Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Spotlight: annieokie

Class. Nothing matters so much as class. And class seems mostly based upon appearance and word choice. This grandmother is stereotypically grumpy about kids these days with their rap music and tattoos. And stereotypical hypocritical when the class of those she likes is questioned.

She's also a Freeper: she hates Obama and the Clintons so much she asks God for forgiveness. Maybe a bit above average on the crazy side - she's terrified of the random blacks, and thinks Bill Clinton caused 9-11 to hurt Bush. As she tells it, her family is on board as well.

Megyn Kelly probably came onto Trump:
Megan Kelly is behaving viciously as when a woman is scorned, is it a possibility that she made a move on Donald and he rejected her.......maybe she thought she should have been the next Mrs. Trump.....

Something is just not right, if she was just going after him for his politics, her questions would be different. I think she is after some kind of Revenge for something he did or did not do....aka revenge.

Of course, Donald is not the kiss and tell type, so he would never reveal anything like that, and she knows he would not, so she uses this method to take him down.

Just curious.....I think she may have been romantically Dissed by the Donald at one time.
annieokie LADIES shouldn't have to hear the word pussy.
I am not talking out of some PC mode, but that word has no place to be used in public, there are LADIES present.....keep it classy.

BTW there is another word that is often used on FR.....P........! That word in it's use is crass, vulgar and ugly, and they are not talking about cats.
Girls these days and their classless nailpolish color choices:
I see few ladies under 60

Lotsa fat tattoo covered cows waddling about unkempt

Sad to agree with you. We were discussing this on the way home from Church this morning. Very few men in suits and ties (my hubby would not go to Church in casual, EVER).

No today we see women exposing their tattoos up and down their arms, backs, legs with pride, causal dress, etc. Men in ragged jeans, torn shirts, polo's.

One other thing is the horrible nail polish the women are wearing today, black, green, purple, etc., I tell them there is a cure for that FUNGIS.

I mentioned that these same people would want a $10K wedding with all the dressings. Yet, disrespect Christ by appearing in Church dressed in rags.
Her grandson claims he doesn't like girls.
In fact my grandson said the young girls in school today are so trashy, much worse that the boys ever thought about being and talking. They take pride in being slutty. He would have nothing to do with them as he was not raised that way, sure glad he is a gentleman.
her favorite Founder is super classy:
Franklin was just a brilliant man, vulgar yes, but brilliant and so humorous that made many world kings and leaders adore him, to a point, or that is until he zinged them as well.
Also classy? Trump.
I do believe with all my heart that GOD is lifting up a man for this time, I think many many Christians have been praying the very same thing.

I believe we are seeing that man in this currant election. I believe that Trump is opening that avenue to bring back the America we once were. CRUZ is also one of those men.
Megyn Kelly? She's a Ms. Prissyboob
Lets pretend: Putin and Trump meet.....Putin says Mr. Trump before we get started with our conference I just need to know why you are thinking women are Fat, Ugly, Ignorant or any of the things that Ms. Kelly referred to? Can you answer that for me Mr. Trump? Well Can you? Well, Ms. Kelly said you had to get past her first so it looks like our Iran negations are off, see ya Trump.

You are so full of yourself Ms. Prissyboob. get over it, your not that important. You really think 3rd world leaders care what you think of yourself? you know? I'll bet you really do think that.
Classy fashion advice for FAT Michelle Obama is FAT
FAT should never wear pleats, and especially the very small pleats. That is a style that only a Size 2 or 4, could get by with. NEVER a size 12/14/16.
Well the JERK store called...
I would like to know just WHEN does this JERK have time to think of all this misery he has heaped on America. There is no way he alone can come up with this crap. It must be all scripted and on time, all he has to do is pull out the next agenda item.........there is no way one person could think of all this misery by themselves.

Yes, I can answer my own question, which he doesn't think for himself, and it is all scripted for him. we still have a full year to go with this monster and his CZARS.

About those CZARS, all R candidates should come out and declare that the CZARS name will never be used again, and it should be illegal in America to call them that. Should be a law..

Has that name ever been used by another President?
Her entire family avoids Obama on the TV
But I don’t want to hear the man’s voice. I don’t want to hear him. I don’t want to know about him.""""".........

Don't know who your talking about Glen....rofl.

No one in my family will say his name, will not look at or listen to what's his name, but this started 4 years ago.

Canceled Cable TV today, canceled land line, down to basics.
This is...actually really sweet.
To take it further, we don't do Chrismas or Birthdays for each other, except to go out for a really nice dinner.

To take it further than that, lol. We actually go to CVS on each of the propert occasions, say my birthday. He goes and picks out a beautiful card, brings it to me. I read it, he goes and puts it back.

One birthday, I actually got 2 cards that way. ROFL

The cost of these cards??? $3 to $5 each only to be thrown away, what a waste and that's the tip money.
But Obama cancelled Christmas this year:
We are not co-operating in the Christmas presents this year, not that we can't, but won't. We will do nothing to help that bozo in the WH.

I know this attitude will only hurt the business people and workers, many of whom voted for this creep. The layoffs and business closings will continue with or without my help.
Not that her Social Security is in danger:
I am on SS, but I am not a 47%'er. SS is not to be confused with the WELFARE entitlements, I earned every penny of that, it's mine.

Count us in the 50% SS recipients who will Vote R.
Not that she has a lot of empathy for the poors:
Let me give you a little comfort.

Today I received a letter from housing, they are terminating one of their own SEC 8er's, for failure to make the repairs she was obligated to do.

Termination equals KICKED OFF the rolls..........

She has the right to appeal, but she will never come up with the money to make the repairs aka new garage doors among other things.

Seems this idiot doesn't know you must raise the doors before you pull the car in.......
Those Clinton Hippies ruined America!
This nation was ruined when those filthy hippies infiltrated and dominated govt, education and media. We’re just reaping the fruits now.

beginning with the hippie Clintons.
As a Lady, of course she hated filthy dirty pot smoking hippies in the 1960s:
When the toons and his tree hugging hippie friends came on the scene, I said at that time "one day one of those filthy dirty pot smoking hippies will be president of the united states." far

Who could have predicted a muslim though? how did we not see that one coming at us?
She hates the Obamas and Hillary SO MUCH!
May GOD forgive me for HATING that person as much as I do, she and the Obamas..........I can't get the hate out.
The saga of Annieokie and the Three Black Thugs
Give me a shotgun, lol. I can learn to reload shells.

Actually had to show that shotgun to three black thugs that came to my front door, didn't think anyone was home.

They rang the doorbell, that's when I flipped the light on, stunned they said "Is MO hea".

Giggling inside I ask "Who'd you say".

Them: "Mo, is he hea"...OMG they really said that? YES they did. lol

I raised the shotgun, pointed and told them "You get your black azz off my front porch, or yo mammys gonna clean you up".

Stunned they hesitated, I thought your kidding, you going to try it, come on, idiots.

Then I called the police: they wanted me to describe them. lol.

I said they were black, black clothing.

Officer asked: "What color hair", uh DUH

She asked: "What color eyes"....yes she

When the officer came, I told him that he better tell his buddies to stay away from my house.

He said "Buddies", yes, your buddies. You know the same ones that broke in here about 6 months ago, you caught them (I learned later), and let them go. (without telling me anything). THEIR BUDDIES/police fences.

So yes, I can use that shotgun. Hubby came home later and saw the gun out. Said I should have held it up and said "Yeah!, meet MO"......rofl
Loves that story of nothing actually happening so much she pasted it word-for-word at least twice.

The Kennedys shoplift all the time:
While touring up in Hyannis Port, I visited a small boutique and asked if they ever see the Kennedy's in here?

Oh, the look on their faces, you could see the "blood in their eyes". They told me the Kennedy girls never thought they had to pay for anything. They never wanted the Kennedys in their store.
Conspiracy 1: Obama stole the election.
I don't think those machines DROPPED the Romney vote,they just added 3 more to the Obama count.

See, the voter sees the error & thinks the Obama vote was CLEARED off, then made another attempt to vote Romney, 2 more times until it finally HELD the Romney vote.

BUT, internally the machine NEVER CLEARED the Obama vote. So Obama gets 3 votes, Romney gets his ONE VOTE. Pretty nice huh?

One for you, 3 for me, one for you, 3 for me. SEE?

They NEVER DROPPED any votes for anyone, they simply ADDED for the WON. Hocus Pocus. OH, LOOKIE Lookie OBAMA WINS, suprise, suprise, acting all suprised.

No one can convince me otherwise, it was those machines. With all the Technology out there, anything is possible these days.
Conspiracy 2: Bill Clinton set up 9-11 the screw with Bush:
I also believe Clinton should be included in any discussion of blame for 9-11. No one seems very interested as to why he did very little to nothing when we were attacked here and on foreign soil on his watch.

In my opinion, that bastard Slick Willie and the democrat party, knew BUSH would win the next election, LET'S LEAVE HIM A PROBLEM that he will be blamed for, FOREVER, which also included monies that had to be spent on that war which depleted the GREAT WONDERFUL SURPLUS that only SLICK WILLIE could do. Our hands are as white as snow.

Bush was SERVED a double edge sword by Slick and the democrats. They intended for that sword to FOREVER slay any Republican that even thought about becoming President again, they have almost succeeded.
Talk about FORWARD thinking!!!!!


  1. As a conservative I'd like to thank annieokie for making us look like a bunch of deranged cynical assholes.

    She is the epitome of the proverbial "bitter old hag." She thinks she's so tough with that shotgun that probably doesn't even exist except in her mind and on the Internet.

    It's funny. Back in 2008 Obama said "And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." The Freepers found that statement to be detestable, and I agree with that sentiment. And yet they actually confirm everything Obama has said about right wingers. They don't need the left to defeat them--they are their own worst enemy.

    1. Yeah, it's just freepers that make you conservatives appear to be "deranged cynical assholes".


    2. Now now, Jay. Not all conservatives are that way. You just hear about the deranged cynical assholes more because they make the most noise. Most conservatives I know are normal people who don't have anything against gays, abortion or minorities. They mostly vote Republican because they agree with their fiscal platform and are conflicted right now because it seems like the crazies have taken over their party. This country needs two reasonable parties. So whether the Republicans implode and a new, more reasonable party comes out, or the Republicans decide they've had enough and jettison their crazy wing, we need to be encouraging of all on the right who will help that happen.

  2. Annieokie seems like yet another freeper who is losing touch with reality.
    One day she imagined what she would do if black people came to her door ... now she is having trouble keeping that fantasy separated from her actual experiences.

    Her family probably humors her, while quietly collecting information from the various rest homes around the area.


  4. More black outreach:

    Most I know woulnd’t vote for another negro..... if Jesus himself came back as one.. Sad but true.. Ben Carson is a stand up guy...Way to early for another brotha in the White House..

    And speaking of Dr. Ben Carson, did you know it's A-OK to do research with fetal cells as long as you have no idea how they got onto the microscope slide? S'truth.

  5. Day after day, year after year Freepers soak up this sort of nonsense. Jim collects his fee and the show never ends.

    Hillary Is More Likely to go to "Big House" Than White House

  6. Self-bestowing class is like giving yourself a nickname. It's absolutely wrong unless someone else speaks it of you.