Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Waco bike shootout - the flamewar

There's not much new going on with Trump and the misogynistic 10 minutes of hate against the apostate Megyn Kelly that I didn't pick up with my posts on Monday.

But slowly Freepers are beginning to turn to other news.

Or maybe I'm just being hopeful. Because most of the longer non-Trump threads are clickbait BS about abortion or Obama's Muslimness. Or amusing flame wars about whether that biker shootout in Waco was white people behaving badly, or an elaborate government plot:

House Atreides has the plot all figured out. Too bad the coverup was so airtight, there's no evidence!
The destruction and/or hiding of hard evidence by the state continues along with their continuous delaying tactics...all to likely cover up, IMHO, an Obama regime provocation operation gone terribly wrong. Like so many things the Obama statists attempt to do, they screwed it up royally. I expect they will try to delay this until after the 2016 elections and hope they can somehow just make it “go away”.

Meanwhile, I await the imminent arrival of the Usual Suspects who defend the statists and DEFLECT, DEFLECT, DEFLECT by trying to redirect all discussion/focus onto bikers.
Paladin2 has questions:
How many of the b7kers were undercover cops? Idemnified informants?
In his eagerness to prove a poster illogical, HiTech RedNeck excludes the hell out of the middle:
One of the bikers said that the cops saved a lot of biker lives that day by stopping the war.

Aren’t they supposed to be arrant liars? Choose your position.
Though he lacks facts to cite, HiTech RedNeck has reached a conclusion:
Something went on in Waco but it would be ludicrous to call it justice.
MaxMax blows the Nazi ref.
When they came for the bikers........
BlueDragon goes full 'It's impossible to know the whole truth, man' Internet debater:
Your standards of evidence, and judgement too, have been examined and found wanting.

One of the bikers involved, mr. red boots, was seen with a rifle in his hands.

How many people of those who were shot and injured, or else shot and killed, did mr. red boots shoot?

You don't know.

How many people did other LEO shoot and injure, and shoot and kill dead -- and what were the precise circumstances? You don't know --- bUt all the LEO's are totally innocent? According to you --- fully justified in having shot whomever they shot.
There are about 2 Freepers who contend that there is no conspiracy. Boomer treats one like this:
From what I have read from you; you clearly take your banking in your backside.

Do you bleed from your eyes and wherever afterward?
Boomer is really getting up a head of steam, culminating in ALINSKY with a side of AYERS!
One other thing. You are clearly a paid plant. You never ever post anything from the heart. It’s always some list of links you constantly use to debate with. Not one single word comes from you; the person.

How can anyone ever take you seriously? Besides being paid to disrupt this forum; why are you here? What is your motive?

I asked this once before you came back with the extremely lame answer of “the truth”. Talk about straight out of rules for radicals. You must have that book memorized. Heck; you may even teach a class in it. You might even be Bill Ayers; you sound as cold and calculating as he does without even a minimal amount of human caring about life.
Yeah, Boomer goes full Internet flamewar bully:
Oh... you poor poor little victim baby girl.

Does your little veejay hurt.

Yep. When you needlessly kill my fellow Americans I get pissed. Deal with it and put your big girl diaper on.
And, in the Freeper variety of a flamewar, don-o cries to JimRob:
I suspect if the folks who own FR were offended by my and others posting truth and fact countering the lies and half-truths, they would have long ago made any displeasure known.

Since you neglected to ping the actual owner, I will do so and see if we can get a ruling from the Chair.

Jim: this poster comes to the Waco threads with the same mindset and style as the TNMOUTH who rode the lightning yesterday. That is, a consistent ad hominem attack on those of us who question the mass arrest of 177 American citizen on identical "probable cause" and their detention under $1,000,000 bonds - both clear violations of the 4th and 8th Amendments.

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