Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Trump Landslide

Counting your Trump chickens before they hatch.
I'm trying to remember the last time Free Republic has been so one-topic for going on 3 weeks now. But it's all Trump all the time. And I cannot help but be amused. I'm a gernal optimist, but a political pessimist, and thought that even Sarah Palin was a danger. (That cheering in the 2008 speech...)

But Trump? I'm really not worried. He's a cartoon. The GOP faithful hate their party, and kinda sense the country's momentum is not with them, so they're grasping at anything. And Rush is onboard, which always helps with the crazy.

Grasping so hard, they're trying to convince themselves that Trump is going to win a million states. Thus, an unsourced GOP internal poll finds Republican minorities (read: Latinos) in Florida don't hate Trump. Unlike other polls, this one is not only unskewed, but locks the 2016 election for Trump by a landslide.

Leaning Right explains how Trump's empty triumphalism can destroy the strawmen Democrats.
Here’s what blacks are hearing:

From establishment Republicans: nothing
From any Democrat: You poor things, we’ll try get you a bit more free money.
From Trump: I’ll bring good jobs back for every citizen, and prevent illegals from getting those jobs.

That last message is very attractive to many blacks, the ones who (like most other folks) want to join the middle class. Trump would do well to keep hammering that point home.
RitaOK is rooting for the non-Soros blacks.
I know Black Americans were thrilled to be respected by Trump enough to be brought into the fold of ALL Americans crying for jobs, fathers and graduates of all colors and stripes needing work.

He just must have thrilled them by issuing a promise of a better tomorrow for Black Americans who are not the fascist thugs paid off by Soros, but probably fine Baptists who are paid off by jobs and capitalism!

Pray God that America proves to be a harder nut to crack than Soros/Obama/Clintonistas/COCommerce/Wall Street globalists ever thought we would be. God be with us.
expat2 tells how conservatives are somehow the ones with the positive message:
Rush just had a caller who hit the nail on the head: Everything Trump says about America points to greatness, it’s all positive. “this is a great country, we’re gonna be great again.” He speaks like a winner who is going to win, not someone equivocating.

That positive message is what changed me from an ignorant Dem to a Conservative when I saw the contrast between Jimmuh C and Ronald Reagan.
DannyTN is super excited about all the demographics he imagines Trump will win:
Trump will win blacks. He will win women. He will win Reagan Democrats. He will win Democrats that are afraid of Shrillary and Socialist Sanders.

Trump will win.
Trump will win big.
It’s going to be HUGH, HUGE, and YUGE!!!!
Mariner doesn't care about efficacy, only high numbers:
I can't wait to hear about the polling of White, Blue Collar households without a college education.
taildragger seems to think independent voters do not exist.
Add up the numbers, if the R's all go to Trump and all the leaning D's go to Hilda or Bernie, it is a land-side. and that is:

* 35.7% for Hilda / Sanders
* 64.3% for Donald Trump

That would be a far greater woopin' than Reagan vs. Mondale...

America is telling both parties "We have had enough of your Crap"...
gaijin's spite is up:
Kicking the GOP in the throat makes me giggle..!!
RoosterRedux loves his analogy so much he doesn't bother with having it mean anything:
With Trump.

America will be run like a five star restaurant...and I for one am waiting for dinner to be served!;-)
ProtectOurFreedom is already fantasizing:
Inauguration Address...

EPA - You’re Fired!
Dept of Energy - You’re Fired!
Dept of Education - You’re Fired!
EXIM Bank - You’re Fired!
PP Funding - You’re Fired!
ICE Chief - You’re Fired!

OBAMA — You’ve been fired! I want you out of town by sunset!
Obama can't be fired, but it's PoF's fantasy after all...

sarge83 worries that evan after office Obama will continue to control even most GOP Presidental candidates:
obama is never going away. Anyone who wins the next election, if there is one——(this is the one time I think a sitting president would cancel an election as obama has utter contempt for the law). obama is going to stick his racial crap into anything that might threaten his changes. Now I see Trump and Cruz as the only candidates who would tell the former emperor to go to hell.
Kickass Conservative thinks Trump's bullying demeanor reflects Real America (or the silent majority as the right is hopefully calling it these days):
Someone told me that he thought Trump looks kind of pissed when he is being interviewed.

Well, I think that he is mirroring the Silent Majority.

As I Posted a while ago, the Apolitical People I know are talking about Trump. Up until now, these same People didn’t give a damn about Politics and they just rolled their Eyes whenever I talked about my Guy Senator Cruz.
Analyzing men like apes, Labyrinthos knows Trump can say anything because he's an Alpha.
I figured Trump had his “Akin moment” when he pounded on McCain. Yet, he seems to have brushed it off.

That's because he is an alpha male. Like him or hate him, he leads, people follow because he is an alpha.
vette6387 knows the key to Trump's success is being cocksure, regardless of circumstances:
“Trump survived that moment because he didn’t apologize.
Amazing how many politicians don’t understand this, especially Conservative ones. Most Liberal politicians understand this.”

It’s because they’re all “afflicted with testiculus minimus!” We should have a bulk mailing to all of them of a pair of tweezers!
Amntn knows Trump would stop all the hypothetical voter fraud:
Another plus for Trump is if the democrats try to steal another election by cheating you can bet that Trump would fight it with everything he’s got. He wouldn’t roll over like the others and people would believe him.
Even Cruz is in for it, via lodi90:
Cruz has beltway stink on him. He can win every debate but still won’t be able to wash off all the damage from the triple team brutal attacks by RINOs/Dems/MSM.
I can't tell if the poll was all voters or only Republicans. Regardless, Hostage explains that Trump has a lock of the mythical idiot vote that Freepers use to explain Obama:
Statistically speaking:

Cruz is reaching Conservatives, Independents, Hispanics and Vets.

Trump is reaching Conservatives, Independents, Hispanics, Vets AND Blacks, Women and importantly THE LOW INFORMATION VOTER.
Buckeye McFrog also assumes a lot of Obama voters are dumb and will thus flock to Trump:
The Democrat Calculus apparently failed to take into account what happens when you put a Reality TV star in front of low-info voters.
As with any conservative hero, Calpublican thinks Trump is gonna get assassinated:
Not a supporter but applaud him and would vote for him.

That said, I fear for his life!!!

To have so many highly placed enemies is to court danger.
onyx was preparing for a slow slide into a Hillary Presidency, and is at least enjoying something novel:
I’m lovin the wild west of politics again. This fun.

Me, too.
Without DT, this would be the usual snoozer-loser.
As if you didn't get it, 11th_VA basically calls Trump "The Great White Hope."
I’m telling you, he’s the one - hitch your cart and hang on - the White Obama ...


  1. This is a new thread which makes a good companion piece for Ozy's. If you have a moment, read the article from the Guardian.

    What would Donald Trump actually do as president? An analysis of his policies

    1. "Import tariffs are not illegal.Such was how the nation’s founders envisioned paying for the federal government.

      13 posted on 8/6/2015, 11:27:32 AM by hoosierham (Freedom isn't free)"

      This is the stupidity we're up against.

      Besides the fact that almost every single Economist (that isn't insane anyway) says that tariffs on goods actually decreases national income, in the global marketplace, it's nearly impossible to increase national growth with trade barriers...especially when our economic standing in the world is increasingly tumultuous.

      These guys have the same thinking of those in the 1840s. Doesn't work with global trading.

    2. Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't the Supremacy Clause mean that NAFTA, WTO agreements and so on essentially carry constitutional authority thereby rendering unilateral import tariffs not just illegal but unconstitutional as well? (Unless explicitly allowed by the terms of those agreements, obviously).

    3. You're missing something. Under U.S. conlaw, most treaties are not "self-executing," meaning that while they create obligations between the party states as a matter of international law, they are not enforceable as a matter of domestic U.S. law absent duly enacted implementing legislation. Absent that legislation, the U.S. can find itself in violation of international law without violating any internal U.S. law. For a good example of this, see Medellin v. Texas: Texas is violating the Vienna Convention and the ICJ protocol, but absent congress getting involved there's nothing anyone can do as a matter of domestic law to stop Texas from putting the U.S. in violation of international law

      So President Trump could do that, with a compliant congress, but it would put the U.S. squarely in violation of international law, and hence subject to likely retaliation of various sorts in foreign affairs

      In short,

    4. OK. So the "treaties" provision of the Supremacy Clause is generally ineffective in the sense that a treaty signed by the President and ratified by the Senate generally has no force in domestic law unless Congress legislates to adopt it independently. Ergo there is no Judicial oversight. Got it.

  2. It's the Romney guy again.

    If you thought Romney was unelectable, just wait until the Democrats run against Trump!

    There's no limit to how bad it'll be for him. You can pretty much pick a topic and hit it from now until Election Day and it'll stick.

    If I was advising the Trump campaign, I'd advise them to start looking for some other work.

  3. Romney guy, thanks for chiming in. I always enjoy your input.

    I dunno, I bet on Obama's re-election but I was sweating on election night. Romney could have won that thing.

  4. It's currently a little over 5 hours until the Republican debate. The Trump campaign claims that he has done no debate prep whatsoever. I predict there is a good chance that The Donald will crash and burn on stage, in a way that will make Admiral James Stockdale look like Bill Clinton.

    1. I don't think he'll "crash and burn" because he's too media savvy, but ...
      I do believe he'll give canned-ham tea-party sound bites, way off-topic from the questions being asked, and claim afterward he "pwn3d" everyone on stage.

      I imagine his handlers are desperately trying to prep him, but his ego is rejecting any and all real help because "he knows everything" already.

    2. You could be right. That thought entered my mind too. I guess we'll find out starting 3 hours from now!

    3. ... and I could be wrong.
      13 minutes in, and Trump is already looking like a boob.

  5. Our own Freeper Madness live thread!!

    To: onyx

    This is NOT a professional, structured civil event!!!

    Megyn, Britt, Wallace are dirty crummy jerks!!!!!!

    605 posted on ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2015‎ ‎9‎:‎20‎:‎34‎ ‎PM by Guenevere (If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do........Psalms 11:3..An Appeal to Heaven)

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    1. What was dirty or crummy about their questions?? The fact that they asked any? I guess each candidate should just get 60 seconds to make a speech...

  6. Ahhhh the sweet femininity of Sarah'er a crude phrase falleth from her sweet angelic lips.
    To: TomGuy

    Was Megyn wearing dark pants because she looked like she took a massive dump after Trump put her in her place,,I really expected better from Megyn I really did..I watch her show, really thought she was an ethical person now I see she is just a shill for Jeb Bush

    625 posted on ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2015‎ ‎9‎:‎21‎:‎27‎ ‎PM by Sarah Barracuda

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  7. When Fox News has basically a closed debate, where you can't even watch unless you have cable, moderated by Fox personalities for mainly Fox viewers, and they still think the debate was unfair...