Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed's not-Bomb

Freepers' Muslim hate continues to amaze me. A Muslim high school student brought a clock to his school. His savvy engineering prof told him to not show it off, but word got out and he was arrested, interrogated, and told he was in trouble for creating a fake bomb.

It's a pretty horrid stew of racism, bureaucracy, and police overcharging.

It's so horrid, some Freepers come out defending this kid. But they get shouted down by a chorus of those who just want bad things to happen to Muslims, legitimately or otherwise.

I am as amazed that the more sane Freepers stay in the company with this level of bigotry as I am with the Nazi mindset in our midst.

Difficulty: no re_nortex, who is always amazing at pushing these stereotyping-based subjects juuuust into the realm of absurdity should you care to check him out.

silverleaf is an apologist for handcuffing innocent kids, because clocks look scary:
gee wonder why the cops questioned him for a long time an never felt like they were getting straight answers?

That’s why the kid did the perp walk- to tell his story down at the precinct

any kid walked out of a school by the cops for any reason is in cuffs - sop, seen it

any anyone thinks this was an overreaction- how’d you like to find this under your airline or subway seat?
Timber Rattler is torn between the facts and his prejudice against Muslims:
OK, I'm kinda torn on this one. At first glance, and considering that the kid is a Muslim, it does look very suspicious:

However, once it was established that it was just a clock, that should have been the end of it, instead of making the kid do the perp walk in cuffs. Irving probably just bought itself a very expensive lawfare suit from CAIR/ACLU.
fwdude thinks this wasn't a big deal, because he was never fourteen I think:
The kid and his parents need to lighten up. He’ll have one HECK of a story to tell his progeny.
fwdude is also torn, but has time to urge some second class citizenship for children of immigrants:
I’m torn, here. I think that such harsh treatment was over-the-top and unnecessary, but it should have still been thoroughly investigated without denigrating the kid.

I DO think that if the parents/family are not native citizens or have any foreign ties to Islamic nations, this investigation should be especially thorough.
mbarker12474 seems to think the professionals at the White House are as silly about electronics as he is.
We should make 1000 of these and send them to the White House. Label them “Science Project Clocks for Obama & Hillary” since that’s what they seem to believe they are.
dfwgator saw a pic, and the kid isn't white!
Looks like a future ISIS soldier.
It would be hilarious satire, but dfwgator is serious:
I say it radicalizes this kid even more.
Black Agnes also assumes all Muslims are terrorists:
Training to make IED’s at a later date.
AndyTheBear blames Islam for this:
Was paranoid and wrong to arrest the kid.

The blame for the paranoia I think can be morally assigned about 2% to those arresting the innocent kid, and 98% to the false prophet Mohammed and those that continue to carry out atrocities following his barbaric example and teachings.
I guess Nachum thinks all clock-users should be arrested:
All this little 'clock' needed was some explosives.
Nachum follows up with some more unthinking contempt:
With all due respect, it looks EXACTLY like an IED.

Glad they arrested the little sh*t. Hope they look at his phone and computer too.
doc maverick wonders if false flag:
You’re right and I’m smelling something fishy about it all. I think it was a set-up.
Eagles6 agrees - being innocent is just another Muslim plot!
Looks very suspicious. Methinks this yute was trying to intimidate the infidel, trolling for a lawsuit or both.

Howzabout buying a $10 watch from the dollar store?
rrrod lays bare what most of them are rationalizing around:
he should have been arrested for being a cultist.......
DJ MacWoW joins the 'arrest all Muslims' bandwagon:
Really? And what would YOUR attitude be if YOUR son or daughter was harassed and cuffed by the police for absolutely nothing. Would you “lighten up”?

Weeeell. My kid isn't from an ethnic group that's intent on killing infidels so it would be an entirely different situation.
OK, I'm going to cheat a little and showcase a bit of re_nortex's savvy:
For a while there when I started the initial thread on this, I was getting hounded for my hardline stance concerning mooselimbs, regardless of how nerdy they pose themselves. It seemed like the KKKOS KKKiddies or the DUmmies had infiltrated Free Republic.
You're a true Patriot, DJ MacWoW, and your work here on this site is always appreciated. May God Richly Bless You!

This Muslim hate, it's worse than it's been in the past. Or at least more explicit, isn't it?


  1. I'm just glad none of these Neo-Nazi bastards have any real power, otherwise we'd see another holocaust.

  2. Obama invites the kid to the White House. Cue the "Obama is a Muslim" hate.

    And speaking of hate, OldSarge posts this gem:

    My loathing of the illegitimate, bisexual, Marxist Kenyan Muslim Usurper requires medication.

    1. That's not the first time he's posted that precise quote.

    2. You're right. And I see that Ozy has posted that exact same quote to this blog twice.

  3. "With all due respect, it looks EXACTLY like an IED."

    What?? The damn thing had a digital display FFS!! The only reason for putting a digital display on a "bomb" is because it is a movie prop (LED, not LCD - for good camera angles).

    Equally worrying in a totally different way: don't US high schools have science clubs where kids build stuff with Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and Arduino ?? I would have expected home made circuits, wires, radio links, cellular modems etc to be passed around all the time at any decent school with a relevant curriculum. If not, the much hyped "Internet of Things" revolution will require a lot of imported engineering talent.

    1. I was just going to say the same thing - the first thing I saw was "Hey, that looks like a Raspberry Pi board!" The best excuse they would have is that it might have part of a bomb, but nope, a small circuit board with a clock is somehow a bomb.

      If this kid wan't MOOOSILM, obviously FReepers would be defending this kid.

    2. I shudder to think what is going to happen to 14 year olds of a certain complexion if the idiots (and I mean the school as well) ever realize that the usual way to trigger a real IED is to send a text message from a cellphone.