Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Tucker39 has deduced Trump's burning patriotism:
I really noticed that when he caressed the flag and brushed his cheek against it, he had an expression of reverent pleasure on his face.
He loves this Country, he loves that flag and he loves the salt of the earth people who make it work; who have been screwed over by DC for several decades.

To me, that little 10 second scene was Donald letting down his guard and giving us a look straight into his heart. He felt he could take the risk of doing that because of his confidence in the truth and genuineness of the people who’d come out to hear him speak. IMHO.
kvanbrunt2 is sure Trump isn't the plutocrat he seems:
i think trump is saying fu to his super rich buddies. I think he is saying that he loves america and has staked some of his fortune and honor to defend it. people Ben Franklin did air baths in is front window. he was not perfect. but helped create a perfect union. why cuz there was us to help him and the other do it. no idea where the y came from.
hosepipe thinks even conservative blacks are tainted:
Most I know woulnd’t vote for another negro..... if Jesus himself came back as one..

Sad but true.. Ben Carson is a stand up guy...
Way to early for another brotha in the White House..

Maybe after things are “FIXED” IF they ever are fixed..
then a good conservative no matter the race would be good..
Jindal has the same problem.. good man but nope.. not this time..

Even, If Sowell or Alan West ran I would demur..
UNless they were the ONLY Candidates.... them maybe..
The politically wise ones KNOW it isn’t time for them..
WayneS has some odd math:
This is not surprising, as illustrated by the following:

Jeb Bush = Politician

Politician = Criminal


Jeb Bush = Criminal
TexasFreeper2009 talks like he knows all about those environmental scientist hippies:
A quick tour of any colleges “environmental science” department will quickly dispell any misconception they one might have that these are “scientists”.

The environmental science departments of college are filled with the same idiots that would take womens studies, or African American History or what not. They are not scientists, they are political hacks that would wash out of any real college program. And they have no interest in pursuing truth, they just want to push their agenda.
itsahoot joins the crew who want Trump to dictate our way to a free Republic:
OBastard has rendered the US Constitution(USC) as well as congress moot . Trump will be an elected dictator in all respects. Following the USC is now optional.

If President Trump wants to kick out anchor babies and their mamacitas he can do it. All he has to say is they are not under the jurisdiction of the USA and out they go.

I have said for month that it will take a tyrant to undo what the tyrant has put in place and we may get one.
robowombat's porn is classy, guys!
Lots of difference between erotica and porn. I enjoy looking at a beautiful woman sans clothing as much as the next male. What i am referring to is some video of a woman having intercourse with three males (won’t call them men) simultaneously. You figure out the logistics. That is porn and it is pure degradation.
Theoria is sure the stock market doing well is just another evil Obama plot:
How is the purple-lipped Prince going to blame this on Bush?

Blame what?? It has worked out pretty well for the insiders....dow has been huge with has the national has worked out well for them.
Read Write Repeat thinks Planned Parenthood has been blackmailing everyone whose ever gotten an abortion:
"If every woman who had an abortion in this country stood up, this debate would be over," she said.

I'm sure you have the names of every single one since 1973. Blackmail only works on the weak. Keep poking that sleeping bear.
Politicalkiddo may want to look at Trump voters...
Gotta love mindless idiots who vote solely by party and not on issues.
SKI NOW wants military contractors, not muppets:
Tell me again "PBS" why we are supporting you through tax dollars. At least Haliburton produceded something useful.

Sorry for lumping you people at Haliburton in with "PBS". Not a fair comparison.
Kenny seems to think Congress has been super busy screwing with him:
Donald Trump has become the most popular Republican presidential candidate primarily for his anti-establishment posture against what is seen as a do-nothing Congress

I am so sick of that piece of propaganda. It's not because of a "do nothing Congress" it's a do plenty to screw the people Congress.

I pray Congress will slow down on its assault but they never do. They push through bill after bill to destroy this country. Not a do nothing Congress.
Logical me seems to miss the clear moral lines of the Korean War:
Call up the Guard, seal the border, suround them and kill them all . Then send the body bags back across the border.

I'm a 83 old Korean vet. Shooting a rotten piece of garbage would be nothing for me. These idiots have drugged America and are killers.
drypowder sees Satan in half the country:
democrats are demonstrably evil. even more disturbing is that they are proud of it. Satan at work.
Twinkie explains how 9-11 was caused by liberals mocking God:
Not bad luck. It was Divine Intervention.

Then where was God on 9/11?

God has been dis-invited to the party that is America which the liberals have been throwing for several decades now. Eloquently expressed by Dr. Graham’s daughter & getting worse by the day.
I do hope Sasparilla & co.'s Hillary killer theory grows:
...We’ve see what happens to people who get in Hitlerys way...

Vince Foster and 45 other Clinton associates have fallen victim to the Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome.
No doubt LottieDah is the soul of compassion when bad things happen to liberals:
Liberals are sociopaths. They revel in the misfortunes of religious people. Just because a person is a Christian does not mean they are perfect. They go to church because they need God’s help to become better people.
The key is to resent liberals being happy, and not care about the bad things Christians have done.


  1. Man I'm losing it today
    "I really noticed that when he caressed the flag and brushed his cheek against it, he had an expression of reverent pleasure on his face."
    Is that consistent with the flag code?
    Does anyone have a photo? Perhaps censored to make it non-obscene?

    "Most I know woulnd’t vote for another negro..... if Jesus himself came back as one.."
    To quote the wonderful child from WonderShowzen's "Beat Kids" segment, when did you first learn that Jesus was black?

    1. Freepers love to make saints out of their republican-celebrity-du-jour.

    2. "I really noticed that when he caressed the flag and brushed his cheek against it, he had an expression of reverent pleasure on his face."

      No surprise. Everyone knows Trump has an intimate personal relationship with textiles. One glance at the top of his head tells you that.

  2. again and again cap'n combover exceeds everyone's wildest expectations. three months ago who'd have predicted we'd be seeing trump fanfic on freeperville?

  3. More outreach to women.

    C'mon, guys! It's funny! Har, har.


    1. Trump is such a child.....perfect candidate for the freeper class[less]