Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Pix

Freepers do love that backstabbing trope!
Names might humanize them!
Possibly swarthy people detected.
From the face to the caption, perfect in every way.
I think they could fit a few more gay girly-man implications in if they tried.
Well, from this it appears Trump is a terrorist mastermind, so...
Wow, they chose a pretty manly looking guy for their strawman...


  1. so if trump is yelling out the tv the same things that "patriots" are yelling into the tv ... does that set up a (dis)harmonic feedback loop that threatens to create the dreaded wingnut singularity?

  2. As Fall approaches again we are reminded of our own mortality. We cannot stay here, our reward in heaven awaits.

    Are your daughters whores for Negroes? Are your grandchildren distant and uncaring? Did they make you a tinfoil hat and give it to you for Christmas? Those little beige bastards thought that was pretty funny, didn't they?
    How funny will it be when they find out you have left your house and all your estate to Free Republic? The fight against evil never ends! Trust Jim. He will know what to do with your money after you are gone. Hallelujah and God Bless!

  3. Ooohh ...the bullshit "Stab in the back" canard from a bunch of racist, nationalist authoritarians. Where have I seen that before?? Hmmm'll come to me ,,,,something about the 1930's....

    1. Whether you're Nazis, Soviets, or Freepers, it's just really good nationalist propaganda.

      Ironic as hell to see it repurposed such that the Jew is the victim.

  4. The Real Power behind the scene is not the GOPe. It is the CIA (run by a muslim convert);page=51

  5. Freepers seem to use the same memes as racist 4chan users. I don't know where the parody lies.

  6. Just LOOK at all the pro-lifery on display.

    They couldn't care less about drowned Syrian children trying to escape a war-torn region. Because it's all part of Obama's mastermind plot to Islamize the world, don'tcha know.

    1. "Pro-life" is a deliberately misleading euphemism. FReepers are concerned with "life" only in the same sense the Nazis were: maximized breeding of the master race (nativist whites in this case) and eradication of untermenschen (refugees, "anchor babies", muslims in general etc).

    2. For the most part, their faith seems like a clique for aging rebs and not much more. Any time an event puts their principles of love and peace to the test, they fold up like a cheap tent.

  7. Belt fed automatic weapons. Repeat as necessary.

    You know, I thought we won a war against Nazis by opposing genocide and slogans about racial purity. I wonder who really won.

  8. Sorry for the multiple posts, but my WTF meter is pegged on maximum this morning:

    Well, ya know, it was Jimmy Carter that gave us the Iran of today. It was Obozo and company that just had to overthrow secular leaders in the muzzie world...we now have radicals running those countries...Wrong or right, Saddam Hussein and his blood thirsty sons should have been forcibly removed. They were sadistic as hell...literally. With that said, why do we always seem to nation build? Democracy in a place that will never sustain one?

    WHO overthrew the secular leaders? Who said we need to "spread freedom" for 8 solid years? You just know this guy voted for Bush/Cheney twice in a row. Has he been asleep for two decades? The cognitive dissonance is breathtaking.

    1. The Presidency of the US goes:

      Carter :- plusbad
      Ray-Gun :- doubleplusgood!
      Clinton :- plusbad, sexcrime
      Obama :- doubleplusbad!, crimethink!

      ...any other "Presidents" are figments of your imagination. The so called GW Bush Presidency (for example) was just Bill Clinton in a Halloween mask (Obama played Cheney).