Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Colorado Theater shooter gets Life without Parole.

In a rare non-Trump bit of news, Freepers lament that we didn't kill/torture another bad guy. It's an old dance, but one I still find amazing - Freepers' self image is of such radiant goodness that all brutality merely reflects the evil of the person they're fantasizing about killing.

It kinda shows how close to the surface the barbarian is.

LouAvul has the usual complaints about how awesome prison is:
So, this fag gets free medical, room and board for the rest of his natural life? All at taxpayer expense. Perfect.
Theodore R. brings the Colorado hate:
It’s what to expect in liebral CO. Trying to upstage Red Hampshire
Responsibility2nd also hates Colorado:
Way too many dopers in Colorado. A normal state would have given him the death penalty.
I know I stated that it's a fallacy to use Freepers as a reverse barometer, but I do kinda like Colorado a bit more now.

MarvinStinson thinks not killing people is craaazy:
The US court system IS insanity at this point.
EternalVigilance thinks not killing people is blasphemy:
A violation of God’s explicit command.

Genesis 9:5 Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man. 6 “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.
TomGuy doesn't think the law has changed post-Son of Sam.
He can work on his memoirs, his manifesto, his movie and books.
Truth29 adds him to the Obama pardon list:
Justice is never certain as long as he breathes. Some future government, appeal or President could commute or reduce his sentence. For that matter Obama could commute the sentence of a poor misguided Muslim who should be confined to a psychiatric facility until he is “better.” (Mega sarcasm flag). I don’t trust the politicized justice system to keep terrorists locked up forever.
CivilWarBrewing heard he converted to Islam:
Oh great, so now he can spread his culture of death through Islam among his fellow inmates throughout his lifetime.

This guy should be drawn and quartered on live television as a warning to all Islamists.
Wilhelm Tell recalls how liberals love them some mass shooters:
If he had been sentenced to death he would become a holy mascot to the left - especially since he is now a Muslim. The leftists would treat him like a hero and you would not hear the end of it. Now at least he will disappear in prison and the leftists won’t have much of a reason to turn him into a celebrity.
rikkir knows what country has their criminal justice system right:
I’m all for the Chinese DP. The only problem is you can’t administer it 12 times.
ronnie raygun reaches waaay back for something suitably savage:
Life is cheap, you kill and you get taken care of for life we have to pay for this scumbag when he should get exactly what he dished out. Bring back the colluseum. A fitting end to this miserable life would be a pack of hungry hyenas


  1. Cowboy Bob writes,

    "I would put a bounty on the wetbacks. $500 per person rounded up and brought to the detention center to await deportation.

    Their assets will be seized and sold off wth the proceeds divided between the government and bounty hunter."


  2. "Bloodthirsty" is the word I would use to describe Freepers in their pursuit of justice. It's as if no living person could ever suffer enough for a crime they committed, no matter how small. Especially if the criminal is black or brown.

    1. when jaysusCrastAlmatee condemns all sinners, no matter how small, to burn in hell til the end of time, who are we the chosen to aspire to any less?

  3. With all their whining about treason and traitors, combined with all their whining about how much they hate the US, they want secession and civil war 2.

    If we go by their own standards, shouldn't all freepers be executed?

  4. With all the time they claim to spend in church, don't any of these killing sprees they fantasize about ever come out in the open in front of other Jesus people? If so, why don't the other Jesus people call them out on it? If not, how are they able to keep it such a secret?

    1. Some of these christian churches aren't real clear on those peaceful parts of jesus.