Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Spotlight: SarahPalinForPresident2012

At first, I posted some of this Freepers' offerings unironically. Then, I became convinced this was a troll account, vintage 2010. Then I was positive. Then I began to doubt. Now I don't know what to think.

A bit...extreme.
Nobody in US history has been harrassed as much as this — Gov Palin is the bravest of all Americans ever...
And suuuper optimistic:
The best punishment for McCain would be for Gov Palin to send him a special invitation to her swearing in as POTUS on January 20, 2017.
Making with the superlatives!
No politician i9n American history has had a higher IQ than Gov palin. She is intellectually head and shoulders above all others, including Ronald Reagan.
More superlative
Can there be any doubt that Giv Palin has more intellect than any politician in American history?
Another one:
Obama and the Dems don’t fear anybody as much as they do Gov Palin.
See, this HAS to be trolling!
Palin democrats could swing the election for POTUS.
Best post:
“Only the Bible has more wisdom than Sarah.”

This is the best post I have ever read on FR.
Add in some flights of fancy:
The best part is that Trump has promised to hand over power to his VP after two years. So Gov Palin will finally get the position she deserves.
Defense of Bristol's failed marriage:
The wedding is postponed, not cancelled. Perhaps some Freepers can attend the wedding when it happens.
Also of her surprise pregnancy:
Tripp will no longer be lonely after he gets a little brother or sister
I will stick my neck out and say that Bristol has POTUS potential that Gov Palin must help nurture.
Some choice shit-stirring:
Hope Cruz has the good sense to get out of the race when Gov Palin announces...
OK...So clear troll, right? But then trolls usually keep their heads down and don't go getting into venial flamewars with the most obsessive and petty of Freepers this side of humblegunner...

I speak, of course, of CatherineofAragon, who seems to think this Freeper is a troll for some reason!

Leading to exchanges like this:
Check the posting history. It's pretty amusing.

Piper is going to be president one day. Bristol is destined for greatness. Ted Cruz will step down once Sarah enters the race because he knows when he's bested. Palin is the greatest political intellect in the country's history. And an enthusiastic agreement with some crazy statement that Sarah's wisdom is second only to the Bible.

And if my predictions come true, how do you intend to compensate for subjecting me to ridicule? Actually YOU are the troll, the disruptor. You are here with one express intent — to sully the Palin family’s standing among freepers. Whether or not you get zotted — which you richly deserve — I refuse to trade abuse with you.
OK, maybe that's just the direct confrontation strategy that only seems to work on Free Republic. But this is just asking for it:
Hope to see your zot thread read like this:

So long, CatherineofAragon (Posting History)

Hat Tip to sarahpalinforpresident2012

Anti-Palin troll spouts venom once too often and winds up a pile of smoking bones
Now, given what preceded this, one could easily draw the conclusion that this is just a troll who likes to fly close to the sun
...But he's also an expert on Freep History:
Last election cycle, you were trying to get longtime Freepers kicked off the site, and you just a little newbie troll. So I’m in good company.

Are that Pissant?
Bad syntax aside, that's a deep cut for a mere troll to whip out...


  1. Obvious joke account, but makes for a good laugh anyways. The flamewars with the harpies are great.

    1. The few rational posters are pretty much gone from there. The choice is now between crazy and batshit crazy.

  2. So, what you're saying, is our choice is between troll and deluded RWNJ? Ill go with the latter. :)

  3. "Then I was positive. Then I began to doubt. Now I don't know what to think."

    I'd probably question reality too if I read too much FR

  4. Troll. Good one though. Posting inane lunacy isn't that hard, but it takes skillful method acting to lock horns with the likes of our Katie, refuse to dial back the crazy, and still remain tightly in character enough to avoid a zot. Bristol Palin as POTUS material? Selling comedy gold like that with a straight face takes talent!

  5. False flag!

    "When we visited the divinity school, he commented on the fact that atheists often sought their divinity degrees at Yale. We both agreed that it made sense. If you really hated Christianity, it would only be wise to try to destroy it from within."

    Nothing is real in Freeperville, all that really matters is what happens in the imagination of Freepers.

    1. I typed in geronl's email in "HaveIbeenpawned" and his email came up lLMAO

      Site is for the youporn, adult friend finder, ashley madison leaks among many others

      If you do some 5 minute google work his email comes up..he uses the same username everywhere he post.

    2. Interesting site, anon1. It looks to me like all my email addresses are safe, even some pretty old ones. Thanks for sharing. It wasn't clear to me, though, whether the site can tell you if other people might have misused your email address if they knew it and sign up for something by impersonating you? I guess there's only so far they could go if they do not have your intimate details or cc information. Still not clear what a "breach" means on their site.

    3. Unfortunately, that list isn't conclusive that geronl has been up to something naughty. The database also contains emails from the Adobe hack, and that one was significantly larger.

      This one has just the ashley Madison

  6. Kathy of Ass-is-gone is skating on thin ice herself over on FR, with her strident anti-Trump rantings day after day.

    She has desperately tried to be one of the top harpies on FR for years, but has never quite cracked the "mean girl clique".

  7. Donald Trump said he isn't going to waste time fighting about same-sex marriage which leads to Freepers fighting about Trump. Same-sex marriage, immigration, and abortion all figure in the fight and Freepers end up calling each other liberals.

  8. Only liberals cheat on their spouses using Ashley Madison, because if you cheat on your spouse using Ashley Madison, you're a liberal.

    And then -- awesome sauce.

    Could it be that some of our Freepers are finally growing up?

    1. Liberals are sociopaths. They revel in the misfortunes of religious people. Just because a person is a Christian does not mean they are perfect. They go to church because they need God’s help to become better people.

      No, you idiot. No one is saying that. There are plenty of "liberals" who have never fingered their sisters or cheated on their spouse with Ashley Madison, utterly without "God's help." And it's high time you acknowledged it.

    2. Thanks to stormer, I found a new favorite website:

    3. Being a liberal and being a Christian are not mutually exclusive.

    4. @anonymousB

      Just because you refuse to acknowledge that your moral decisions are only possible due to the intercession of magic beard man and his noodly appendage, it doesn't change the fact that it's a fact.

  9. Oh good grief.