Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jade Helm 15 is done, but the conspiracy lives on!

Freepers didn't really buy into the Jade Helm 15 as prelude to martial law silliness. Or, more likely, they did but the threads got pulled. Because now that it's all done, quite a few Freepers seem to still have their tin foil on. napscoordinator does not much like Freepers, I guess.
So glad it ended up being nothing which I think most Americans know it was going to be nothing. Outrage is the “in thing” now a days.
Gaffer will be suspicious until the government releases all its military tactics:
So. I guess we’ll all be treated to the Post-Op lessons learned from Jade Helm Command, then. When can we expect to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation?
CivilWarBrewing falls back on other paranoid conspiracies:
The Twin Peaks Jade Helm was a raging success! /s
max americana would like to devalue the Holocaust:
Well, it’s over and you’re not in a concentration camp.

Really?? The past 8 years under Klownie the Kenyan didn;t seem like concentration camp time to you?
Flavious_Maximus also posts about his lack of Freedom on the Internet:
A few weeks ago we saw a couple thug marshals illegally put hand cuffs and shackles on a Christian woman and place her in jail for her beliefs. That is worse than a concentration camp. What more proof do you need to know that this country is lost to the barbarians and heathens?
ChildOfThe60s explains ipso facto all Freepers are totally targets:
This was practice.

I remind the skeptics that the DoD has printed manuals defining folks like us as probable terrorists.

Ipso facto an exercise such as JH15 is logically going to include dealing with us in the mix.
HarleyLady27 is immune to accusations that she's as crazy as any left wing paranoid:
Yeah, martial law right before the national election so the muslim in chief can become a dictator!!!

Are YOU going to let that happen folks????

Change "Muslim" to "Moron" and you have a post from Democratic Undergound in 2008.

Why would I want to change something that I think is right?
AEMILIUS PAULUS explains paranoia is fine, when it stems from righteous hatred:
The fear expressed by the public merely reflects deserved loathing that has developed toward our once respected Government. We are now being led by people who do not even belong to our Western Society.
bgill dusts off another oldie:
If the Army was 10 times its size it couldn’t institute nationwide martial law. I could barely hold the major cities.

That’s why Obama is beefing up his civilian army.
GraceG retroactively revises the conspiracy:
From what i could tell Jade helm was not a “Round them all Up” exercise for taking out patriots.

Instead it was more of a “Infiltrate them without them noticing you are walking among them” sort of exercise.

I’d be more worried about the military exercises taking place in the civilian sphere that they don’t tell us about.
GraceG is sure Alex Jones is on to something.
Alex is an important thing to listen to from time to time in small doses.

When crap starts hitting the fan Rush Limbaugh will start sounding like Alex Jones, as Rush sometimes says “I will let you know when it’s time”


  1. When crap starts hitting the fan Rush Limbaugh will start sounding like Alex Jones, as Rush sometimes says “I will let you know when it’s time”

    Do these dipshits really believe that an entitled glutton like Rush Limbaugh would still be anywhere near the United States of America if he thought for one second his fat, lazy ass was in any danger?

    1. He'll be on his G5 headed to the Dominican Republic with a ziplock full of Viagara and Oxycontin, his head swimming with visions of underaged prostitutes

    2. So ... he'll be sounding JUST like Alex Jones then?

    3. No, he will be doing what his ilk always do....running from unpleasant things, just like his Viet Nam deferment for ass pimples.