Friday, September 11, 2015

Spotlight Friday: SkyPilot

Fridays can take a while. Luckily,this week we have a superdramatic supernatural Freeper, vintage 1998 to bring on the fun. Just another apocalypse-hoping right-wing Christian whose beliefs have been ratified by prayer, thinks the new Pope is part of an evil conspiracy, and sees gays and demons everywhere. Way to be a stereotype, SkyPilot!

My favorite part of SkyPilot's demon-haunted world that Obama's demonic evil has got to be obvious to everyone, yet no one sees it because of demonic forces. It's demons all the way down!

Obama hasn't been impeached because demons:
There is only one explanation available to me as I search for a reason or rationale for the incredibly flaccid, inept Republican “leadership” in the face of Obama’s tyranny. The answer is that we are dealing with Demonic power. The Book of Ephesians speaks of powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places. That is what I believe we are facing. Most Republicans have not turned to God for answers, and hence they are powerless to fight, much less thwart this Evil.
Maybe Antichrist, for sure Satan.
I don't know if Obama is the Antichirst, but I am convinced he is being aided by the Evil One.

How an obscure, state Senator came upon such power in such a short period of time is beyond credible without the aid of Satanic forces.

"You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?"

Matthew 7:16

I know what Obama is. I know this because the Spirit gives me discernment to know what he is. And I know what he stands for: homosexuality, abortion, covetousness, blasphemy, selfish pride, and idolatry.
On second thought, who needs divine discernment to see the Satan in Obama? Anyone who can't see Obama's evil is already evil!!
Anyone who didn't see the evil that is Obama is under a strong delusion.

They cannot be helped. They are in the pit and allied with Evil. They have engaged in pagan worship of Obama, and they are lost.
This black guy voted for Obama and now he's an atheist!
We used to have an African-American man in one of my Bible studies. He was a good guy, and we were friends. But he constantly defended Obama, no matter what. Even through the most egregious crimes. He left the Bible study about 3 years ago. I asked a friend about him last month, and someone said he does not go to church anymore either, does not have any Christian fellowship, and seems to have lost his faith.

I would say be very careful what you defend and worship, because is if isn't the Truth, then Satan's trap for you succeeded.
Defending Obama: NOT EVEN ONCE!

In his 2009 Egypt speech, Obama used code to tell Muslims to attack all good things!
People need to realize that Obama's 2009 Cairo Speech was an all out attack on America, the West, Israel, and Christianity.

[Cairo Decoded]

Obama GAVE PERMISSION to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and what became ISIS to launch violent revolution throughout the Middle East. He would secretly fund, support, and aid their conquest and slaughter.

Obama WANTS the Caliphate, because he WANTS to destroy Israel.

God has other plans.

When Israel strikes back at her enemies, and they are given under the hand of the Jews and they break like waves on the water, then the world will shake its fist in frustration and tremble in fear.

Obama is cursed by God.
Once you go full Obama-Satan, it's hard to hate Hillary as much:
I cannot celebrate the fall of Hillary, because Obama is a much greater traitor than she is, he has almost infinite power to do great harm, and he is untouchable.

The go ahead to bag Hillary came from Obama.

So what are we "celebrating" by Hillary's demise? Obama is here, now, causing the destruction of our nation and our world. No, there is nothing to cheer about, because evil reigns in our land.
In fact, Obama's demon powers will make him immune to Hillary in 2016, no problem!
Now what if the Clintons have the "goods" on Obama??

Even if they had anything, it's too late to release them.

Obama has near dictorial powers at this point. With a smirk and a wave of his left hand, he can order the indictments of 4 star generals and former CIA Directors. Obama can have a former Speaker of the House hauled away by the FBI for "structuring" (i.e. deducting his own money from his bank account). Hillary has no Federal agency answering her orders right now, and she doesn't have 99% the media behind her. In fact, there is serious reason to believe Obama can call on the dogs of the press at his whim.

I also believe Obama is backed by Satan and/or demonic forces.
What if Obama uses is supernatural political omnipotence to ban SUVs??????????????????????????
Residents will also be arrested for operating so0called "High Capacity Assault Vehicles" (HCAVs) without a special permit.

These HCAVs are capable of containing large capacity passenger roles. Social scientists and advocates against HCAVs state that these behemoths on the roads are especially deadly to children.

"No one has a need to drive these HCAVs", stated Hart Pederast, an activist of the organization Mothers Against Needless Danger and Total Excellence (MANDATE). "These vehicles KILL - period! We call on Legislators to take action, now!"

President Obama is considering an Executive Order that will effectively instituted a Federal Ban on HCAVs nation wide. He has suggested that DHS employees roam the highways looking for illegal operaters of HCAVs, and seizing their property. "We are doing this for the children" said Pederast.
Pederast. Cute.

Festivus poles: pop-culture wackiness, or SATAN?!
Look up in the Bible how many times God condemns Israel for putting up Asherah poles and other displays that are "Evil in my sight."

God also praises those Kings of Israel who cut them all down and burned them.

In America today, we have this garbage which looks exactly like to me an Asherah pole. Yes, I have seen the Seinfeld episode - but it is beyond a 1990's comedy sketch that people are focusing their lives around these things 20 years later.
B-movie level supernatural Christian dramatics:
I had a conversation with a College professor (PhD) who was also a Christian. Because of his education and background, he had been present at may "Deliveries" from evil - another word for exorcism of demonic possession.

His stories were hair curling. He also said that in his research of ancient cultures that worshipped idols, the idols were empowered by Satan and given speech and clairvoyance in many cases - that is why people worshipped them (and by default, ended up worshipping Lucifer).

I would advise anyone who is confronted by such evil as the chanting mob giving homage to the Evil One to quote a verse of Holy Scripture. Even if it is one verse in the course of your discourse with them.
Our cinematically evil Pope:
The very first words from Francis to the Cardinals who elected him after the blackmail ouster of Benedict were: "May God forgive you for what you have done."

When Francis was chosen, lightening stuck the Vatican............twice.
More Discernment, this time re: the Pope
He speaks like a dragon .

You have discernment.
Militarizing witchcraft would be badass.
Recipe to Destroy US Military

1. Take one healthy US military and slice along hamstring. Trim with blunt cleaver, taking $500 Billion, sprinkle with Homosexuality. Remove War on Terror and set aside never to be used again.

2. Roast over slow flame, trimming bone and muscle as it rotates. Baste with mission to aid Muslim Brotherhood.

3. Smother Christian chaplains and Jewish rabbis, while liberally adding in paganism, Islam, and witchcraft. Add "Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell" training to entire military, and intimidate into submission.

4. Cover with America's wives and daughters, and roast under hot broiler.

5. Trim away remaining $600 Billion using Sequestration Ax (must be blunt).

6. Serve cold on large platter.
And of course any notable liberal is in Hell, which is sad but not really:
I have little doubt tonight that Mike Wallace is in hell. He had little use for God (the real one) during his lifetime.

Now he gets to spend eternity discovering that now God has little use for him.

And that is a terrible, awful thing. I don't wish hell on anyone. Hell is so bad, we cannot even contemplate it. But, people are going to hell every day, and the path to hell is wider than the narrow path that Christ described.

He was a gifted man - he just didn't have any purpose for his life other than his own self aggrandizement.
re: Laura Logan's sexual assault, more of that smug, false sympathy surrounded by contempt that Jesus would have loved:
A liberal, spoiled, Westerner (who on top of that works for See BS) learns the hard way that Muslims are scum bags.

I remember reading about the upper middle class white liberals who went to Haiti, and were raped on roof tops and in shanty towns.

So many US liberal women have bought into the Great Lie:


The poor woman. I hope she is OK, and heals up, both mentally and physically.

It is going to be a long road for her, especially if she has no faith in God.
Ugh. The brief unctuous sympathy is worse than the hateful fire and brimstone...makes my skin crawl.

Guys, guys! The Mark of the Beast is happening!
They are finger printing anyone who buys food. This is the coming Antichrist system people.....right here.
How the apocalypse will begin:
I think Damascus will be destroyed (Isaiah 17) by Israel using the "Sampson Option." Israel will only retaliate after WMDs are used against their homeland. Then, true hell will be unleashed. Isaiah 17 may or may not be part of the Psalm 83 war. The world will be so shocked at the exchange of WMD in the Middle East that they will demand a "world leader" sue of "peace."
How Obama's takeover will happen:
What I have long feared and anticipated is that if things in the markets get so bad, and the crash is deep and global, Obama will move to seize all 401Ks, IRAs, TSPs, and all pension funds. It isn’t a fantasy, Google and read about the plans they have already put into motion.
August 2015, still thinking Obama is gonna take over:
The Dow won't experience a collapse until after Donald Trump takes office.

That is, if we ever have another election in this country.

And that's only if he doesn't fall for the "sky is falling" mantra.

I see a storm coming. So do many others. You don't.

It appears to me that Barry and Jorge are making their move soon. They are not going to wait. The time for them to strike will be the next crisis. And we may not have to wait long.........
He calls the Pope Jorge.

More details on Obama takeover in concert with Evil Pope Jorge!!
Get ready folks. Jorge is going to be appearing before these three bodies 23-25 September:p>

1. The White House

2. Joint Session of Congress

3. The United Nations

Here comes the New World Order.
The Pope is going to talk about illegals, and then there's a refugee crisis? CONSPIRACY!
Pope Jorge is going to blast America for our supposedly ill treatment of illegal invaders. Jorge addresses Congress, the UN and the White House last week of September. All of this sounds coordinated.
God told me to prep:
Since you are a child of God, you know that He protects those who are His. Here are some things I feel He has called me to do these past couple months:

1. Get right with God, confess and repent of any secret sin

2. Water - have it! Bottled water. You can also purchase 5 gal collapsible jugs or hard plastic storage systems.

3. Be like Old Testament Joseph and store food in your barns now; dried foods, canned food, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables, oats, nuts, etc

4. Have alternate sources for power, heat, and light (generators, fireplace, wood stove, oil lamps, flashlights with new Batteries, etc).

5. Have some cash on hand.
Campaign fiance reform?!
Tar and Feather. It is time.
Heeeeears racism!
Trayvon's attorneys list of approved jurors:
1) Shaniqua Williams
2) Latoya Jones
3) Laquisha Robinson
4) La'Kisha Brown
5) La'Tanya Harris
6) Rohandra White
Michelle Obama probably talks all exaggerated black stereotype:
Bitches don wan me eatin' their Hours De'Overies? $%^&% that! Gunna do 'nother Europeein Va-Ca anyhow. Takin' 400 sisters wit me.
The Supreme Court is full of The Gays!
Here is what I think I know:

Judas Roberts is probably homosexual, or at least has a homosexual past. There is serious dirt on him, and he was blackmailed by the Obama goons to change his vote on ObamaCare.

Bull Dyke Kagan is not only homosexual, but a hard core Communist (read her thesis she wrote at Oxford). Her "personal life" is mostly likely filled with porn, prostitutes, and massive immorality. I would guess she was confronted by other justices that she had to recuse herself from the ObamaCare case, because she helped write the law for the Obama Administration! But, she had her henchmen blackmail Judas Roberts to keep everyone quiet.

The "Wise Latina" is not only as dumb as a box of hammers, but also a homosexual. Her present "relationship" is a cover, and Obama nominated her specifically because she was stupid and gay. (Hint: Obama nominates only homosexuals because he himself is one).

Justice Granny Ginsburg is not gay, but is a hardcore Communist. Her "feminist" background has a very messy abortion past, far more graphic than the public or the press even suspect.
And of course the new Evil Pope got in because the old one was gay:
Personally, I don't think Benedict was forced out because other Vatical officials were homosexual. Why would he resign for that? Just fire them.

I think he was right in the middle of that sin with his own depraved acts. Now we have Jorge Francis, who by his own words, actions, and now raw grab for global power (Agenda 23 announcement this month at the UN, call for New World Government, etc) is exposed as a tool of the Evil One.
Don't believe the lies - there are no veterans who support Obama:
I saw a "Veterans for Obama" road sign while driving to church on Sunday, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I know of NO veterans for active duty that are voting for Obama.

That sign is almost a cruel joke. The nearest I can tell, it is a front organization dreamed up by Obama and David Axelrod. They don't even need to have any veteran support, they boobs in the public who see the signs are fooled into thinking there are warriors who support these wicked, evil people.
Unsurprisingly, not a fan of psychiatry:
The first targets will be recovering addicts (including alcohol), veterans, anyone who has ever been prescribed an antidepressant or sleep aid.

I would also include any male who has ever been involved in any type of domestic dispute (even if there were no charges).

The net will then suddenly be cast far and wide. Psychiatry is a "made up" science. They have the ability to invent any "condition" or "syndrome" they wish.

The very fact that you resist is further evidence that you require "treatment."


  1. "Obama will move to seize all 401Ks, IRAs, TSPs, and all pension funds"

    Our own Free Republic reject anon1 also thinks this is so.

    1. I never said Obama was going to do that but the fed Gov't has looked into what it would take to confiscate funds if the shtf. 2-3 other countries have already confiscated private pension funds. Don't think it could never happen here.

    2. By Jove, you are right. My apologies.

  2. Well of course, it is a terrifying nightmare of an idea!!

    After all, what would happen to the griftathons if pensions got seized?? ;)

  3. This one has GOT to be a Poe.

    1. You'd think not, but that name of all possible names!

      How high can you fly?
      You'll never reach the sky

  4. Here's the obligatory "darksided" lady -


    1. Neat, thanks!

      Would be slightly funnier if Trumps hair was obviously lifting off his head ...

  6. "Jorge addresses Congress, the UN and the White House last week of September. All of this sounds coordinated."

    scheduled events are the work of satan!

    1. It's not like the Pope is busy, or anything. Schedules -- pfft!

    2. How dare the pope not make three separate trips from Rome to American to randomly visit two very close, and a third relatively close location.

      But ... the kookiest faction of the kooky right is all in a dither about September 23rd, which is the current "end of the world" day being promoted.

    3. Yet Netanyahu addressed congress during his campaign, and that was just fine.

    4. September 23 is the end of *summer*. Whether it's the end of the world, who can say. Unless all these nutjobs have plans to do it themselves and have been speaking in code -- a possibility I have not ruled out.

  7. On the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, I think it's noteworthy that the FR archives seem to turn up no threads at all on any alternative versions of the official 9/11 narrative, in spite of their deep, deep love of conspiracies and how the government is out to get them. And of those threads that are still up, most of the comments were deleted by moderators. Selective paranoia is the most interesting kind of paranoia!

    1. Oop! And right on cue, as if to prove my point, a thread from today -- locked before I even had a chance to read it.

    2. On any other day, trutherism is fine:

      But on 9-11, only patriotic hatred of Obama and Muslims is allowed:

    3. Right. If you search for articles on Odigo, Urban Moving Systems, Larry Silverstein, and so on, only no hits or pulled threads. But, if you have a Benghazi theory, or a Loretta Fuddy's frogman assassin birther series, those can go on forever! And they complain about server space.