Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope hate

Despite initial imprecations to play nice, Jim Robinson himself has started a thread attacking the Pope's rather unremarkable speech.

This means it's open season. Freepers eagerly attack the Pope, the Catholic Church, and anyone else nearby. Catholic Freepers try to act as protestant as possible.

fwdude knows a bit of Revelations-fueled drama never goes wrong:
If he is not THE Antichrist, Francis is AN antichrist.

Who else would have open fellowship with belial.
Obadiah is far from the only one who throws out free will along with the idea of combating climate change:
Immediate need to address climate change?? Seriously? Mr. Pope, who created the earth and everything in it? Who is in control of all things.

KC_Lion laments that we have aborted every single one of our children:
"Is this not what we want for our own children?" he asked

What Future Children?

They have been murdered and Sold for Parts at a Mafia Chop Shop!

What about THAT!? Huh?
In the grim darkness of ChicagahAl, there is only war:
...the need to end armed conflict...

There are only two ways to end armed conflict; Either you surrender; or you force the enemy to surrender.

That's it.
In a thread full of selective theology, 1Old Pro projects a liberal strawman to attack:
Libs could care less about the pope, unless he mentions issues they can use politically. They just ignore the rest.
MarvinStinson just yells about Commies:
Commie US president

Commie Pope

Commies advancing by leaps and bounds
Norm Lenhart explains that the Pope wants to kill all humans:
A liberal is an elitist by definition. The ‘modern’ liberal’. They know all, see all and will do all. “No matter what”.

If many starve, die of disease or have to be shot, thats acceptable because ‘They’ know the way ‘it should be’ and anything and any ONE in their way is eliminated.

You gotta break egs to make omlettes. Period. And they see humans, who they tell us are a cancer on Gaia, as an egg to be used as needed.
BenLurkin's analogy betrays a pretty impressive lack of perspective:
The church used to be the defender if civilization. This Pope is siding with the barbarians.
BigCinBigD can't think much though his rage:
Screw that dress wearing boy lover.
lexington minuteman 1775, a Florida pastor, explains how the Pope and Obama are demonic, but not full-on apocalypse demonic...
I believe that Obama is “antichrist” light...he’s not smart enough to be THE antichrist...but hes a “type” or “model” what to be looking for which will be much worse than Obama is...

and I conclude that the antichrist demonic side kick is the false prophet a world wide religious leader and this pope is the false prophet light. So you put the two together its no wonder they are on the same page. Liberals are destroying the creation and trying to take down the Creator.
PATRIOT1876 is pretty sure the Pope has a secret idol:
He is on the Lefties side about everything else.
I believe he will support abortion eventually.

He's already broken a few of the Commandments:

He worships Gaia
I bet he has at least one statue that he prays to.
Not sure if it is exactly bearing false testimony, but he is lying when he says that the Climate Change Scam is real.
He's pushing Socialism
Kit cat is a Catholic, but hates it:
I AM Catholic I am not only embarrassed by this Pope, I am outraged at this Pope after ALL of the scandals in the church this just put the icing on the cake for me!!!! I DO NOT like this Pope makes it VERY HARD to be a Catholic!!!!!
catbertz is a Catholic, except for the Church part:
I’m Catholic as well, and he irritates me more than anything. I have watched the church go down multiple dark roads, and wonder if it will ever recover, but that’s the churches problem. My faith and loyalty belong to Jesus Christ, and not to the churches human leadership. Just like the GOP, I haven’t left them, they’ve left me.

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