Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trump's tax plan

As Free Republic revels in the hope the cult of Trump gives them, there are still some brave holdouts who have either already promised their zealotry to another, or who prefer being holier-than-thou ideologues to being cultists.

Mostly they post anti-trump editorials, and then mix it up with whoever shows up. Thus was posted a Breitbart(!) article calling Trump out for not having a Cruz-endorsed IRS ending flat tax, and for still being for universal healthcare. The money quote: "I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody's going to be taken care of much better than they're taken care of now." "

The funny part is that the pro-Trump folks gots no spin, so they mostly attack the messengers.

VanDeKoik is sure there's an anti-Trump conspiracy on Free Republic:
Because it would make their pathetic coordinated FR spam bomb look stupid.

It’s the same stupid cycle with these guys.

1 Put out articles like this based on a misleading premise.


3 Then Trump puts out his actual policy paper, being completely different than their breathless assumptions.

4 After which they will say it isnt “good enough” while the person they support hasn’t put out any definite police statement.
wardaddy appeals to authority, such as it is:
That is an utter lie

Mark Levin whom I trust more than you just opined on this clear enough
Artemis Webb has an interesting statement:
Breitbart is just a left wing rag!!!!
moehoward says Trump was taken out of context, but alas has no details:
Saw the interview. Not what he said at all. And if you watch the extra footage, more becomes clear.
perfect_rovian_storm just likes that Trump is trying something, who cares what it is:
I haven't seen his plan yet. Unhinged malcontents like you are simply reading whatever you want to into vague statements.

It took 100 years of doing nothing but piling on to already broken 'systems' to get us where we are now. Someone comes along trying to make at least some sense of this horrendous mess and all you can do is whine about how it doesn't conform to your particular orthodoxy.
You'd think by that logic, he'd be a bigger Obama fan...

july4thfreedomfoundation just sticks to the trickle-down of the old days:
The “wealthy”.....the successful business people....will be paying less tax.

The economy will benefit nicely.
I can't tell which side xzins is taking - his sentences seem to be at war with each other:
Single payer FOR THE UNINSURED is what it says. He promoted private ownership and sale across state lines for the non-needy.

I suppose we could write irresponsible people another big check and let them buy their own.
DungeonMaster is hopeful:
I’ve been saying that Cruz is playing a patient chess game and waiting for Trump to put his queen in front of a pawn. I think that may have just happened.
9YearLurker just invoke 'free market reforms' and skips off to find a supply-side unicorn:
Trump's proposal would involve a massive expansion of Medicaid.

Not if health insurance is made more affordable by repealing Obamacare and instituting more free market reforms.

Also, such middling Americans pay no or very little income tax under Trump’s plan—giving them more resources to pay for their own healthcare.
Now that FOX News hates Trump, TigerClaws believes every compliment any Trump praise from network with Fox in the tile:
One of the Fox Business commentators said this is essentially the Paul Ryan Plan. Another said it was “Reagan-esque.”

And that’s Fox, which hates Trump.
NKP_Vet just yells about how gay people who criticize Trump are:
The little sawed-off faggot Guy Benson said tonight on Fox that Trump’s healthcare plan is Obama on steriods! Does this little candy ass hate the man or what? Trump absolutely did not mention a single payer system for healthcare. His plan makes sense.
MARKUSPRIME knows there is only one issue Freepers really care about:
No WAll and no deportations = no country. Enjoy.


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