Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

mrsmith may be a bit out of date about what Democrats love...
If we built a monument to Tea Pot Dome maybe the Dem/RINOs would stampede a few of themselves to death in religious fervor...
Salvavida makes the case for Obama's election being a National sin:
That facts are:
1. The American citizenry voted for this administration TWICE.
2. The Pentagon is under CIVILIAN control.
3. There is a consequence for National sin.
Just like patriotism before it, steve86 and wagglebee join the growing group of Freepers that are so Catholic, they hate Catholicism.
I'm really starting to think that the sedevacantists may have been onto something all along.

You’re welcome to join those of us who are perpetually teetering on the fence on that issue.
dsc goes with the outmoded evolutionary sociology explanation for racism:
They don’t like racial diversity.

Nobody does.

It’s genetic.
Founding Father cites European white supremacist wank-fic as evidence of the Muslim tide:
In TEN years, maybe 20 at the outside, the Sistine Chapel will lay in ruin at the hands of the immigrants. Camp of the Saints.
JLAGRAYFOX breathlessly predicts a Putin Ascendancy:
The end game...Putin wipes out ISIS...The Russian Federation then rules Syria...and down the road apiece....then, the Russians take over Iran, and rule the entire Middle East an establish a tight relationship with Israel!!! Obama has been out fleeced by Putin....big time!!! I have told the American people many times....that the day would come when they would rue the day they ever elected Muslim, POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama!!! Remember, I posted this....Putin will soon rule, the Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Iraq...and the Putin will go after eastern Europe!!! Obama, the American moron POTUS has nary a clue!!!
HarleyLady27 is unclear on how our Republic works:
Can WE as Legal American Voters shut the government down?
grania thinks the Pope gave her permission to invate Iran?
Did be mention the slaughter of the pre-born and just-born and the selling of their body parts? Did he say anything about the pure evil of ISIS? Anything about how Christians should confront evil?

But I'm saved. It's warm today and I don't use air-conditioning. So I guess it's okay to invade some country, slaughter a pre-born child at birth, and behead a few dudes in the ME.

End of rant. Mygosh, am I disgusted.
LouAvul draws a lot of conclusions about liberals from a fine for feeding deer:
A few years back, the City Council approved fines for anyone who feeds deer – with penalties now reaching $475.

Uh huh. The last time I visited Orygone it was as infested with stinking liberals as is kalifornia. And everybody knows liberals are above the law.

They're feeding the cute bambis and are reaping the result of their tree hugging silliness.

They're allowing residents to build anti deer fences? Stupid liberals. They need to open hunting season. Give the meat to soup kitchens, whatever.

Liberals. The bane of civilization.
bert is pretty sure deer talk to each other:
I plinked a doe in my back yard with my BB gun

They now visit my neighbors next door but not me
arthurus has written a whole spy novel about Obama's machinations:
I think Boehner's continued speakership depends depends entirely on what Hussein wants. Hussein or Jarrett controls the NSA information and the blackmail operations.If they want to keep Boehner as Speaker and change him to Democrat, that will transpire. If it is desired that he continue as a Republican Speaker, that is what will happen, perhaps with a one or two vote margin to remind him forcefully who is the Dictator and push him deeper and more securely down into Hussein's pocket.

By the way, I don't think Jarrett is pulling Hussein's strings as much as before or perhaps at all. He has taken the scimitar from her, or she has handed it to him and he is swinging it with his own arm.
American Constitutionalist is pretty enthusiastic!



Please God ? not Macarthy from California, please God of Israel make Louie Gohmert speaker of the house of repersentitives in the US Congress.
SMARTY's love of righteous victimhood leads him into unwarranted pessimism.
Humanity is going BACKWARDS ...Returning to the grinding poverty, disease, overcrowding, violence, brutality, irreligious and disgusting crudeness that typified the dark ages.
Arm_Bears loves how only Trump supporters are allowed in the super-small tent!
Trump continues to out the RINOs.
defconw suddenly thinks evangelism is bad:
If he wants faith go to Mass. IF he had preached all non-Catholics and even some Catholics would be screaming! How DARE the Pope preach to us. We are not Catholics. Think about it!
from occupied ga explains how you should never talk to liberals, only hit them:
Leftists ALWAYS lie. They have no shame nor conscience. They cannot be bargained with (because they lie and will NEVER keep their side of any bargain) they cannot be reasoned with (because their position isn't based on facts or logic) We have no common ground with them. Any attempt to find such will result in their advancing their agenda at the expense of our freedom and our assets.

They can only be defeated or they can defeat us.
Chgogal's discussion about the Pope reveals his own economic illiteracy:
I like Popes who support trickle up wealth as opposed to trickle down poverty. This Pope is as ideological as Obama and just as left wing stupid. The world will rue both their leaderships and the poor will suffer the most. Shame on the Pope for promoting poverty and hardship. In this day and age, with all the world’s historical knowledge at ones fingertips it is inexcusable to be left wing.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper contemplates going Freeper crazy in public:
Lots of conservative Jews are coming out of the closet and into action. Those who understand history, including my Holocaust survivor friends, know that the Democrats and the Iran agreement are a death sentence for Israel and they are scared shitless.

I was just asked if I wanted to join such a group ( by a son of a WW2 veteran who is still alive; nephew of the other two brothers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, one hundred miles apart).

If I get involved, my position will be “take no prisoners” Jewish liberals or Marxist Democrats. Tell the truth and put the Obamites on the defensive, all the time.

If this happens, where I live, it could perhaps have a significant impact on the other conservative Jewish congregations and organizations in the “heart of the beast”.

I’ve been in this fight for Israel since the 50’s (a distant relative helped out with the Exodus in Baltimore), and I know what is at stake.

I also know the Jewish establishment, including one of Obama’s top Jewish supporters, and it will be a pleasure to kick his ass.

Hopefully, you will see this change coming in late Fall or early Winter because time is growing short to destroy Obama and his Munich Marxists/surrender monkeys.
Lopeover is in love:
I love Don Trump! Love him. Love our country. Love Trump! ❤️
hoosiermama may want to look up what 'trump' means to some...
Some great day the Trump will sound for us all. Coincidence ?
onyx remains super catty about other women:
She has only recently started to sometimes smile, so I think that’s proof that she knew precisely Trump’s meaning and intent, but purposely distorted it for her own gain.

I also think that her sour, sneering demeanor is her ‘natural’ look, in that she radiates “I know more and better than y’all, so listen to me and learn, you inferiors.”

I’ve never found her like-able at all, but I have always detested Demonic-rats, so I voted for Fiorina against Boxer, who’s utterly contemptible, camel-butt ugly and horse’s ass rude.
Logical me thinks the liberal Pope means the world is over:
Looks like the head of the Catholic Church has taken to politics. Wow! Imagine a liberal Pope. That will cause the end of time for the earth. The world will be conquered by Muslims. Beheading every second. They love to kill.


  1. So you can't hunt deer in town because then you have stupid freeper rednecks shooting at every fucking thing that moves in town.

    There's a whole system set up for when the population gets too high. Just because deer are eating in your lawn it doesn't mean that it's too high.

    We've got a lot of deer in our town though. They don't even react when you bike past them in a park or on campus. Ten years of living here, this year was the second time I've seen a deer use a crosswalk.

    Which makes them a lot fucking smarter than a freeper.

  2. "Russians take over Iran, and rule the entire Middle East an establish a tight relationship with Israel!"

    This moron obviously doesn't understand the tenuous relationship Israeli Jews had with Russia in the past.

  3. ...please God of Israel make Louie Gohmert speaker of the house of repersentitives [sic]

    I can’t believe (1) Louie Gohmert has an admirer (2) Idiocracy isn’t a documentary.

    Some great day the Trump will sound for us all. Coincidence ?

    Trump: Midlands slang for a fart, expelling of wind from the anus.

    Never send to know for whom the Trump sounds; he farts for thee.

    Munich Marxists/surrender monkeys.

    How many metaphors can YOU mix in four words?

  4. Teapot Dome?


    Both Harding and Fall were conservative Republicans. Thomas Walsh, a liberal Democratic, headed the Senate committee that broke the scandal.

    1. You and your stupid fact-based response.

      This is FR we're talking about!

  5. SamuraiScot: "Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday was blocked from trying to link the Iran nuclear deal . . ."

    You can easily map the bias in a state-controlled-media reporter by where he uses the word "tries." In the language of J-school orthodoxy, you use "tried" to bestow futility or loser-ness on the action of someone of whom you disapprove. For instance, someone I knew scared off two armed muggers who were trying to rob a boy of his expensive roller skates. As the muggers were fleeing, they shot my (unarmed) friend and he died at the scene. He was clearly a hero. He defended not just a young boy he didn't know, but an entire neighborhood and city. If every man acted as he did, that city and the world would be better, safer, and frankly more holy.

    But a member of the state-controlled media at the time described this hero as having "died trying to break up a mugging." No, actually, he succeeded in breaking up the mugging. He just didn't survive the scene of his heroism. I suspect he is succeeding rather well in the next world. That's the thing about heroism. If we care about our souls, we can't avoid the necessity, sometime, somehow, of acting heroically, in ways that may be seen or unseen.

    Reporters believe it's morally wrong to resist muggers, partly because most of that city's muggers are black, and therefore shouldn't be thwarted in any way—but mostly because such reporters are afraid to resist bad guys themselves, and heroic sacrifice makes them feel like pencil-necked geeks. (Which they are.)

    Cruz was blocked from linking "the Iran nuclear" and so on. He wasn't "blocked from trying." He did try. He just didn't succeed—yet. There's a lot that's yet to come from Cruz, and that's what the state-controlled media fears. They are whistling past the graveyard of their entire world.

  6. I was actually at the Sistine Chapel today, and let me tell you, that place is already crawling with foreigners.

  7. The world will be conquered by Muslims. Beheading every second. They love to kill.

    As opposed to, of course, Freepers, who just hate killing.

    Except when they don't, because shut up that's why. And reasons.