Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Might as well Trump!

Abandoning their principles is kinda easy for Freepers, because Trump's personal attacks fit their petty style to a T. To the point that they affirmatively reject any idea that this is more than a tantrum. Witness Freepers' thrilled reaction when Trump rolls second-grade style and calls minor-league candidate O'Malley a "disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby."

IDontLikeToPayTaxes knows you can't out-debate liberals:
The GOP should have been doing this many years ago. Not a single Republican candidate has the ability or willingness to confront Liberalism like this.

We're not going to out-debate them. We need to attack and destroy them.
IDontLikeToPayTaxes explains that the only Trump's manly dominance can help the conservative asshole movement now:
I'm not anti-Cruz. I love the guy. He's very conservative and would be a wonderful president....... in the 1800s.

The modern liberal media and the modern liberal establishment would absolutely crush him.

Freepers think that we keep losing elections because our candidates "just aren't conservative enough."

We keep losing elections because our candidates are WEAK and our movement is WEAK and has forgotten how to FIGHT.

Weakness doesn't win. Submissiveness doesn't win. Nice doesn't win.

I fully realize Trump isn't the most conservative guy out there. I also realize that if Cruz or anybody else gets elected that conservatism wouldn't make any inroads in government or the culture. Obamacare wouldn't get repealed. The debt wouldn't go down. Liberal crooks wouldn't be held accountable. The border wouldn't be secure. None of that would happen. It's a pipe dream.

The conservative movement doesn't have nearly the power or influence to get anything done. We're on the ropes. We control NOTHING in America. We need to stop the bleeding first before we can even begin to fight back.

Trump is simply a means for us to BEGIN to fight back.
Catsrus explains that Trump is just sinking to the level of the evil strawman he imagines liberals to be:
See? Being a former Democrat has paid off for Trump - he has learned and uses their own tactics against them.
bandleader also has some delusional world where Democrats have been acting just like Trump:
EXACTLY!!!This is the”Tactic”of The DemonRats:”Attack and Destroy”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even in an empty-headed Trump thread, Noumenon knows only killing liberals will end their domination:
In any case, the monsters of the Left aren’t interested in debate or discussion - only surrender and submission. That’s why it’ll take pitchforks and torches, the barrel of a gun and the hangman’s noose to properly rid ourselves of them.
Uversabound just loves insults:
everything he says makes me so happy!

: > )
pgkdan also relates to Trump:
I heard him say that and cheered out loud! That’s exactly what I thought when I heard of O’Malley’s apology. Trump is the real deal...and he speaks my language.
Opinionated Blowhard can't deny how much being a petty bully appeals to him:
I’m not voting for Trump but I absolutely love his comments. Keep tellin’ it like it is, Donald.
Ancesthntr hates how Reagan didn't eradicate liberalism. Only Trump will purge us like we need:
look at Reagan, a great President, but the Dems still controlled politics, the media and the schools when he left office. We need to DESTROY the Dems and the Left (now one and the same, it didn’t used to be that way) in order to rebuild this country’s moral courage, pride and work ethic.

Trump is, IMHO, probably the only one who can do that - simply because he has NEVER given a damn what anyone thinks of him. He engaged in combat every time he negotiates a deal, and he almost always ends up on top. That is the kind of guy we need to shake things up, and also to negotiate with hostile foreigners. Traditional politicians of both parties have utterly failed us for 50+ years, with very few exceptions. Time for a change.
And in the crowning irony of ironies, ballearthout crows that Trump's childish insults make him the adult in the room:
Trump is like an adult who sat down at the kiddie table because there was no adult table available. The contrast of having an adult present just highlights to the kiddies that they ARE kiddies and makes them nervous. Kids may have some good ideas and their heart in the right place, but they cannot kick ass like an adult.


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    kgeorge: "Why do Ted Cruz supporters hate America? Are we just not suffering enough for our ‘’sins’’?"

    ironjack: "You fear Trump. I fear just about anyone else."

    stentor: "Quietly and in the background there have been developing a lot of scores to be settled."

    and so on.

  2. Freepers (and WND, natch) trying to resurrect the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s ...

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