Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

LS's scary wife bakes death cakes for Democrats:
My wife has kept pictures of Teddy K, Clinton, others on the door and literally bakes a cake when one of them comes to judgment in this world or the next -—only then do the pics come down. The phrase under them is from Shakespeare about the good men do dies with them but the evil men do lives on after their death.
Pining_4_TX's anti-Muslim hatred has lead him to a really dumb comparison:
Q: What is the difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS?

A: Saudi Arabia has a king.

Why are we sending our good people to fight for any Muslim country? Ban Islam in civilized countries and let them kill each other over there. Institute a “pet the pig” requirement to enter the US or board a plane.
In response to that shooting of a reporter and cameraman on live TV CygnusXI responds to a Freeper rooting for it with speculation Obama was behind it:
Maybe the American people are figuring out who the real enemy is.

That.. oooooor.. message from the zero-admin that they best push the agenda harder or else. /foil?
And then there's the usual shooter theorizing from idiots like wastoute
Dude looks “swarthy” and appears to have a beard. Not typical of Tea Party types but IS typical of another demographic I have heard of...just can’t think of it at the moment.
wastoute also speculates how more guns would have kept this nutjob from sneaking up and shooting people:
A bystander could have killed the perp on the spot. This shooter will kill again before he is brought down just like the Chatanooga jihadi. Those deaths will be on the witnesses that watched him run off.
Shooter turned out to be black. twister881 knows how to react!
Obama, Holder, Jarrett fanning the flames of racial hatred & resentment. This shooting is their fault.
Black lunatic had a manifesto. DoughtyOne thinks all black people will buy into killing whitey as a legit tactic:
I hope that they do print "Bryce's" manifesto and publicize his political beliefs. That will make it impossible for the media to sweep what this really is (racially motivated black on white violence) under the rug, no matter how much they try to spin it to make "Bryce" look like a victim of evil ole' white racists.

In fact, I wish they would publicize the rantings and views of most perpetrators of black on white crime, so people would finally wake up to the fact that white on black racial crime is a fringe phenomenon while black on white racial crime is the norm.

My take is that many reading it will get their belief’s confirmed, see this is what happens when you White folks treat a man of color this way.

More folks than we would like to think, read their own beliefs into something.

We see this and think he’s a raving lunatic.

A welfare queen might read it and think of what a tragedy is is when minorities get treated like this. “What do they expect?”
chris37 doesn't seem to be feeling to frisky these days:
Donald Trump is basically national Viagra.
2 yahoos beat up some homeless guy, saying Trump inspired them to. jsanders2001 knows there are no conservative idiots, only spies:
Check their backgrounds. I lay bets they’re Democrats pretending to be Trump supporters and pulling a false flag event.
T-Bone Texan wants us to quash black culture, somehow?
Black culture is the reason Shaliqua can’t read.

Black culture is an utter failure. It needs to be quashed. They need to be brought back into the fold of civilization.
bert sees so many American enemies!
Jorge was shown to be an ass, an American enemy

Univision is NBC, Comcast that is also an American enemy
Ramos vs. Trump lead dennisw to wonder where naturalized citizens get off thinking they're Real Americans?
Jorge Ramos was born in Mexico but has scored an American (dual) citizenship. Where does this immigrant puke get off dictating to Americans who have been living here for generations? Latino arrogance at its best.

Full disclosure my family has been here since 1906 so just a few generations
Sarah Barracuda also has no idea how American citizenship works:
And Trump should do the right thing, as President, DEPORT RAMOS first thing
bigtoona makes with the Mexican = burritos:
The headline should read:

Faggy Latino asshole interrupts press conference without being called on, and is thrown out, like a smelly sack of bean burritos by Donald Trump.
Mr Apple prefers his racist idiocy to be in taco flavor:
Sit down and shut up taco face ramos.
48th SPS Crusader yearns for a crazy Freeper judge:
If you try to deport American-born children of immigrants who came to the country illegally, “you’ll get creamed in court,” he added.

Not if the Judge is not an idiot and follows the actual Constitution.
basalt blames Katrina on the idiots who got killed:
Man...this is one subject that still drives me crazy...the media succeded in blaming a hurricane on a president. I could go on and on...but most of all, how can someone get killed in a storm that gives u a 3 day advance warning...thats moving at 10 mph....i mean, how stupid can you be.
TTFlyer finds just about every US President to suuuuuuck:
I don’t see how it’s possible for Trump to be any worse than:

Richard Nixon

Gerald Ford

Jimmy Carter

George HW Bush

Bill Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Hussein Obama

Or any of the other candidates for President that failed.

There is no way in the world that Trump could be any worse than those listed above. But he could be a helluva lot better. Maybe not as great as Ronald Reagan but great in his own way.

Trump for President - It’s Now Or Never
Glad he hit the Hussein for Obama.

Fiddlstix's entire post is an amazing exercise in speculation, but my favorite is this bit, where he quotes uber-liberal Ed Shultz for truth:
While it's impossible to know, some are beginning to speculate that Boehner's penchant for turning on the waterworks might have some connection to his consumption of wine. Liberal MSNBC host Ed Shultz, half-jokingly, called Boehner a "cheap drunk" the other day, Capitol Hill aides of both parties are wondering, and there's even a web page devoted to it.

So is drinking the issue -- and why might a person struggling with drinking be more prone to weeping in public?

Alcohol also "brings out underlying emotions," explains Dr. Michael Fingerhood, an associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University. "It generally is unmasking what is inside them."
NormsRevenge? I'd like you to meet the lady quoted directly below you:
reminiscent of the Nazis and how they labeled their opponents, ie, sane people, as crazies
Noted Nazi, JudyinCanada:
Homosexuality is a mental illness, and liberalism is a mental illness.

Scripture describes it as a depraved mind. If you have ever seen a “pride” parade, and when you think about the evil of Planned Parenthood, you will see depravity on display.
Jim Noble is sure black people won't vote Democrat this time!
Just as with the "Marsha" Coakley - Scott Brown race, the bruthas won't turn out for an icy white b*tch.
Sirius Lee - America and China, fascists together!
The ChiComs are essentially Fascists now.

So are we. So is the global government, whose dimensions and control is now almost complete. National governments of the world have all been led down that particular slaughter ramp and there's little room now to maneuver around and run back up the ramp.
Regulator speculates that Trump's America will be nice and white:
It sounds a lot like the America I grew up, similar to the one that 10 prior generations of my family lived in.

English speaking, largely civilized and peaceful, prosperous and utterly opposed to the corrupt Banana Republics of the remnant Spanish Empire.

There isn’t any reason to let the one great success story of the Americas be destroyed by the same gang that ruined pretty much the rest of the hemisphere.
Lexinom seriously thinks scientists would not be super excited about discovering a pterodactyl.
One of my hobbies is cryptozoology.

I cannot help but wonder the following: If the endangered animal in question were something that would undermine over a hundred years of "science" - something like, say, a pterodactyl - would these university professors still be gung ho in favor of protections and awareness programs?
Secret Agent Man seems like a real nice guy:
He might be trying to get her to stroke out, again. Maybe going for the big one this time.

Leveraging the already immense pressure on her and then just magnifying it more.

That would be priceless. Grandma Vegetable Clinton. Couldnt happen to a sweeter b1tch.
Another conservative mole uncovered by CT!
NewsMax was co-opted by the Clintons. They are buddies.
duffee urges Freepers not to listen to their gut when it comes to Trump:
I just can’t get past this deep gut feeling that something isn’t ringing true with him.

It’s because he’s a righteous man and were conditioned to expect politicians to be less to be much less than that.


  1. Latino arrogance at its best...Full disclosure my family has been here since 1906 so just a few generations

    Nativist arrogance at its worst.

  2. MeganC feels the need to reassure Freepers that she still hates black people.

    ‎8‎/‎31‎/‎2015‎ ‎7‎:‎54‎:‎10‎ ‎PM · 41 of 41
    MeganC to rlmorel

    Oh, there’s no comparison. Black people commit the overwhelming majority of crimes against black people and they also commit far more crime against white people than do white people against black people.

    My own posts here make clear that I don’t miss living with black people.

    That said, my concern is police abuse and police abuse is an equal opportunity oppressor.

    Visit any of these sites and you’ll see that police abuse is not limited to black neighborhoods.

    Post Reply | Private Reply | To 40 | View Replies

    1. I'm just waiting for MeganC to finally come out with the "police abuse" she suffered that formed her anti-police obsession.
      I'm sure it is related to her racism and her family fleeing (probably under assumed names) to rural Wyoming.

  3. More minority outreach.

    Also noteworthy: They praise the lady person delivering the message, as long as she's in a tight dress with the sound muted. Women outreach, too -- bonus!

  4. These two dipshits, Courser and Gamrat, are (well, were) the tea party darlings in Michigan. I was wondering why FR hadn't brought them up lately, as they're about to be forced to resign. Then I noticed the date was August 2014, not 2015.

    Michigan tea party leaders Courser, Glenn, Gamrat win Republican primaries for state House

    What a difference a year makes...

    Michigan Reps Courser, Gamrat facing House probe over alleged relationship cover-up

    Can you imagine how many posts there would have been by now if they were Democrats, or black, or both?

  5. looks like lexinom's fallen victim to the silly 1856 pterodactyl hoax that creationists still like to cite:

    "According to an article in The Illustrated London News of February 9, 1856, page 166, workmen discovered a living pterodactyl. In the winter of 1856, they were working on a railway tunnel between St. Dizey and the Nancy lines, and they had broken and removed a boulder of Jurassic limestone, when the creature stumbled out of the tunnel toward them. It fluttered its wings, croaked, and collapsed dead at their feet ..."

  6. dibs on the band name "death cakes for democrats"

  7. DiogenesLamp:

    I have been saying for a long time that we need to be forcing confrontations between Muslims and Liberals. One idea that I keep suggesting is to make up some anti-Islamic literature, put liberals names on it, and drop it off in Muslim Neighborhoods.


    That Muslims would saw off a few heads of my enemies would not bother me greatly. This is how you fight a war.

    If it provokes an Anti-Muslim backlash, well that's okay too. Getting your enemies to fight each other is a very good accomplishment.

    1. I have a better idea. Why doesn't DiogenesLamp and the rest of his FR keyboard commandos post under their real names, and send their anti-Islamic thoughts out in public to provoke their own backlash? After all, they're so tough and well-armed. Why bring liberals into it?

  8. Do we ever get an explanation of why a hundred years of science would collapse at the discovery of a pterodactyl, or is it yet more of the creationists' tired "IF MAN CAME FROM A MONKEY WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS HURRR HURRR"?