it was an inside job?

I’d say the chances are probably 100%.
And on a thread where the other 10% are calling for more arson, natch.

This week's impotent Civil War wishing brought to you by Blogatron and Da "smelly Obama" Coyote.
Just remember what these libs said.

And who said it.

They will pay dearly following CW-II.

And we aren’t talkin’ money.

The backlash is going to be sooooooooo bloody.
(Gonna dip my bread in it)
This week's Megyn Kelly misogynistic outburst brought to you by WENDLE:
I absolutely called this on the bitch. GET THE HELL GONE!! I hate3your bleeding eyes. You are a liar!! GET OUT!! I might watch the channel again. LEAVE!!
In an unsurprising theological twist, demshateGod explains that in a Republic, Jesus' admonition to render unto Caesar doesn't count:
Choosing God over Caesar is a good thing, but if Caesar pays your salary then you do what he says or find another job.

Actually that's a terrible analogy. The US government is not the emperor. It's of the people by the people. The people of Kentucky pay her salary through taxes. We need to get this right or we have no reason to be conservative. If the government is an entity unto itself, we have no liberty.
LibWhacker insists that murder rates are up in 30 cities because the black people living more black?
It’s simple: The more blacks in a city, the more murders, and the more fires of racial hatred are stoked by irresponsible leaders, the more murders.
Unlike most Freeper anecdotes, I believe Norm Lenhart failed to understand some guy trying to explain binary numbers to him:
I once worked with a lib reporter that argued in front of the newsroom that 1+1 did not have to =2. He was dead serious and got rather loud and obnoxious about it.

It will not surprise you to know his very next gig was as an aid to an east coast Democrat state pol.
Vic S explains how Dick Cheney is a RINO:
Of course he doesn’t endorse Trump. He’s the definition of Establishment Republican.

He is also a member of PNAC, Project for a New American Century (1990s), with Donald Rumsfeld. PNAC called for a new Pearl Harbor to force the US to engage with the middle east and force changes to America. This was a couple years before 9/11.

Jeb Bush was a founding member of PNAC.
You know, this is a REAL stretch, but I’m almost suspecting that Jenner is pulling the wool over people’s eyes to ultimately show what foolishness the “transgender” movement is. I just had this thought the other night. I mean, look at the facts. This whole fiasco is sooooo over the top and bizarre, I seriously suspect that Jenner, an Olympic athlete which a conservative background, might any day drop the charade and just tell everyone that it was a joke, and that the sodomites took the bait.

He hasn’t had surgery yet, and I don’t expect him to.
How the worm has turned from 2009!

dadfly has an odd definition of what resigning in protest means:
your position is that any public servant who cannot in good conscious enforce an edict of the gov’t courts should resign?

and btw, by definition: resignation == surrender.
Liz found a picture of some Latin American leaders talking to Obama and drew the appropriate conclusion:
JULY 2014---Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador federales give orders to overthrow the US govt to the sitting president.
MikeSteelBe is barely surviving this Negro Nazi regime:
The USA is ruled by a Negro Nazi Party who have endorsed the racial hate crimes of the NBP and NOI.

Did the German Nazis consider domestic white supremacy groups hate groups?

I’m just as disgusted by ignorant fools who have to ask as the haters themselves.
cherry is angry at all those Freeper Obama voters???
people voted for bammy boy....freepers did.....remember that folks.....we have been back stabbed by our own...
cripplecreek responds to the revelation of an affair between two Michigan Tea Party legislators with thankfulness it wasn't bipartisan:
Hell, I'm just glad its a male / female affair with no reaching across the aisle.
DiogenesLamp recalls how the Nazis started with pro-diversity court rulings...
Handing out and processing civil marriage licenses (no one is asking her to perform religious marriages)--or, if she doesn't want to do that, having someone else in her office do it--is not the same as running concentration camps.

The running of concentration camps began as the exclusion of Jews from government positions.

I sh*t you not. If you cannot see where this is going, then I have no hope of enlightening you as to the danger.
DiogenesLamp explains how America is secretly a Christian theocracy:
My religion trumps court orders but yours doesn’t?

That is not an unreasonable understanding of the rights guaranteed by a document that ends with "Year of our Lord" and exempts the President from working on the Christian Sabbath.

In a word, Yes. The Christian religion trumps the Muslim one in a Christian Nation.

We have just been lied to about the character of this nation when it was created for many years now.
redgolum on the other hand, has heard that Muslims are exempt from all the laws:
Muslims and Hindus have different religious beliefs that are protected by law. A muslim clerk would not be forced to issue a gay marriage license, or prescribe birth control.


  1. [Democratic operatives] Anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church weighs in against jailed Kentucky county...

    I have often thought that Jim might be in the pay of the Democratic Party or even the Communist Party.

    1. I saw a few posts on how Trump is a stealth democrat demolishing the GOP from the inside.

      My favorite though was SE Cupp saying that the people who were supporting Trump was moderates and democrats sick of their party. Real Republicans wouldn't support him.

  2. Conspicuously absent from FR are the remarks made by Sarah Palin that people should "speak American."

    I guess when you're a Freetard, you never want to lend credence to the notion that the person you adore might be a moron.

    1. What are you talking about, Heretic? The Bible quotes Jesus speaking American dozens of times!! OK, the spelling is a bit weird in places, but it was written 2000 years ago in some Middle East hell hole!!

      If American was good enough for Jesus then it's good enough for you!!

  3. The Kim Davis thing is pretty simple, even if Freepers can't understand it:

    Woman elected and swears an oath to do a job;
    Refuses to do the job because Bible;
    Judge orders woman to uphold oath and do her job;
    Woman still refuses to do job because Bible;
    Judge says jail is consequence;
    Woman remains defiant;
    Judge jails woman for refusing to do job she swore to do.

    Freetards have trouble with this because they're morons.

    1. Not only that, but if I'm not mistaken, she swore an oath on the Bible to do her job, "so help me God." If she reneges on that, she is taking the Lord's name in vain.

  4. How crazy will they all go if they lose again in 2016?

    1. And by "Civil War II," I assume you mean they'll get out their Rascal scooters and start yelling at random liberals both real and imaginary. One or two of them might start shooting people, which the rest of them will denounce as "a typical liberal."

    2. Nah, they'll post nasty stuff and encourage others to do the fighting . they're cowards when it comes to actually following through with their threats.

  5. exempts the President from working on the Christian Sabbath

    Phew, what a relief the Soviets never found out about that, or they could have ordered a nuclear strike on a Sunday and we'd have been defenseless!