Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Clinton Conspiracy encompasses all

It's not like the Hillary e-mail fracas will sink her candidacy, absent any evidence her negligence actually resulted in the release of secret info. But it certainly does her no favors. Freepers disagree. Some think she's going to go to jail for this. But most Freepers are so into the idea that Hillary is an omnipotent villainous mastermind that they can only assume this is part of the epic secret chessmatch she's having with Obama.

ReaganGeneration2 knows that for all Freepers' expertise on Hillary's psychology, all they really know is that she's going to Hell:
Jokes on us? Not really. Joke’s on them in the long run. They will all answer to their Creator.

With all that Freepers know about law, politics, Hillary psychology, history, and handling classified information, THAT is the only prediction any of us can make here.
CommieCutter is not optimistic:
Big whitewash coming.
funfan would love it if 'they' altered the deal:
Unless they have changed the deal and it goes the other way. That would be hilarious and justice at the same time.
PubliusMM adds Hillary to the Obama pardon list. Also Obama blowjobs.
She must have gotten that Presidential Pardon Promise she Lewinski’d Zero for...
Hope she got in writing.

Just sayin’
Recovering Ex-hippie wonders about the secret enemy who is allowing this investigation to continue:
Wonder who is Hildebeast’s enemies behind the Washington curtain..Obama? Bill clinton? Valerie? Hmmm..Being a for so long leave a trail of haters. ..sometimes in “lowly”places.
Recovering Ex-hippie cosigns someone blaming a shadowy group of Democrats:
All of this involves cold, political calculations. Someone, or a group in the Democratic Party has now determined that the damage is too large to cover up and there is still time before Nov 2016 to recover; they just cut bait.

excellant analysis.

wow..that is gonna hurt..Jilted two times from the Democratic party. Truth is, she did it to herself. She’s just not good a politician like Bill who a) never would have had a private server dumb idea b) could swing his way out of any damage.
Art in Idaho knows people go to jail all the time for improper handling of secret docs.
The info was TS/SCI!

In a sane world, that would end her candidacy right there.

If it was any of the current crop of Republicans running for President, that would end his/her candidacy right there.

If she were any republican, that would end his/her potential candidacy right there.

If it was anyone else, that would end his/her potential candidacy right there.

If it was you or me, we would be arrested tomorrow.

If it's Hillary. . .
From reading about Pollard, rdcbn seems to think Hillary sold the secret info, I guess.
Hillary is in big trouble.

Her emails are in the in boxes of a huge number of other people , most of whom do not wish to go to jail to protect Hillary Clinton.

Jonathan Pollard has spent decades in jail for doing less than Clinton has done.
Scrambler Bob is already speculating about where Hillary is going to seek asylum:
Question for the Dem debate:

Will you still vote for hillary if she is in exile in Zimbabwe?

Please, Please, let her make bail and don’t take her passport!
blueunicorn6 has a whole scenario where Hillary stole money from Qhadaffi:
She’s bargaining.

Our girl Hillary did some very bad things in Libya.

She used American taxpayer provided funds, equipment, personnel and facilities to overthrow the government of Libya and have Qadaffi killed so she could grab his fortune.

Very bad things.
GBA adds a dolop of birtherism:
The odds don't look good, but I guess we might find out if the Clinton Crime Family has found a better crew to recreate the server and her email than the crew that did obama's birth certificates.
Diana in Wisconsin just rages.
“ blunt an expanding probe into the use of a private email account.”

I, on the other hand, DEMAND that Hillary! turn over her blunts!

I hate this evil, reprobate, intoxicated, Fabian Socialist Harridan BEOTCH with the white-hot intensity of a THOUSAND suns! I hope I live long enough to p*ss on her grave!

She’s RIGHT behind Jane Fonda on my list!


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  2. IronJack writes,

    "I'm not sure what damages the fag could claim. He would have to prove that being dropped from the yearbook was intentional, and that it somehow constituted an injury. And furthermore, that the school was not within its rights to censor pictures as they saw fit.
    It's too bad some of the team didn't show their support ... by escorting him out of the locker room. Horizontally."

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    Almost all Freeper women have Stockholm syndrome.

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