Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pro Life Drama

There's been another high profile shooting, this time of reporters on camera, with the black shooter posting some kinda manifesto on social media. Freepers have decided the shooter is Muslim, gay, and liberal by now.

Meh. If I see something at all new in Freepers' callous politicization, I'll make a post about it. In the meantime...

These Planned Parenthood videos were a shot in the arm for the Pro-Life zealots, but since the outrage still hinges on when a fetus becomes a baby, no one else seems to care about fetal tissue donation. So these righteous warriors are left all het' up, with nowhere to go (except maybe a government shutdown!). This has resulted in some spectacular religious drama. Including a story that's been making the rounds about how Satanic rituals and spellcasting are all over abortion (choice quote: "In that particular one, which was probably one of the more heinous abortions I had ever done, the doctor reached in, ripped the baby out and threw it onto the floor where these women were swaying. The women looked like they were possessed, and when the doctor threw the baby out to them, they cannibalized the baby." .

Having been burned before, most Freepers are smart enough not to buy such a story. But they still think Satan is stalking the halls of Planned Parenthood:

MeganC is skeptical, but wants an investigation after arresting everyone:
This story makes my “warning bells” ring.

It just smacks of the kind of story that the left would feed to us and PRAY that we’d run with so they could discredit us with hoots and mockery about how we’re complaining about SATAN!!! at Planned Parenthood.

Yeah, I think I’d like to come back to this AFTER Planned Parenthood is defunded and their officers and staff put in prison where they belong.
GeronL is on board:
ebb tide is even more into this idea, and has a story:
Thanks for posting this, Mark. I believe every word of it.

I have prayed outside an abortion clinic. And I have seen people turn around in the parking lot after seeing us. Onetime, a man and his teenage daughter came back months later to give us each a framed photo of the new baby in their family that was almost murdered at that clinic.
This could be bilge but I don’t doubt that for many of the abortionists and abortion worshippers this is their religion.
I want the USA back makes the connection!
As Rush says, abortion is their sacrament.

I had never made the connection between feminazis, abortionists and wiccans. This article showed me.
wbill is cool with all the human sacrifice and orgies, but one detail was too far:
Lost me at “dungeons and dragons”.

I’ve played DnD for nearly 40 years - mostly in HS and college. (No time now, with jobs and family). Never saw or even heard of something like what’s described. Most of the guys who played were a bunch of undersexed dorks. We didn’t have time for nonsense like the author was spouting, we were too busy being nerds, or thinking about girls.

This reads like something a liberal cooked up, thinking it would push conservative buttons. Don’t take the bait.
If you want to read stories about proto-Freepers playing D&D, that's about half this thread.

ForAmerica axiomatically invokes Satan:
Not a fan of Planned Parenthood but somehow, I doubt this guy is telling the truth.

Well satanist and PP are like peanut and butter.
cva66snipe didn't bother with this article - he had already read some other melodramatic book:
I didn’t read the article but I have read at least one book exposing satanic rituals. “Day of Deception” perhaps is the most easy to read and an eye opener for parents. The coveted of things for rituals is things like baby fat to make into candles. They seek the pure and innocent to try and if it were spiritually possible defile them to use for an offering to the devil himself.
markomalley posted the article, so he likes the supernatural angle:
There are any number of other sources documenting connections between the occult and abortion, as well as occult rituals being performed on aborted babies.

So while this guy may be full of it, there are plenty of examples that indicate that it is not total lunacy.
markomalley backs up his assumption with this anecdote:
Do you remember this from 2012?

Exorcism prayers preceded closing of Illinois abortion clinic

For decades, local Catholics had maintained a prayerful presence outside an abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois, but the clinic remained open.

According to Kevin Rilott of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative, the tide began to turn in 2009 when Bishop Thomas Doran granted priests permission to recite prayers of exorcism outside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. At times, four priests would stand outside the four corners of the building and recite the prayers together.

“Within two to three weeks of priests saying these prayers, the number of abortions began to drop,” said Rilott. “Over a few months, the number of abortions was cut in half and the numbers of women seeking our help probably doubled. The clinic, which had been performing 25-75 abortions a week for years, also reduced its days of business from three to two.”

In late 2011, the State of Illinois temporarily suspended the clinic’s license; in January, the clinic announced that it would not reopen its doors.
markomalley also finds great significance in a picture of a clinic:
That shows it for the replication of an Aztec pyramid...known for the human sacrifices done on them.

Thanks for posting it.


  1. The first big "Hmmmm" in the original story was that is was told by a High Priest of Satanism ...

    The stars of the Satanic Panic movement of the 1980s were all "High Priests" and "High Priestesses" ruling over covens of 1000s of witches and wizards.

    One would think being the High Priest would be a pretty sweet deal.
    Where are all the run-of-the-mill Satanists ?
    They'd probably be the ones who get sick of all the drudge work Satanism entails (scrubbing out all those blood stains, etc.) and be more than happy to get some free money from the x-tians for their tales of devilry.

  2. Looks like the shooter is a faggot black activist. Another libtard. as usual.

    1. Yep, Freepers always have to pretend all shooters are liberals. Then they go back to muttering about taking the country back and asking when the shooting is going to start. And, of course, reminding each other that conservatives have all the guns.

    2. One thing all shooters have in common 100% is that they have guns. Could there be a connection between guns and gun murders? Nah. It's black faggot activists. Seems legit.

    3. I thought "libturds" didn't like guns.

    4. Hey, freepers, maybe those of you who said liberals don't own guns were careful when CW2 starts.....

  3. what kind of god hates abortions but specifically needs four ordained priests praying at the four corners of the clinic for weeks on end just to slow down the operation and finally shut it down months later ... ?

    1. The imaginary one in their heads.

  4. I dunno Oz, there's some good old fashioned Freeper orgasms going on over there. First they heard someone targeted the media and they were happy, so long as it wasn't a Muslim. Then they realized that it was two white folk in a most-Republican area...then they were pissed! Finally they probably couldn't control themselves when they found out that it was a "gay colored boy."

    That was like the choke during the steamy j/o session ending!

    1. I'll take another look tomorrow morning, but today it looked like their usual 'find a liberal box to stick the shooter in' game.
      Passion, but nothing new. Though I suppose now that his identity puts him in one of those boxes, they're probably over-waking to a hilarious extent...

    2. I hate to say that it's entertaining, because there should be no one entertained by those having a descent into madness, but their decline- from a group of conservative activists seeking to bring down Clinton into what could be considered that at the realm of Stormfront (see: and notice the 'Reinforcing the Stereotype comments)- is pretty funny.

      I bet if anyone was to ever call them on their racism, they'd probably bring up their "friend that is black."

    3. ...P.S.: once again Lazamatazz is probably the most entertaining of the group! I imagine he's got his wang out while the whole chase is going on.

    4. Laz must be drinking or on drugs again. Years ago he wasn't like this. He was the jokester but was never so racist.

  5. How jealous of Jared do ya think GeronL is? He's like "that man was living the dream", with a tear... in his eye. WHOOOOOOOOO!

  6. Who's the racists now, lurkers?

    It's still them.

    Remember all the concern they expressed about the poor, innocent church members murdered by Dylann Roof? Neither do I. All I remember is several hundred posts trying to guess his color.