Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Boehner kamikazes government shutdown.

Awwwww. I had long threads raging about Boehner crying at the Pope, and explaining how government shutdowns are the key to...something. I mean, who cares if like 70% f the nation including 53% of Republicans think this is an awful and useless plan, they'd come around once we show them how noble our spite is!

But then Speaker Boehner had to go and resign,and as his last act give no fucks and just get Democrats to join the non-crazy GOP in voting for a clean CR.

Though given the hilarious impotent rage this engendered in Freepers, it might have been worth it. They will not soon forget this day, and I expect they will be even more paranoid and crazy from now on.

Poor DoughtyOne vastly overestimates how many Republicans want a shutdown (it's like 40 of them):
If he gets every Democrat vote, that still leaves him far short of enough votes...

...unless Republicans cave.

That’s where we draw the line. No “R” votes.

Our side needs to play hardball on this.
chris37's prediction is right, absent the conspiracy around it.
I think that this resignation is a ploy to create cover for the GOP to waste the rest of the time we gave them in 2014.

It is nothing but more kabuki theater. Make conservatives think they got in win when in fact that got absolutely nothing.

Losing Boner means nothing when he is replaced with a clone.
Sorry dude, no shutdown for you.

TruthWillWin sticks to the usual Freeper theory when a Republican isn't as crazy as they are:
Must still being blackmailed?
E. Pluribus Unum thinks Boehner is a latent...something?
The little latent is going full passive-aggressive scorched-Earth.
ONce you start looking for people reaching for the stabbed-in-the-back image, stuff like Tolerance Sucks Rocks's post is everywhere!
My back is seriously hurting from all the knives that Boehner and McConnell have put there.
Ray76 doesn't want Boehner to quit, he wants him fired!
Time to have that vote to vacate the chair. Throw him out of the Speakership NOW.

RitaOK wants Boehner escorted out of Congress by the police:
What about the BS he is about to deliver?? Most every day resignees are escorted to the front door, on demand, by an armed guard. Have you no idea how much damage to records and agenda movements that are at risk when some jerk decides to vacate without notice?????????

Our country deserves the police escort in this case every bit as much, but MORE.
RitaOK also goes full Title Case Official Sounding Language:
The Fundamental Transformation of Our Side of the Aisle, and in both Houses of Congress, is now a clear and present danger.
WENDLE lays out how to convince America of your case via having a destructive tantrum:
Gawd, I detest this baby killing son of a Bitc4 !! I hate the ba$tard,

Here is all you need to do. Defund the slaughter and sale of body parts on humans and tell obama to shut down the government to save killing babies and selling their quivering hearts in a pie pan for $60!! Why are the republicrats so evil????
If you remember his spotlight, you might guess what word Carl Vehse has to describe Boehner
"Dude. He’s resigning. Because he doesn’t want to deal with the BS. Take the victory."

That's too lenient for a traitor.
editor-surveyor is tracking completely:
Almost every act he has performed as Speaker has been treason.

Literally nothing he has done is in the interest of the nation he swore to in taking office.
editor-surveyor also randomly indicates that Trump is some kinda figure of prophecy:
The governments of men have not yet become the governments of Yehova.

That is after the Last Trump.
I wonder if Greg123456 ever bothers with reality:
My prediction: Boehner switches parties on Oct 30 and announces he’s running for president as a ‘Rat’ to replace Hillary, who will be breaking rocks in the pen.
If Cyman encountered an actual left wing Democrat, he might explode:
If there ever was any doubt that he has been lovingly functioning as a dyed in the wool liberal left wing Democrat, all pretense is now gone.
V K Lee doesn't want to be dramatic, but Boehner has destroyed America:
That this SOB sticks that finger in the nation’s eye, he has signed the death warrant of the United States of America. This is war with a pox on him and his entire family of rinos. The GOPe —rest their wicked, evil souls. JB, may you fry in that tanning booth as if it were the depths of hell itself.


  1. Given that I'm Scots and therefore automatically read "Trump" as "Fart" (as has been mentioned before), the sonorous and profound Bible thumping Freepers like editor-surveyor are and endless source of hilarity lately.

    Almost as much fun as working "Faggots" (either meatballs or wood used to make a bonfire) into conversation with our colonial cousins!

    "I like Faggots, however they tend to make me Trump the following morning." ....etc ;)

  2. There was a hilarious piece in a Terry Pratchett novel set in England, where a modern-day witchfinder goes to an American airbase in Britain and asks the American GI for "fags for the fire". The soldier takes great delight in the supposed intention of the witchfinder, because he thought the British "had gone soft"

    1. I didn't realise Terry Pratchett had featured "manc" in one of his novels! Thanks for the tip ;)

    2. manc is one of the few who's extreme homophobia I can actually understand.

      He's about my age and he was a Barnardo's boy. So in the homes right in the middle of the biggest abuse scandal ever - it killed Barnardos completely. So he was more than likely extensively abused himself AND knew others who were.

    3. What is Barnardo's?

    4. Orphanage/charity here in the UK. They used to run a lot of homes for both orphans and "troubled boys" back in the post war years. They still exist, but quietly shuttered most of the homes in the late 70's/early 80's when the reports of endemic sexual abuse started to leak out.

  3. Imagine if Freepers had as much respect for the living as they do unborn babies.

    They'd have to leave FR because they'd be considered trolls!

  4. They have more concern for brain-dead people on life support like Terri Schiavo and anencephalic fetuses than they do for the living.

    1. Brain dead people on life support? That is the definition of "Freeper". Of course they are concerned with their own.

    2. I didn't think of that!

    3. Every time I think I'm being a bit over the top in my rhetoric, someone comes along to vindicate me. Jeb "savior of Terri Schiavo" Bush says in response to the Oregon community college shootings "Hey, stuff happens." This is a guy who rushed to the aid of a brain-dead woman, over the wishes over her husband, but says of a bunch of dead community college students, "stuff happens."