Tuesday, September 1, 2015

‘This isn’t a gun problem; this is a mental problem’

OK, it's a bit late, but I found a Freeper take on the live TV shootings that was at least a little bit new. Now that the shooter is black, angry, and gay, Freepers focus on blaming blackness, gayness, liberalness, and of course SATAN for not just this murder, but violence and mental illness generally.

hal ogen is sure all liberals would be committed now in a proper society:
The reason that LIBs closed most mental institutions in the 60’s & 70’s was that they feared being placed in them. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Most gun-wielding murderers are LIBs.
gaijin thinks the cure for psychos is beatings:
They stoked his anger by accomodating and appeasing his anger.

Hed have stopped if instead theyd have beaten him up and shouted him down.
mmichaels1970 knows the key to faith isn't God's love, it's terror of Hell:
It is my little theory that kids are growing up now with absolutely no fear of hell. Even those that might begin their lives being faithful to God, slip up down the road without the fear of hell to push them back in the right direction.

Hypothetically, if I were a scientist and could scientifically prove the basic existence of either God or hell, I wonder which I would choose.
Buckeye McFrog knows who to blame!
This is a Democrat problem.
This is an Obama problem. They caused it through seven years of stalking racial division and tension.
So what does WKUHilltopper think about the murder rates in secular Europe?
Its a spiritual problem. This is what the country wants. It has rejected God.
Biggirl wants...more praying, I guess?
....And we need more spiritual warfare action to unbound those in mental/physical/spiritual health issues.
Biggirl is going a bit Christian Scientist on us:
Mental illness, like physical illness, have one source Mr. Trump, in the spiritual, the ENEMY.
Catsrus has done the theological groundwork - she's seen the eyes of the mentally ill:
I may be off target, but I happen to think that mental illness is caused by a spiritual problem - have you ever looked into the eyes of someone mentally ill? I used to work at a state hospital, and have looked into many of their eyes -
alloysteel laments that the shooter wasn't a white NRA member, who are always peaceful:
#BlackLivesMatter perhaps also shares in this general disrespect for the law and civil behavior. This was not only a mental disease, it was a combination of evil spiked with some kind of “revenge” on “Whitie”, and total loss of any moral compass.

It is only a very small step from going after white law enforcement officers, to going after ALL whites who appear to be in prominent positions in the community, and the degree of guilt or innocence has no bearing whatsoever on the matter.

While the 9mm pistol used in the slayings was probably obtained legally, this guy was most likely NOT an NRA member, and felt little constraint in turning the weapon upon other human beings with malice aforethought.
Iron Munro wants even more blacks in jail:
We don’t need more gun control.

We need more black criminal control.
AbolishCSEU lays out how blacks are just children in need of supervision:
With very few exceptions, today’s minority community is one big class of spoiled brat toddlers and it’s the fault of their “parents” aka the government for having:

1. no expectations
2. giving them everything on a silver platter
3. making excuses and special exceptions
4. never saying the word “no”
5. the ever growing lack of boundaries (as in what a feral child can get away with in public)
AbolishCSEU then goes on to assume Obama is probably torturing dogs:
Animal abuse: a sure sign of a narcissistic sociopath—like Obama.
Genoa diagnoses lots of bad craziness you won't find in the DSM:
Liberalism is a mental disorder, as is race persecution mania, as is homosexuality. All three are in play here. And at the root of all, as others have commented, it is spiritual.
mkjessup thinks gay people shouldn't get 2nd Amendment rights, due to science reasons:
as I have said many times, “there is nothing ‘gay’ about homosexuals” because every one of them, practically each and every person afflicted with this disorder, exhibits some sort of abnormal behavior.

Back in the day, homosexuality automatically disqualified an individual from obtaining a government security clearance, working with children (hello, Boy Scouts? anybody there?) or obtaining a firearm.

There were solid, scientifically proven reasons for such restrictions, but the events you described swept them all away for the sole purpose of unleashing homosexuality upon society as ‘just another lifestyle choice’ which is 100 percent absolute horseshit.
euram knows there isn't anything crazy, it's all the media reporting how blacks are oppressed
put the blame where it really belongs, on the 24/7 anti-white hatred being spewed by the so-called “mainstream” media. This killer really wasn’t mentally ill, he had been told for many years that all of his problems were the fault of white people, and that’s why so many blacks target whites for their aggression and criminal behavior.
NKP_Vet is sure his serial killer confirmation bias is being covered up by the gay fascists:
There’s a reason why the majority of the worse mass murderers in American history have been self-loathing homosexuals. Dahlmer, Gacy, Wayne Williams, Pee Gaskins, the list is endlist. Add this sadistic sodomite to the list. That’s the discussion the media should be having, but they are controlled hook, line and sinker by the homosexual fascists that run the American media, including Fox News.
Roman_War_Criminal compares people into social justice with murderers:
Those souls that buy into that social justice nonsense are as lost as the crazed TV journalist gunman IMO.

That they go to a “church” matters not.
eartick blames the victims for not being sufficiently paranoid, especially about blacks!
I am no expert on mental disorders or what caused this guy to do this.

I do know that these people could maybe have saved their lives if they would have had a little bit of situational awareness.

Maybe not the cameraman but the newswoman or the lady being interviewed should have seen the signs of an angry black man approaching them.

From what I read yesterday there were not many blacks in the area so an angry black should have stuck out like a sore thumb.

It is a travesty that they will not be around to see their loved ones again. People must train themselves to have their heads on a swivel not up their rears.


  1. So...if a white supremacist, say, shoots up a bunch of black strangers in their own church because, by his own words, blacks have become a problem and he wants to start a race war, whose side is God on?

    Would a little more prayer have helped Dylann Roof to view blacks as humans? It sure ain't helping Freepers to.

    1. I know you are being rhetorical, B, but yes. Sort of. In the same way that prayer does jack shit to stop an alcoholic drinking until he faces up to the fact he's an alcoholic. Then it helps - some, anyway.

    2. Just let me know when Freepers finally face up to the fact that they're spiritual alcoholics, then. For Roof and his victims, it's far too late. Sorry doesn't cut it.