Thursday, August 13, 2015


Carly Fiorina did well in the minor league debates, I hear. She's a good speaker with a frank, no-nonsense brand like Christy, but with (somewhat) less baggage.

I think her chances are small, but above that of at least some who got to go to the big-boy debate. Most of my Republican friends are of the 'if it's good for business it's good for America' libertarian-ish type, and they all lover her. In fact, even among Freepers back in July there was moderate support all about her.

But the combination of her rising notoriety and calculated swipes at Trump (for some reason) have resulted in some Freeper scrutiny, mostly from the He-Man Woman Haters' Club. Nothing that they won't all forget the moment she becomes a frontrunner, but not particularly good news for her either.

dragonblustar laments she's not crazy enough:
She will be another establishment candidate. I was supporting her for a while too but started to see her real colors come through.
Viennacon liked her in the debates:
She’s overrated, but I give her credit for running rings around the other 5 pm idiots
hoosiermama did at least 10 seconds of research, and filled in the rest with speculation:
WHAT I’VE FOUND! May be repeat of your work)
1 her attack on Trump was hypocritical. She has had a relationship with Clinton Foundation for decades
2 She has had a close relationship with Rove and Bushes since early Texas days
3 she is funded by univision (who also funds McCain
4 her recent move to VA a purple state and attacks on HRC make her in position as VP (she doesn’t have to compete with others if she has already been promised the VP slot. All she has to do is clear out the Bush competition)
exist with the random swipe at Bachmann:
Compared to Michele Bachmann, Carly Fiorina looks like a quantum physicist. But she is a left-winger that has advocated Cap & Trade, DREAM Act, and Amnesty.
fwdude keeps track of the important issue:
She also capitulated early to the sodomite agenda.
spacejunkie2001 is not a fan of any sort of electoral pragmatism:
She’s coming out strong as pro life this go ‘round but I recall someone telling me she was pro choice for her senate run. I found that she’s for abortion for rape or incest (false flags and bogus reasons to kill babies) and also calls RvW ‘settled law’ which is also a BS stance.

People that call the homo law or abortion law settled law, are pro gay, pro death IMO.
hosepipe has an odd definition of loser:
Carly is PROUD of being a Loser.. like: Obama his wookie, Biden and Anthony Weiner..
papertyger begins the sexism with this interesting admission:
She stands with Megyn Kelly. That’s all I need to know.

Note to Carly: women are not the center of OUR universe.


DaveyB knows all this equality rhetoric is just hating families:
She is a feminist and by that I mean she is a soldier in the war against the family. America is currently facing many challenges and among them, one that is doing great harm to her foundations is the war on the family. There is no war on women, but there is a war on the family. Socialists, feminists and the homo-fascists all have the family in their cross hairs.
Terry L Smith - America needs manly men like in the fiction of the 1950s, or ISIS:
I see a possible Trump-Fiorina gunfight coming. I don’t think Fiorina will win. To me, it’s time for the women’s’ “trump” card of winning the argument because she’s a woman needs to be gone. I hope it does. Trump may help with that.

In this pussified America today, being a man and not being subservient to a woman, or ****y-whipped, simply won’t do, because you are too aggressive!!

We need cowboys, again. We need film noir types, again. We need men who won’t go queer like obama, again.

ISIS ain’t ****y-whipped, for sure, and neither is good ol’ former KGB Vlad Putin, either.
There's also some acknowledgement of medieval Islamic civilization not completely sucking that could come up.


  1. "Note to Carly: women are not the center of OUR universe."

    Sounds like somebody wants to take a walk on the wild side.

  2. Sounds more like an MRA asshole.


  3. I think that's why these guy assholes always seem to think all muslims are gay, because you have this American Taliban mindset combined with repressed or unacknowledged same sex attraction.