Thursday, September 17, 2015

No good Arabs

Some guy took some Jewish Tourists who wandered into Palestinian territory into his home to protect them from an attempted lynching.

But he's an Arab. Needless to say, the story gets barely a dozen posts. And those few that do work very hard to explain away this evidence that not all Muslims are evil.

Even blacks get a few 'good ones.' But Freepers' hatred of Muslims has reached such incandescent heights that it cannot allow any exceptions.

As Freepers often do, Resolute Conservative just makes up convenient facts:
Not all Arabs are Muslim.

He was probably Christian.
Grimmy allows an exception, if it's now dead:
Well, there is one (1) good arab.

There was at least one (1) good arab. He’s dead by now. Events such as these tend to serve very well as a filter. Anyone standing up for the victim of the arab rage gets dealt with, usually in a much harsher manner than the actual victim(s).
ZULU agrees - any good Muslims are immediately killed by all the evil ones:
I hope they rescued the Arab too. His “neighbors” are likely to lynch him.
hal ogen has the same sentiment. but in his more visceral style:
The moozlum goons probably already chopped him and his family into bloody bits.

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