Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Iran deal drama

While that one Kentucky clerk's civil disobedience for injustice has dozens of threads with hundreds of replies, the Iran deal passing Congress has many fewer. Maybe it's because there have already been so many threads on it already - when Congress gave Obama the authority to negotiate about the sanctions, during the negotiations, when the agreement was actually reached. And there will be more threads to come - when the bill officially passes, when the first inspectors arrive, etc.

But while the threads are small, the drama is everything one could hope for. It's not even worthy of contention on the right that Iran is America's chief enemy and wants to nuke us sooo bad, and that this bill will give Iran nukes like yesterday. The idea that the status quo ante made Iran more angry at us, and more likely to get a bomb? That's not just too nuanced, it smacks of Obama doing something good.

And so those few cold warriors who bother re-purpose the imperialist rhetoric that no one listened to during the Cold War, and that we listened to with disastrous consequences during the Bush Administration, and once more go to lament Obama destroying America, again.

Ss with anytime Congress does something Freepers disagree with, A CA Guy calls shenanigans
So what was held over the heads of the Congress to change the law from being two thirds to pass instead of two thirds to prevent?

Something disturbing happened here.
An apocalypse is acceptable, if it proves Flavious_Maximus right:
I hope the city that Bob Corker lives in will be the first to get hit with an Iranian Nuke and I hope he lives in Washington D.C.
Moonman62 laments for the silent majority he speaks for:
It’s terrible that a minority can destroy the country.
Cowboy Bob looks forward to an apocalypse so outrageous that civilization breaks down and his partisan rage can at last have it's righteous manifestation:
Need to get them all on record, so that when the war breaks out with Iran, we can just round them up and have a public execution.
This is an executive agreement, granted extra leeway by Congress. headstamp 2, however, has decided this is an official treaty:
The template has now been set to pass any “treaty” with a minority of votes in the Senate.

Arms control, climate change, you name it.

The Constitution is gone.
elcid1970 has had it, and wants to burn it all down and live in a bunker:
And now the Iran deal is sealed by that worthless cow known as the Baltimore Bulldozer, the retiring Sen. Babara Mikulski.

Count another vote for Trump here. He may be an SOB but he’s our SOB for now. Hope he chooses Ted Cruz as running mate.

Meanwhile, stock up on precious metals. Not gold & silver if you get my drift. Be prepared for Amish-instigated drive-by shootings. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s a rough ride ahead.
5th MEB blames all politicians, and calls some gay for good measure:
The GOPE didn’t try.
The Republicrats are no different than the Demicans.
99.98% of elected officials currently in office are liars and thieves.
Just as a matter of interest; 100% of the corpse eaters who supposedly represent my area in congress and the senate are LIARS, THIEVES, and COMMUNIST QUEERS.
Noted projectionist Ronniesque knows Democrats only support Obama because they want to stick it to the opposition, regardless of the consequence:
All that’s important to a liberal is that he “gets a win”...liberals love to destroy and tear down those around them when they don’t get there way, or, when they get there way and see where it leads...in essence, unrepentant children.


  1. 'Just wait…' Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe

    Wow, that sounds super scary until you have a look at the source which is something called the UK Express which is also running articles like,

    "WAS 'humanoid' found where fireball exploded at UFO hotspot really an alien?"

    "Mystery as 140,000 antelopes drop dead: Conspiracists claim proof of Blood Moon apocalypse"

    1. They're praising Hitler and European skill at genocide in that thread. Barely trying to disguise it anymore, are they?

  2. The Daily Excess is the frequently derided organ of one Richard ("Dirty") Desmond who made his money from print media porn and now runs satellite TV porn station "Television X" and vacuous celeb watchers rag "Hello!". Well researched investigative journalism is not in the company repertoire.

    1. Repertoire? It's not even in the company dictionary.

      At least the Daily Fail only makes shit up on a weekly basis. The Sexpress ... Even the weather forecast is wrong.

    2. And it's not like predicting the weather in the UK is incredibly difficult. From what I hear, just predict rain and you'll be right 90% of the time. :-D

  3. So I guess Obama's going to come back after he leaves office somehow and keep us from doing anything in the years it would take for Iran to build a nuclear delivery system that could reach the US, BECAUSE SCARY REASONS.

  4. We only want the Christian Syrian refugees...oh, why won't someone please think of the persecuted Christians in Syria?
    Christians from south of our border being persecuted? Fuck them!


    Also, I've already seen at least one "FUDT." It sure doesn't take long to flunk their purity tests.