Tuesday, August 11, 2015

EPA spill

In something of a man bites dog situation, an EPA cleanup crew screwed up and released a bunch of mine waste into a river in Colorado. Freepers, as they do whenever there is a story where the facts are remotely in their favor, go crazy with the paranoid speculation about crazy facts that would be even better for them. If they were, you know, true.

john drake knows the EPA will suffer no consequences from this, what with their unlimited budget and no oversight:
Well, if they pay anything it’s with taxpayer dollars, or should I say, your, mine and our dollars. The government cannot lose, can it? Unless the EPA is disbanded, all those folks go jobless and certain ones go to jail. Ain’t gonna happen. A couple of low level room temperature IQ and field types will be fired, and that’s probably it. And the millions/billions it will cost to clean up will be paid by you. End of story.
Musketeer totally cares, you guys!
SaveFerris got full up onoutrage from the headline, and so did not bother to read past it:
Wonder if they can figure out it was more contained *before* the EPA got involved?

Well, it will be “too complicated to figure out” I suppose.
LoneRangerMassachusetts chose not to go into environmental engineering, and now he hates supply and demand:
Environmental engineering was getting underway in the 1970's. I looked at the coursework and it sucked. It was dull and related to mostly field work. I took the structural option in civil. I couldn't believe the pay rates that the Federal government was listing for environmental engineers. It was almost double that of traditional civil engineering work. I knew then they were trawling for engineers and getting the dumbest.
rbg81 manages to dislike kneejerk blaming of the President in the same sentence as he does exactly that:
Obama’s fault (though, somehow, Bush will get blamed).
Chickensoup wonders if this is some kinda Agenda 21 thing:

to take down a compromised region?

to further compromise our food sources?
Diana in Wisconsin gets super angry (and a bit kinky) about the fantasy she made up:
Mother Government wanted that waterway and/or land for her own purposes, and since the owners weren’t willing to sell, She trashed it, making it unusable for anyone.

Paranoid? Nope. Educated and informed on Government tyranny? Yep.

Grrrrrr! Seriously, I’m done growling. I’m going to start BITING!
oldplayer knows that every time a big company pollutes a river it totally makes the headlines:
I worked for some years as an environmental attorney working for Fortune 500 companies.

Had this been one of those companies, it would be front page news everyday, criminal indictments would be threatened (Probably not actually issued) and million of dollars of fines handed out. Emergency consent decrees issued and every dime the EPA could figure out how to spend would be tacked onto the bill. (And, man, can they spend money!)
struggle is actually a Deepwater Horizon truther!!
It sounds like the BP oil rig that the Coast Guard blew over with high pressured water.
rawcatslyentist remembers when the government gave us all Ebola:
the team accidentally caused it to flow into the nearby Animas River.

Brought to you by the same people that flushed ebola into the Dallas water treatment system.

We're from the govt, we're here to help you,........ DIE!
Syncro has this idea that the EPA is responsible for most environmental problems:
It's been my contention for years that the EPA is responsible for much of the destruction of the environment.

Seems similar to the global warming "religionists" (it's definitely a belief system that requires "faith") tampering with the temperature measuring systems around the world (moving the dial a bit) to make it seem that the planet is doomed because of "climate change."

With that moniker, it seems like they want to have the same climate every day of forever.

Defund the EPA however it needs to be done, it ain't gonna be easy but it and many other government alphabet agencies are completely barred from existing via the Constitution.
Thorliveshere thanks the EPA for hastening the rapture:
The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water—


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    Not the racism of course.
    To: Chickensoup

    I don’t know what you mean by “racist”, but I would look at it more as ridiculing certain subcultures which richly deserve to be ridiculed.

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    1. Most normal people aren't into hating their fellow man.

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