Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FR at its finest

Head Freeper Jim Robinson has gone full on cult of personality around Trump:

Posted on 9/26/2015, 3:40:50 PM by Jim Robinson

tyrannocankles says:
September 26, 2015 at 4:46 am
I just love this picture….

In the photo above, Trump is all by himself – leaving a powerful enemy in flames. How symbolic that he’s alone – as the entire GOP, Democrat Party, and media turn on him. But now I’m seeing a different picture, where he’s not alone. There is an army in the smoke behind him.
Start from the top. The disabled vet, holding his fake VA waiting number, which he now realizes is a waiting number to get on the real waiting list. Behind him – tens of thousands more just like him – and thousands still more who died waiting – ghosts whose voices are now being heard, through us.

A naval officer – relieved of duty because he refused to stand down when ordered. And 4 ghosts behind him, along with hundreds of pilots and seamen who were denied the chance to do their jobs. And behind them – thousands of patriotic men and women who have left a military which no longer is allowed to do its job. Behind them – millions who are waiting for a REAL president, before they’ll even think about joining.

To their side – thousands of scientists, engineers and programmers – laid off of their jobs – but only after they were forced to train their replacements – overseas and as H1B imports.
Next to them – millions of immigrants – most of them Hispanic – who played by the rules to come to America, only to watch their hard-won citizenship devalued to nothing, by traitors who equate their proud LEGAL status with people who not only refuse to play by the rules, but who have the chutzpah to cry racism while begging for racial favoritism.
Millions who lost their pensions. Their retirements. Their health care. Their full-time jobs. True – they did get that job selling fast food – until they lost even that to illegal aliens.
In the mist – millions of dead Jews – the ghosts of the Holocaust – who watch the very lives of their own children and grandchildren bargained away, so that greedy Uniparty members and their crony-cap backers can cash in on the big payday, which they give to men who swear to wipe Jews from the face of the earth.

Should I go on? Why not? How about millions of black Americans, who can’t find jobs, while immigrants both legal and illegal pour into their neighborhoods, taking whatever jobs there are?

But it gets better! How about the crying families of THOUSANDS of Americans murdered, raped, beaten, robbed, and run down by illegal aliens who should have never even been here in the first place?

And next to them, cops shot in cold blood, for lies that the men and women of Congress don’t even dare to speak of, and which the Presidents sycophants in the media won’#8217;t even report.

And we might as well let all the dead Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East join the army, too, because if both the Democrats and Republicans would have done their job and impeached Obama, they would still be alive.

And to finish it off, floating overhead, an air force of angels from horizon to horizon. What are they – this massive legion? Why, they are boys and girls who were never born – “Dead Emily’s List”, you might say – led by a young girl who would have been named Emily. Every one slaughtered for their body parts by Planned Parenthood.

Go ahead. Laugh at Trump. Make hideous cartoons about killing him. But bear this in mind. He is just the guy on point. There are millions more behind him, who are ready to pick up his gun if he should fall. And Trump is not nearly as pissed as the rest. Not even close
The comments are also pretty strong.I began to clip them, but realized that 1) they're nothing you haven't been seeing for weeks now, and 2) nothing can hold a candle to what JimRob copypasted.


  1. Chris Stevens was a gay male. Shouldn't he be in Freeper hell instead of haunting a Trump Icon.

    1. He went to Berkeley and was an assistant to RINO Richard Lugar.

      They only liked the guy because he died on (a) 9-11.

  2. The jimcompoop is gearing up for the first big purge of this election season ...
    just in time for the start of tomorrow's 'thon.

  3. Do you WIN or LOSE under Trump's tax plan? (Vanity):;page=1

    "To: RKBA Democrat

    Looks like roughly 30% reduction for me.

    15 posted on 9/28/2015, 6:06:11 PM by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!)
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    Paying 30% less taxes on grifter money is always appreciated!