Wednesday, September 2, 2015

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Freep teacher story time edition:
I had a student who started whining there was no reason to secure the border.

But, but, my grandma is illegal and she’s nice!!!

Ok, there are legal ways of coming to the US.

But, but that’s not fair!!!

Do you have doors on your house?


Do you lock your doors so strangers don’t come in?


Well, that’s what borders are for. So strangers don’t come in.

But, but, my grandmother is nice!!!

She may be but is everyone who crosses? Would it be ok if I were to go to your house, dig around in your kitchen for snacks and sit myself down in front of your tv without your permission?


That’s what your grandmother is doing.

No, she isn’t!

Yes, she is. I thought you locked your doors for a reason.


Then why can’t I come into your house anytime I want and eat your food and camp out on your couch? It’s not fair!!!!

Real blubbering tears...
Freeper so screwed up on politics that he ends his 'I destroyed a liberal argument' story with making his own student cry bgill ( CDC site, "we still do not know exactly how people are infected with Ebola")


  1. Sounds like a lovely guy.

    And when he gets fired, he'll probably blame Democrats and not himself for being a terrible example.

    1. Freepers have a tendency to make up stories about their conservative warrior battles.

  2. I know Jesus would be proud of an old geezer reducing a kid to "Real blubbering tears..."

  3. ¡adios, ben!

    tennmountainman: "Carson is the real democrat."

    max americana: "he’s the black version of Jeb"

    Democrat_media: "Carson's a flown blown idiot."

    goldstategop: "Racist Black America will never vote for Carson because he’s the house ni***h. Quite simply, a black Republican is an Uncle Tom. He will never be President."

  4. "Trump Donated Thousands, Had Close Working Relationship with Al Sharpton"

    o2bfree: "... this is probably a good thing for Trump. Trump very likely could get millions of votes from the African American community as the GOP nominee."