Tuesday, September 22, 2015

James Bond is now gay

I'm a man of kind of embarrassingly prosaic tastes. Add in my age, and my favorite James Bond was Pierce Brosnan, much to my more purist friends' chagrin.

But for Freepers, art isn't about enjoyment, it's about politics. So when the lates Bond star, Daniel Craig, laments the misogyny of past Bonds Freepers suddenly discover that they've always hated the Bond most like Sean Connery's original.

Especially notable is how vocal the women Freepers are in their love of JB's past rape-them-till-they-love-it exploits.

Augie clearly thought this decision out:
daniel craig is the worst Bond ever.
stephenjohnbanker just sticks with hating all new things:
They were dead after Connery. Now a total joke.
longtermmemmory attempts an actual critique, but haha not really:
James Blond is too pc from day one.

The actor wanted a james bond with fewer guns, he did not drive stick, and the writing has been weak at best.
Maris Crane has also always hated this guy's bond performance:
Craig has no business being in a Bond movie, let alone playing the star. I can see him in an Austin Powers revival though.
Maris Crane follows up with lamenting the totally manly men of yesteryear.
Hate to sound like living in the past, but every time I think there might be someone to take the place of Bogart, Cooper, Wayne, and so many more...there’s a story about the new guy that tells us “he really loves Prada.” I think Connery is in his eighties and he is still sexier than today’s losers. Young Sutherland came close and where is he?
Finny hates how Craig's bond is such a savage killer, not like the elegant Connery:
I thought Daniel Craig made such a crappy Bond that I stopped watching the Bond franchise, after a long run of always enjoying the whole list of flicks, silly as they were. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be worse than a few of the Bond actors (who will remain unnamed), but Craig, coarse, solemn, and brutal with zero refinement, humor, or elegance, make them look like pikers.

Years later here ... Craig comes along and confirms my first impression of him: the wrong guy for the role in so many ways.
Finny also talks about how every one of the Batman films since The Dark Knight have sucked, if you were wondering how much movies actually matter to her.

lewislynn is one of many to make this joke about what not ojectifying women looks like!
So Bond is going to come out of the closet in “Spectre”?
Mastador1 agrees:
I guess it won’t be long before Bond is a transexual pacifist whose movies deal with him battling globull warming deniers and anti immigrant luddites while having gay flings.
rlmorel knows if you don't like misogyny, you must hate sex:
Oh, good God.

Misogynistic? The fact he even inferred that inclines me to believe he buys into the liberal BS, where feminists claim that viewing a woman as beautiful and desirable in a physical way is another manifestation of misogynistic expression.

Much in the same way that all sex is rape to them.
arthurus also makes with the straw feminists:
A man having any view a all about women is misogynistic because it is a man having a view. If there were no misogyny as PC defined there would be no naturally conceived or born children. I suppose that is the goal of liberals in general. Lots of sex but only at the woman’s initiative and no babies.
DaveyB tries for some concern trolling about violence:
IN the Bond films, men (not women) on both sides are being killed left and right with no remorse, yet Craig thinks the films are misogynistic; ostensibly due to little roll in the hay with willing vixens. Maybe he should be concerned with the disregard of male life before he engages in pandering to feminist misandric PC ideology.
pieceofthepuzzle knows that nothing can be sexist so long as there is rap and Islam:
People worried about this ought to be expressing their outrage at the way women are characterized in hip-hop and rap music and culture, and at the way women are treated in Islam - not wasting their time worrying about a movie series that 1) has changed with the times, 2) is pure fantasy, and 3) is based on books that were written in the 50s and 60s.


  1. Wait until FReepers find out that Connery hates character of Bond.

  2. I'm surprised these broke ass old geezers can afford to go to the movies. They can't keep RimJob in the style to which he has grown accustomed, how can they afford a night out?

    How about you old spongers stop wasting your money on overpriced popcorn and start sending your money to Jim? Jim needs that money!!!

  3. Please, oh please, let the next James Bond be a black guy ... this will complete the collective head explosion on FR.

    1. There were rumors that Idris Elba [excellent actor] would be the next Bond. Freeper heads EXPLODED.... Because he is Black, Played Mandela and their 'Gaydar was going off'. He is known in the UK for his TV cop character 'Luther', a sullen bad ass detective, and was on The Wire in the US.