Friday, August 7, 2015

It’s the ATTACK TRUMP Show!!!!

I listened to the debate, and it was entertaining. Cruz's closing statement was strong, but Carson calling Hillary an Alinskyite seems the biggest right-wing catnip. Trump lacked any kind of novel red meat, though he did knock it out of the park in response to how his bankruptcies must have hurt his investors.

But I've never been able to predict the right wing, for all their pinched thinking. So we'll see.

Having already been primed by Drudge and co., I suppose it's not surprising that Trump's lackluster performance (re: expectations) became a story of Trump's victimhood by evil, evil FOX and that nasty female Megyn Kelly.

Well before the debate even began, kjam22 had his town preset:
I’m already tired of MegynI’mNoConservative Kelly
Some early bobbles, and mrsmith pounces:
The liberals must be loving FOX’s childish ineptitude.
LongWayHome judges the audience:
The audience sucks. RINOS.
Sarah Barracuda keeps it classy!
Was Megyn wearing dark pants because she looked like she took a massive dump after Trump put her in her place,,I really expected better from Megyn I really did..I watch her show, really thought she was an ethical person now I see she is just a shill for Jeb Bush
jpsb gives us out title:
It’s the ATTACK TRUMP Show!!!! Unbelievable for fox is in all out attack Trump mode.
Democrat_media thinks Huckabee did well, but still hates him:
Huckabee said all the right conservative things. but if you look at Huckabee’s record as governor he was the marxist from Arkansas
Ditto posterchild and Rubio
I agree with Rubio in his last response. I just don’t believe that Rubio agrees with Rubio’s last response.
Aaand Pontiac and Kasich.
Kasich is smooth.

Too bad he is a socialist.
Man, Freepers are TOUGH to pander to. But necessary, still!

When it comes to candidates Freepers don't care about, things are a bit less lock-step - but no less extreme!
LostInBayport comes out one way
Rand Paul just harpooned Chris Christie!
Very next comment, Bushbacker1 the other.
Rand Paul is a lunatic!!!!
In these times of crisis, eleni121 wants no scrubs:
Give me a break... this country has no time of Kasich or’s in its death throes.
Catsrus has a pretty easy litmus test for who is cool:
Walker and Kasich also stood up for Trump. Classy guys!
LostInBayport is pretty excited at Carson's anti-Hillary red meat:
Yes he is. He called Hillary what she is: an Alinskyite!!!

Let’s see the leftist media dissect that one. Or not.
Country is screwed. Going to bed.
hoe_cake loves him some black conservative!
Obama and his wife could learn a thing or two from Dr. Carson. Or three.
Boycotting reality, Deo volente hates how Obama can say the things Trump does and no one cares:
Obama sounds like the “Last Angry Man” 100% of the time and everyone loves him.

Trump gets angry and he’s perceived as ugly and rude.
Kenny argues running a surgery is about like assembling a Presidential cabinet:
I love, love, love Ben Carson. For those who question his experience, he’s assembled the top medical teams in the country and pioneered flawless surgeries. I think he could probably patch together a cabinet.
The Ghost of FReepers Past sounds like an old grandma:
Carson is a sweetie pie. I don’t agree with him on everything, but as a person I just love him. He is a dear.
Rome2000 joins in to hate the audience:
Trump just bitch slapped Wallace and the RNC hacks in the audience SAT ON THEIR HANDS (for the most part).

TRUMP SHOULD REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE in any more rigged formats.
Many, many Freepers agree with Texas Songwriter
Candy Crowley redux

The crowd applauds Gov. Kasich when he says he can disagree with gay marriage but not be a dick. Rome2000 is sure this makes them all gay:
RNC faggots in the audience cheering on Kasich.

This is retarded.

Fox hasn’t gone to Cruz for close to an hour.
Oh no, Gator113, not FULL BASTARD!
Fox has gone full bastard....every single one of them.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin also with the Cruz freezout narrative:
Ted Cruz is the best candidate, but he media is preventing him from taking top billing. He'll have to do it as VP and move up.
Many Freepers join him, but Rome2000 is the best at raging against FOX
The first cross edit to Trump (or any other candidate) while Paul is speaking.

freedom6178 sticks with the personally directed mysoginy:
Megyn Kelly is one snarky bitch.

She is sooooo full of herself. She’s gone “skank” right in front of our eyes.


  1. why trump's at the wheel of the short bus:

    RinaseaofDs: "Trump has to be taken at his word. This is the problem for the establishment. People are willing to take him at his word because the establishment has been lying to them for so long."

  2. Apparently, the only questions that are acceptable for FOX News to ask Trump are along the lines of, "How great of a president are you going to be," "Can I peel you a grape," and "Do you feel like outlining any of your policy positions? If not, feel free to talk about how great you are for the next half hour."

    1. Freeper approved Trump attack questions:

      "Mr Trump: how can you justify characterizing Mexicans as merely drug smugglers and rapists? Are you trying to gloss over their communist, terrorist and satanist proclivities?"

      "Since America is the greatest country on Earth and the Rapture is clearly imminent it is inevitable that Jesus will be materializing in our country shortly. Why have you not given a clear undertaking to award him a cabinet position?" (Jesus as VP being unconstitutional and all).

    2. Too funny. So true Anonymous.

    3. "...In addition, please tell us more about what your father did for a living."

  3. I could tell right from the beginning that Trump (and freepers) was (were) not going to be able to separate reality TV tomfoolery from a serious presidential campaign.

  4. My biggest disappointment about the debate is that none of the participants came up on stage packing heat in the form of a handgun or an AR-15. I really have to question their commitment to being full red-blooded Americans if they aren't willing to make sure that the crowd wasn't packed into a gun-free death zone by arming themselves. They were certainly lucky that no psycho liberals decided to come shoot the place up last night.

  5. Freepers mad cuz Johnny Storm is a negro!

    1. Wait till they find out that those aryan looking paintings of Jesus aren't accurate.....