Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Potpourri II

Assuring femininity fits into it's appropriate box, Morgana is sure every woman involved in Planned Parenthood is a super-butch lesbian:
I’ve noticed that most of the people involved in the sales and trading of body parts are women. I thought that women were nurturing and caring creatures.

You call those women? The dykes so diesel I have go go take a bath in Fels-Naptha to get it off of me.
Genoa is so anti-gay marriage he denies that gay people can even have relationships:
The couple that started this action lives in Rowan County.

“Couple”? I see two homosexuals.
NorthMountain agrees with FOX News:
"BlackLivesMatter" is a racist terrorist organization employing murder and assassination to further its agenda.
ConservativeInPA explains how he's come to become a racist:
Most people would agree that the entire BLM movement is not legitimate. It only gives another reason why black lives do not matter. It certainly doesn't make me give a crap. My personal experience with blacks ranges from the brutal murder of an uncle, assault of myself and my sister, to 95% of blacks voting for Obama twice. When blacks start being Americans, stop calling themselves African-Americans or some other hyphenated bull crap, then I might just think their lives matter. Until then, they show no reason to give a damn about them.
Original Lurker laments how anti-conservative the military got after the Civil War:
West Point became “politicized” around 1865.
TexasFreeper2009 seems to have forgotten that the 1960s were when you had actual Communists:
That depends on how you define liberalism.

To a old liberal (pre-1960) the liberals of today would be considered commie anarchists.
TexasFreeper2009 endorses the KKK, minus the racism:
In hindsight all the warnings about “slippy slopes” appear to have been right when it came to liberal ideology.

I am guessing if you ignored all the racial hatred in a typical KKK speech from the first half of the 20th century that they were very prophetic in what they said would happen.
MIA_eccl1212 is dreaming of circumventing our Republic. Which is fine because he's sure liberals do that all the time:
An unlikely scenario but would be fun to imagine:

vote the deal down with simple majority

then send 3 dems to Iran to assure the iranians they are still on the islamist side

then have some special ops from a foreign nation that does NOT approve, say the Saudis, hold them for questioning until after the veto override is scheduled by the senate

then overturn the veto with three of the wack jobs languishing somewhere in Pakistan

97 senators is more than enough for a quorum call.

the good guys will call the tune... overturn the veto and then call the Pakis to LET OUR PEOPLE GO!

we got to start thinking outside the box (remember when a large group of democrats all left the state to stop a quorum call, while they were in the minority?)

YES, DEMS think like that...ALL THE TIME.
i_robot73 lists all the things that explain why America sucked in the 20th Century:
Been there for over a hundred years:

Federal Reserve
Gold confiscation/standard
Gun control laws
Drug laws
Income taxes (runs counter to 4th, 5th, 13th...)
Social Security
(Corporate) Welfare
Dept of... (too many to name)
Foreign aide
Mr Apple wishes for a world in which his bigoted fantasies are true:
I sure wish all the democrat white, black and mexcolon voters could see mullah obama in his muslim robe. They'd be in for a surprise.
Based on nothing more than skin color and a complete misunderstanding of the journalism industry, A_Former_Democrat has figured out Gwen Ifill is just another dumb affirmative action hire:
Here we go ago, daughter of immigrants. Immigration is manufacturing left wingers day and night

Her bio shows she’s bounced from paper to paper, then of course winds up long-term with PBS. What does that tell you? Hired due to her color, movin’ on up, then crash landing to a soft, safe location where she’s guaranteed a lifetime income.
That drowned 3-year-old Syrian refugee makes Freepers' callousness look monstrous. So like clockwork Freepers like Sontagged strap on the tin-foil. This time with a bit of bonus Biblical melodrama:
Guess my cynicism is out of control — but part of me suspects that this kid was murdered as a propaganda ploy by the very people who want to claim “refugee” status.

I’m even more cynical. Almost like human sacrifice for power from Molech.
thesligoduffyflynns is really enthusiastic at another Freepers' melding of natvism with conspiratorial paranoia
I wonder if all of this “migration” in Europe as well as here is being coordinated to bring down America and Western Europe.

Your comment is astounding and deserves it’s own thread!!!

Is there any way you could compose a thread on this?

Your comment jumps right off the page!
gaijin really wants Obama to go third party:
Let me richly reassure The Donald that if he abrogates his plege then I will extra EXTRA vote cor him.

GOP specializes in betraying their voters.

Turn around is fair play.
Poor GrandJediMasterYoda has had brown people ruin his neighborhood 3 times!
Yep, I’ve been around enough to see 3 of my former neighborhoods be taken over by third world nations. I say NATIONS because this is not assimilation but domination. Entire neighborhoods now an offshoot of foreign countries, English nowhere to be found and as we’ve seen in Europe a new law system introduced. 85 Sharia courts in England 6 years ago!
Ben Ficklin endorses propagandizing children to manufacture consent:
As the GOP tries to shift public opinion on the issue, the children are fair game.

In the politics of foreign policy, the political leaders always try to organize the public against external threats. In this particular case the GOP needs to manufacture consent for war with Iran.
knarf on Obama:
piss on YOU, faggot !
Diogenesis's usual paranoid rant posted for dat last line:
Obama, void of BC and SS#, who destroyed
Law and justice, is above the Law, protected
by Boehner and McConnell who also remain above the Law.

They all took Oaths to protect the Constitution
and in its stead have given GOUTS of TREASON.
Vinnie has a foolproof anti-Muslim plan:
I’m flying next week.

Planning on having a pkg of pork rinds with me, just in case . Make sure any M.E. types see it.
Trump's security steals a protester's sign and assaults him. Tenacious 1 wants to know if this is one of those races that deserve assault:
Was the protester of the Omish Terrorist persuasion? Was the protester a Christian? I need more details. No video is going to convince me.....
madison10 on those evangelical God Warriors, the founding fathers:
Founding Fathers would have 1) Literally surrounded the jail and prayed aloud for Ms Davis and/or 2) they would have shown up with a militia or 3) they would have stood on the steps of the courthouse giving speeches.
Robert DeLong wishes we had some scientific morality:
criticizing the Koran from a moral point of view, which is what’s needed here, remains unthinkable (remember: morality is relative in the West).

And so, when all is said and done, the mantra that “Islam is peace” will continue to be chanted mindlessly in the West
What's old is new again. cicero2k is super down with forced sterilization:
This is why I proposed that Europe, if they want to accomodate Muslem refugees, must sterilize birth age women as a condition. That way, the reproduction curve is set back enough so that the new generation is Westernized and reproduces at a similar rate.
faithhopecharity doesn't mind Trump mixing up Hamas and Hezbollah:
all IslamoNazi murder gangs are essentially similar

asking any candidate to cogently differentiate between them
is like asking O for his real birth certificate

you can’t REALLY expect a positive response
PIF on the coming Chinese invasion, and subsequent liberal purges:
Landings are scheduled for next year ... as soon as the California, Oregon and Washington become completely gun free zones.

All liberal sympathizers will be rounded up as they have proven they cannot be relied on, nor trusted to support their own country. Questioning will begin within the week, and any completely unreliable elements will be dealt with on a permanent basis.
omega4412 fantasizes about some some Obama-lynching.
Future news story


In one of the most unexpected results of the Great Middle Eastern War, three winners of the Nobel Peace Prize were hanged today: former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed El-Baradei (winner in 2005), former US President Barack Obama (2009), and former US Secretary of State John Kerry (2015). Also hanged was former US presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett.

The four were sentenced to death by the International War Crimes Tribunal in Constantinople for complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity, for their part in enabling Iran to develop nuclear weapons. An estimated 550,000 persons were killed in the Iranian nuclear attacks on Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, including those killed directly and those killed by radiation sickness.

No ranking Iranian officials survived the war to be put on trial.


  1. Look at my chicharrones! Look at them! Look at them!

  2. Planning on having a pkg of pork rinds with me,

    They're Muslims, not vampires.

    1. And if a Muslim person...or anyone that looks 'swarthy' in general, sits next to him, he will hide the bag of pork rinds in his carry on in fear. These assholes love to talk shit, but would load their pants at the first sign of 'confrontation'

  3. your first cited freeper "Morgana" is quite the interesting nutcase herself ...
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  5. only a freeptard would react to "95% of blacks voting for Obama twice" as a personal experience.

    1. And places it on par as murder and physical assault.

  6. calling themselves African-Americans or some other hyphenated bull crap

    As opposed to, *ahem* say, Italian-Americans SHUT UP IT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT