Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Spotlight: central_va

I thought I did this guy long ago.

A perennial presence on Freep threads, often picking fights with his fellows.
He's a veteran who works in some sort of electronic engineering biz now. Spends a lot of time harping on the H1-B visa program for depressing his wages. He also loves to make predictions, both of the wildly optimistic and wildly pessimistic type. None come true, of course.

But his big thing is his enthusiastic support for the Confederacy. His tagline has been the ridiculously antebellum "I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn." He wants secession now, and supports their secession then. Thinks Lincoln was a tyrant who ruined America. In fact, he's such a secessionist now what he doesn't even want a new Confederacy - that's too much like a Union.

But he goes further, and supports the slave trade of old. He's so into it that he embraces it as a Republican cause; he'll often go to war with other Freepers over the 'Democrats are the party of the Confederacy' line!!

In a nutshell:

Him and secession.
Trump: as evil as Lincoln.
Trump has reached the rarefied air of arrogance that Lincoln so famously occupied many years ago while he oversaw the butchery of hundred of thousands of citizens.
Wait no, Trump is as awesome as Grant:
To use a Civil War analogy,(being a Southerner this pains me) Trump is using full on frontal assaults against a tactically superior and well engineered PC leftist establishment foe. This is the same technique that Grant used in his march to Richmond in 1864. Full frontal assaults against a crafty, experienced and well trained foe, damn the casualties. It is ugly but it can work.
Yankee scum love to pillage:
If we have CW II, what will be the heathen Yankee liberal excuse for invasion, rape and pillage? Slavery is gone, what will it be then? I leave that question for some Yankee scum to answer.....
The new Confederate army will be awesome and super butch:
When the time comes the New Confederate Army will not have fags and trannys.
The South still hasn't been reconstructed:
The attempted reconstruction of the South continues along with the carpet bagging.
Internet arguing makes him happy:
you’re an unhappy dude....

I am happiest when confronting liars and traitors.
Why is history real?
Why does New England get 12 Senators? It should be one state with 2 senators.
2013: when liberalism began to fall apart:
This election is the high water mark of the socialist cloward-piven attempted coup. It really starts falling apart for them now. Mark my words. Even though this looks bad tonite they are finished.
Wait, the high water mark was January, 2015
I think we’ve reached “peak tyranny”.
Finger on the pulse of the sheeple:
‘16 is going to be a Republican Year for the Presidency. The Democrats are almost moribund and the people sheeple are tired of them. To much change to fast, socially, economically and foreign policy. The sheeple are over loaded. They want a “Republican normal guy” for a while because they are scared.
Actually, never mind all that election stuff, the crash is acommin'
Reuters did a nationwide US poll during last fall's Scottish referendum on whether Americans would want their state to peacefully secede from the US. 34% of Texans said yes.

They were not asked what their opinion was if the secession were not to be peaceful.

With the recent “successes” of il Douche, I’d like to see a re-poll. When the dollar collapses and there is economic chaos a lot of states are not going to go down with the ship. Mark my words. What we have now is classic normalcy bias.
How to win the election:
The GOP candidate that simply says "I plan on reversing everything the Obama Admin did to the USA" would win. That is a simple campaign message.
Crime statistics from out of his ass:
More people are dying per capita now than in the “wild” west heyday. We need to defend ourselves, carrying a .45 on you hip will keep the bad ones at bay. At least you can return fire...
Women ruin everything:
An effeminate matriarchy can become so enervated making a society unable to defend itself.
More women hatred:
Ultimately all politics is local vaginal.
I don't know the military culture, but he sounds like he was an officious pain in the ass:
As a junior officer I tried to resign three times (all denied) because my XO and CO were mis treating the men in my division over my head. I would certainly resign over this. You can keep your queer military.
Zen and the art of overthrowing the Union:
But eventually I realized that the government bequeathed to us by Jefferson, Madison and the boys doesn't really exist anymore. So I went looking to find out how it ended; and it didn't take long to zero in on Saint Lincoln.

You are releasing your inner rebel. Real torment begins when you actually become secesh, for that mental condition has but one cure. Welcome.
O! The Unionist persecution!
Like me you seem to be under constant assault form the Unionist Nazi’s on this site. It is duly noticed and appreciated.
In fact, even the Founders' republic can get fucked.
A convention of states should have 1 agenda item. Dissolve the union. Go back to 50 sovereigns. The republic thing didn't work Mr. Benjamen.
Rush is probably a secret liberal:
I alike Rush and listen when I can. But deep down I suspect he is a libertarian gloBULList free trader. Have you ever heard him talk about H-1B visas? or other forms of trade abuses?
Trump is his last hope of someone as crazy as he is:
Where does Trump stand on H1Bs

I wish he'd come out and say what his position is. He is my last hope if he is a go along H-1b proponent then I have no candidate.
H-1B whores:
You H-1B whores are really the most vile people in the world. H-1B needs to die.
The purpose of H-1B is to reduce high-tech salaries:
The purpose of H-1B is to reduce the salary level of stem workers. it has been explained on Free Republic over and over with examples given. You refuse to understand so you have an agenda or are an idiot. I don’t care to find out which case applies.
There are only costs, no benefits: screw the cheaper technology products and services, central_va could be getting paid more, damn it!

Not bigoted:
calling someone a Kenyan is not bigoted.
Let the rest of the world burn:
Why should I care about China? I am an American and care about Americans. I could give a flying f about China Mexico or any other country on this planet. I don’t care if they all starve to death in a dung filled rice paddy. I am not a gloBULList.
Obama is so racist the only thing to do is never vote for a black again:
Obastard is race obsessed. The republic can never elect another black to the highest of all offices again, it is apparently obvious. I’ll bet even some blacks would agree this level of PC is not good.
Even Ted Cruz's Hispanicness will make him liberal eventually:
This is why I have trouble with Cruz. I like him but in the end race trumps all, except for whites. We are not allowed to go there.
He does not much like people who note the Founders owned slaves:
I only have a problem with someone who pines for his own liberty while depriving it from others; which is in fact, the case.

My comment was that his "Give me liberty, or give me death" is kind of hollow coming from a man who owned slaves.

This does not mean I voted for Obama.
This does not mean I like Al Sharpton.
This does not mean I worship Satan.

Don't think for a minute I consider you my countrymen. You are a gnat that needs to be shoo'ed.
The income tax is Communist:
Ok Comrade defend the progressive income tax. I get you. Puke.
Blacks hate the Confederacy because they're jealous and ignorant:
You seem to forget what the Confederate crap represents to African-Americans and other minorities.

Because blacks and other minorities are jealous or ignorant of US history means I should be also? What a punk you are. KMA you POS.
Any reasonable black would love to be enslaved:
If I told you you could live to be 70 years old on a plantation and have many grand children or be dead at age 17 dealing drugs and gang banging which would you chose?
So he embraces slavery as a conservative virtue:
Do they also propose sand-blasting the Democrat party, which was the Party of Slavery at its founding two centuries ago and remains the Party of Slavery today?

Nobody looks at that carving and thanks about Democrats and slavery except butt munches.


  1. meh ... Internet Tough Guy,
    probably generally disliked in his neighborhood and among his coworkers and family members, but unlikely to show up in a movie theater armed to the teeth.

  2. You missed his frequent reference to Lincoln as the "Illinois Butcher™"