Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Navy Patriot gives a paeon to the echo chamber
Now people see the headline and go straight to commenting (I confess my guilt on that one).

Better than clicking into the sewers of Mainstream American culture, the Drive By Media, the corruption and criminality of government employees, and malware clickbait.

Besides, FReepers have become genius at deciphering the IslamoFascist, Progressive propaganda strategy and tactics, so we pretty much know what meme is spread, the real purpose and the degeneracy of the party spreading it.

It's a waste of time to coddle nearly all of the Jouronalistas spewing these days.
Old Sarge also embraces being closed minded:
When talking to a Leftist remember: there is no talking to a Leftist.

manc is worried he'll be mandated to move beyond missionary:
sex is natural and yet the sex perverts think we should all know how they do it and how we should do it, while promoting homo sex
IChing compares not being a white supremacist with having your wife chat on you.
I’m explaining what a cuckservative is and why people like you are cuckservatives. The article fits you perfectly. You think America can maintain its European derived culture when Europeans are in the minority, and you argue against demographics as destiny. You refuse to research anything beyond boilerplate rah-rah conventional conservatism because you have been trained to believe you are a bad person if you see beyond it and into the real dynamics. You seek approval from the establishment so as not to be cast out.
longfellow is taking a bold stand months before it actually becomes relevant!
Frak this and Lois Lerner. I’m not paying taxes.
blueunicorn6 explains the greedy purpose of the Democratic Party:
The purpose of the Democrat Party is to place thieves into office where they can loot the public treasury.

If Hillary and Obama threaten to upset this operation, they will be destroyed by the Democrat Party.

Threaten the existence of the Democrat Party, and Obama and the Clintons go away.
Rennes Templar has his thumb on the pulse of America:
It’s inevitable to have a Trump as the next POTUS. Americans will stand only so much of a weak leader. Thus we had Reagan after Carter, next will be a Trump ot Cruz after Obmama.
Mr. Jeeves hates white women:
A bit more beautified than most, perhaps, but Megyn is a textbook example of why American men are going Asian in such huge numbers.
Hating hippies isn't enough. nopardons takes a bold anti-beatnik stand!
Both Brandon and Dean were bi-sexual/queer and Kerouac was a dissolute counter-culture creep. Jack and his mostly unhappy b and led the way to the COMMIE takeover of the culture and the damnedable hippies.
IronJack asks a decent question about a gay athlete being left out of his team's yearbook pic, and then advises rendering that question moot via assault:
I'm not sure what damages the fag could claim. He would have to prove that being dropped from the yearbook was intentional, and that it somehow constituted an injury. And furthermore, that the school was not within its rights to censor pictures as they saw fit.

It's too bad some of the team didn't show their support ... by escorting him out of the locker room. Horizontally.
Possible woman Uversabound wants more beating of girls:
Hey, I am a woman, a Conservative woman and I did not think he was talking about menses at all.

Women of this type are due for a beating.

Nobody smacked them when they were a kid.

Women are in for a rude awakening when they realize we need men all the way!!!!!!!!!!xo

God made it that way. Always goes back to God our Father!
piytar's mother seems totally real:
I just about fell over when my formerly uber-liberal mother (who is now so conservative she makes Rush look like a lib) said that this country never should have given women the vote. She said that in disgust after Obama carried the women vote twice.

Even I don’t agree with that, but I do wish women as a group would stop voting Democrap almost every dang time...
Freepers kept it surprisingly subdued about Pres. Carter's cancer. Not DoughtyOne, though!
Just so you know Jimmy, our nation has had cancer too since the mid 70s. The prognosis isn’t good, but it may survive. If it can get past the next 18 months, we may just make it.

For the record, I really don’t care what’s going on in your life. You can cancel the updates.

I would only wish for you the same treatment you as a Christian saw to it the Shah of Iran got, when he had cancer.

He didn’t last very long, thanks in part to you.
WTFOVR Hates Mexicans SO MUCH he wants us to invade:
IOW, the government of Mexitrash has been committing acts of subversion and war against the U.S. - w/o us firing a shot. I think it is time we invade Mexitrash - so to “take out” the trash, with “extreme prejudice.” Hey, El Presidente - I’ll wager you’re neither bullet proof nor immortal ... Let’s put it to the test, shall we? I’ll bet our Marines are better shots than your government-funded drug lords.
Slyfox sucks at exorcisms.
I personally planted seven St. Benedict medals around the White House and four around the Capitol Building.
MayflowerMadam does her level best to squeeze as much racist anti-Mexican BS into a Jeb Bush post as she can:
I can’t even imagine this Bush in the White House. First order of business: Open a new position in the First Lady’s staff: English Instructor. Revise hydraulic systems in President’s limos and Secret Service rigs so they’ll hop up and down. There’ll be nine families living in the Lincoln Bedroom. New National Anthem: “Lowrider”.

Go ahead. Beat me up.


  1. Please spotlight IChing when you get the chance. He seems to be one of those not so closet racist dark enlightenment wackos.

    1. Yeah, he's been on my list forever, but he dilutes his amazing white supremacy with so many small banal posts it's hard to get a good set.

      Coming up soon:

      On my watch list (in no real order):

      Vermont Lt.

      I've lost track why a lot of them are even on the list, but each caught my eye somehow.

    2. yaelle's a longtime hardcore birther who likes to pontificate. lots of material to pick from:

      "Political correctness. Good intentions motivated by shame. Obama didn’t win because of leftist voters. They always seek the most socialist candidate. He won because a lot of apoliticals bought the line “It’s time for a black President” without realizing that in their zeal to be politically correct, they didn’t understand that the next, silent, line was “...And any one will do.”

      White America had become deathly frightened of being called names like “racist.”. The sly enemies of America on the left, including his discoverer Bill Ayres, salivated to find an essentially white, brainwashed commie who looked black. They knew he’d get them into the White House through the front door instead of exploding the walls.

      They were correct."

    3. windflier:

      "Presidents have over-ridden their predecessor's Executive Orders before, and they'll do it again. I hope that opening Obama's records is one of President Palin's first orders of business."

      "I believe it was the perfect time for [Palin] to run. She was our Reagan, to their Carter, and would have beaten Obama in an unmitigated rout. She would have also gone on to do a better job as president, than we’ve seen anyone do in decades."

    4. tomkat:

      "One thought that's helped me cope thru these past years since the coup:

      Precisely because of the indoctrinated hatred of all things caucasian, the pøs can never look in a mirror without seeing a half-breed staring back, mockingly, tauntingly.

      The schadenfreude it evokes is priceless; knowing that the halfrican maggøt can never escape - even for a moment - the inner torture of that self-loathing."

  2. I would only wish for you the same treatment you as a Christian saw to it the Shah of Iran got, when he had cancer.

    Sympathy for a deposed Iranian dictator over one of our own presidents. This country is officially nuts.

    1. This country is officially nuts.

      No, just freepers and various Fox News contributors.

  3. Longfellow isn't going to pay taxes....probably because his income is low enough to get EITC.

    Reminds me of those patriots who refuse to but insurance (because they already get it thru work)

  4. Obmama

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a Clever Freeper Insult of some kind (mama = woman = weak?) or just a typo. Kinda shows where we've gotten with these yahoos.