Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anti-PC meets prudishness

Some frat got in trouble at Old Dominion University for some misogynistic signs. I don't personally think boorish speech is worth a suspension, but idiotic administrators vs. idiotic students isn't something I'm going to get super invested in.

But Freepers have a way of lending some fascinating craziness to even the most mundane stories.

Here, they're split. On one side, you have the anti-PC crowd, who loves to support the poor, persecuted American asshole. On the other, you have the moral scolds, who love to rail against the sinful ways of kids these days. This story put them on opposite sides of the debate. And, as only Freepers can manage, they both managed to lose.

Timber Rattler loves jokes like "Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time!"
I think it’s pretty funny. Nobody has a sense of humor anymore.
wolfman23601 thinks America is suffering from an egotistical blowhard deficit:
Not a Trump guy, but I wish more people would handle this kind of schit like him. I am a graduate of ODU and am embarrassed... Not by the sign, but how the authorities have caved to the SJWs. They are locusts that consume the host and ODU just opened the door for them.
AmericanCheeseFood knows there are no liberal comedians:
Liberals don’t have brains that can comprehend humor anymore. Maybe it’s due to global warming?!
MayflowerMadam agrees - college kids just don't laugh anymore!
It was a cute joke and not at all in bad taste. Sheesh. Political correctness has taken all the fun out of life. I feel so sorry for the world today’s children will have growing up.
In the other side, ballearthout seems to be taking a relatively normal tact, if a bit old man-ish:
Its the death of the gentleman. I have a sense of humor, but find that in poor taste. I wouldn’t let it ruin my day though. lol
wolfman23601 comes right back blaming feminism for guys being jerks:
The lady died long before the gentleman.
DoughtyOne is disgusted, and wants to beat up these frat boys:
These signs don’t seem all that funny to me. They are disgusting. The moms can’t even drive toward campus without being propositioned.

The one involving the freshmen girl’s moms is beyond disgusting. A group of dads should go pay these little pricks a visit, and deliver them some jokes. Now that would be funny.

These guys can’t view a young girl as anything but a few minutes pleasure on their highway through life, and moms are supposed to cheat on their husbands to fulfill these guy’s fantasies.
Not funny at all...
VanDeKoik, on the other hand, yells about causing feminism:
People wonder where these current feminist come from? Mainly from stupid conservative fathers that white-knight for their airhead daughters that are apparently too stupid to roll their eyes and just ignore these guys.
Secret Agent Man tells a joke he knows all Freepers will love:
How are we to know this is not Bill Clinton’s house?
US_MilitaryRules also tells one of those gays are coming for you jokes that brings Freepers together:
I guess it would have been OK if they were asking for the sons and the dads with rainbow flags waving? lol
Palio di Siena is worried about kids these days and their hippity hop music:
if they were blaring rap music out the windows at 110 decibels with f bombs and mother f bombs it would have been ok.
faithhopecharity lightens the mood by urging perspective via a light child molester anecdote:
kids will be kids, this appears to be a very tame fraternity gag

(when I walked in as a possible pledge (new member) at a fraternity, many many moons ago .... I was only there a day or two before I re-met my high school music teacher (he was an excellent teacher, for whatever its worth). He was a regular at the fraternity... making use of the boys for pornographic sex movies he was filing there (so the boys didn’t have to leave their residence in order to perform, so to speak, gainful employment ... albeit in homosexual flicks so maybe their parents might not have completely approved)

anyway, I left the frat. And thus, probably gave up a very promising movie career (especially given my super-sized qualifications and outstanding skills in that particular film genre)



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  3. All y'all, from this entire blog entry to the comments thereunder, win the internet today. I am very amused!

    I won't even spoil the fun with my observations...I'll just leave it here.

  4. Oz, you forgot about the older, anti-college Freetards who couldn't get in and now they hate anything having to do with higher learning.

  5. DoughtyOne always wants to kick ass.

    Something tells me the guy is self-aggrandizing and impotent, but wants to create the illusion (delusion) that he's this tough guy. Typically these people are the weakest- the ones that talk about how tough they are. Being a tough guy is like having class: you can't say that you're classy without sounding like a douchebag...but others can say it about you and it's just fine!