Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fear of Stephen Colbert

Trump's going to be on Colbert's new show. Despite his new show's nonpartisan nature, Colbert has some amazing wit and poise that Trump may not have experienced before in a less than glowing venue. It should be pretty interesting to see how it goes. Freepers evince a lot more respect for Colbert than I'd expect, with many exhorting Trump that Colbert could end him. Others, of course, think Trump is invincible, just like Sarah Palin before him.

Trumpinator knows who Colbert really works for:
Trump, be careful! That guy is a Democrat snake operative!
Starboard worries about Colbert's skills:
One of these appearances is going to undo Trump’s candidacy. Colbert and his ilk have sharp knives and they know how to twist them.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper also wishes Trump had backed out:
Moniz has worse hair than Trump and is much stupider.

Going on the Colbert Show is like asking for a case of jock rash. You just can’t come out either clean or a winner.

Trump should have politely said, I knew Johnny Carson and you’re not even close to being a Johnny Carson. No thanks. Find another sucker.
The best part is calling PhD theoretical physicist Ernest Moniz much stupider than Trump.

RC one knows Colbert didn't really want Trump to come onto his show:
Looks like your dare was accepted Stephen. Douche.
SamAdams76, though, knows Trump is the best:
Trump is fearless. He can hold his own against anybody
gaijin disagrees, and goes full Admiral Ackbar:

Rolling Stone just screwed Trump over, now this idiot.

Rush said it today:

They will NEVER like you, will NEVER help you, will ALWAYS flatter you, get you on, then ambush you.




It’s bloody obvious, can’t believe he’s doing this.
SamuraiScot is sure Trump will get the votes of everyone, so long as it's done live:
I think Trump will pick up votes from drugged-out youth, just as he does from blacks, South Americans, and rednecks like me, because he's powerful and cuts to the chase.

I also think Trump knows how to re-direct a conversation. The hazard is that Jon Stewart (Liebowitz) and Colbert are both cowards, so neither of them knows how to do a live show. They go back and edit everything, so they can keep control of the situation retroactively, as it were. Pros like Carson could of course do it in real time.

I think Trump should insist that his section be done live, or no deal. Once it's been announced, which it has, it will be tough for Colbert to risk Trump backing out by refusing to do the act with no net underneath.
Forward the Light Brigade is sure if Trump can do Colbert he's basically President already:
He has balls—he is going into the Lion’s Den in this one—If he can weather this....
jimbo123 goes all holistic:
Trump has a warrior spirit. We need that.
RoosterRedux tells the least believable story I've heard in a while:
What you say is true and that is the reason he is unstoppable.

I got a haircut today (in a room full of attractive women--my barber is a woman who mostly does hair for women, but she is a friend so I go there).

I asked if she was following the race in the primary season.

She stood back and said in a loud voice.

"Who are we voting for?"

And the room full of attractive young women yelled out...

RoosterRedux follows up by explaining that Trump only acts like a buffoon:
Trump is a fan of Sun Tzu...who said (in "The Art of War"--which Trump read at military school) give off an opposite appearance. "When small, appear large--when large appear small--when going, appear to be coming--when smart, appear to be dumb."

Actually, that last one is an extrapolation of what Sun Tzu might have meant...but that is what Trump is doing.

He is much smarter than he appears.

He is strategic in his actions.

I have read his books (well, not all of them) and his thinking is clear headed and logical.

He's got a plan...and he is executing it right on schedule.
stephenjohnbanker melds rage at Colbert with blind faith in Trump:
Trump is going to beat that loser Colbert like a red headed stepchild.

Colbert DESERVES to be beaten (with a stick)

Trump won’t break a sweat.


  1. If Trump could be easily taken apart by an untrained politico-comedian like Stephen Colbert, how the hell do these morons think he would do against seasoned leaders worldwide?!

  2. I like that samuraiscot needs to make sure we know that jon Stewart is Jewish

  3. Well, Ernest Moniz disagrees with Freepers, therefore he is stupid. Logic!

  4. "Rush said it today: They will NEVER like you, will NEVER help you, will ALWAYS flatter you, get you on, then ambush you."

    a little background on that poignant bit of limbaugh butthurt:

    "the unsung humanity of rush limbaugh"

  5. I don't understand how they don't realize that they've absolutely compromised every principle they have when they promote Trump.

    The guy more recently than Romney was in favor of abortion rights, he's not active in any particular church, supported a ban on assault weapons and universal health care in his 2000 book, and in 2008 supported free trade.

    So they had a problem with Romney, but not Trump?!

    It's mind-boggling. Even more than the typical mind-boggling that comes from these mouth-breathing morons.

    1. ILLEGALS!! Everything else is secondary. If you cannot repel the INVASION!!! then you lose the country and anything else you might do, say or stand for becomes irrelevant.

      Half of FR would probably vote for Karl Marx himself so long as he had concentration camps and cattle trucks for Mexicans as a core policy.

  6. Their beliefs are not beliefs, they're tribal markers. No one gave a shit about abortion in the sixties, but it's been used as fuel to grow the religous right.They don't care about green energy or oil production, they just know the left is for one and against the other so now they buy more ineffcient lightbulbs cause fuckheads like them are so petty they won't buy energy effcient products.

    I think Trump's style fits with the Fox News/Twitter era, but I don't think he's a result of it. He's telling them what they've always wanted to hear. Everyone is a pussy and stupid. I'm smart rich and strong, and I'll fix everything. The racism and the bluster is all he needs, and the bluster doesn't even need to faked well.

    As long as he has some fake sense of bravado he can show them they'll support him. They'll compromise all their beliefs except the racism. He's the republican they've always wanted.

    1. Yep. All they needed was Trump's initial foray to cater to their xenophobia, and after that he became One of Them, and could do no wrong.

      Except for those Freepers who are crazy in a different way, and so are living under constant feat of the zot. Hehehe.

    2. In the 60s , rich white country club Republicans sent pregnant daughters off to certain clinics for 'appendectomies', then Roe v Wade went and allowed all those unwashed poor to decide if they wanted to carry a pregnancy to term, and allowed them to rebel against the church

  7. I like how somebody just signed up in August as "Trumpinator".
    That name is going to sound as stupid as all the "Sarah Palin" knock-off names when Trump pulls out next year sometime, after devastating the rest of the republican field.