Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Pix

Secret Muslim!
Religious drama has been growing on Free Republic as their hope wanes.
It's weird how many of these pro-Trump posters make him look like a supervillain.
Copyright 2008, and somehow the horde hasn't overcome us yet...
Such a hero, that Freeper Batman.
Freepers do love to unironically post characters that were created to mock them.


  1. Replies
    1. Whoa.

      That my have to be a post.

    2. Wow, that reminds me of those epic paintings of Dubya as an historic hero on horseback with a sword.... Reminiscent of crap you'd see at a corner gas station art sale.

    3. The sick part is that Trump has probably commissioned paintings like that himself, and has them hanging all over his various homes and private suites in his gaudy hotels.

    4. Good grief. They've made him into some sort of superhero / founding father / general. I see one of two outcomes from this. The weeping and gnashing of teeth when Trump doesn't win the GOP nomination, or the same in an even greater amount when he loses the general election.

    5. Either way, Freeper tears will be oh so Sweet