Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The first openly gay active player in baseball

He's someone in the minor leagues. I don't think it's a big deal, personally.

Of course, the only place I heard this story was on Free Republic, full of Freepers yelling that nobody cares.

Artcore posts three more times how much he doesn't care:
So, he plays professional baseball and sucks D*ck.

Why these narcissists think we give a crap about their deviant lifestyle is beyond me.
max americana totally cares!
Does anyone really give a Shi’ite?

I do. Faggots disgust me.
NKP_Vet thinks this is an important story, due to the imaginary hypothetical oppression:
If any reporter on ESPN disagrees with his deviate lifestyle he is summarily fired before the day is out. They will approve or they will be out of a job. So the big story is will a reporter tomorrow have the nerve to say what he really feels like saying about this nothing story about someone trying to get noticed.
Twinkie doesn't care so much, he's beginning to hate even hetro sex!
No. I, for one, do not give a flipping Shi-ite. I really wish people would just do what they do in their private lives & SHUT UP! It is none of my business WHO or WHAT they choose to “sleep” with. I don’t inflict my sex life on others; I WISH most sincerely they would respect my sensibilities & SHUT UP ALREADY! - It is just about enough to turn most anyone against SEX period!! That is private business!
Fungi knows that even on gay in a sport ends it forever:
Hey, good for him, good for everyone, correct? This is the end of Major league baseball in one generation. That is the logical consequence of his morality. I pity those in the locker room with this guy.
tumblindice is very concerned on behalf of this player's teammates, all of whom seem cool with it:
From now on when the Brewers’ Helena farm team showers after practice and games, everyone else peering through shampoo is going to be thinking,
“Is Denson checkin’ me out? Dayum! I’m no homo. He better not be ...”.

This is why girls don’t play real sports with guys with locker rooms, etc.
Poor Falconspeed couldn't comment on
Homosexuality is a sign of mental illness. I went to MLB dot com to post my objective conclusion. The cowards at MLB dot com removed the “comments” feature on the Denson story. In fact, MLB dot com removes the “comments” feature on many homo stories. My hunch is that the editors at MLB dot com know that their audience are American family members who detest the sin of sodomy.


  1. @#$%^& blackety black blaah!!!!!

    "When All the Other Black People Are WORKERS - The Victim Class Can't Cope"

    cuban leaf: "I missed something. I have no idea what you are talking about."

  2. "If any reporter on ESPN disagrees with his deviate lifestyle he is summarily fired before the day is out..."

    I love it...they just make shit up! Then one of the other mouth-breathing morons at FR say "well I heard from a guy that ESPN fires people who disagree with gays." Then it's a bunch of morons playing retarded telephone game.


      summarily fired

    2. Chris Broussard still works for ESPN you clod. His opinion on gay people aside, he is well-regarded as one of the worst reporters on ESPN (and that's saying something!).

    3. while following the birthers, i quickly learned that anything posted 3x has to be true!

  3. But what about Democrats? But what about Bill Clinton? Waaaahhhh.

  4. Sorry to be repetitive, but -- waaaahh, Soros and Democrats, waaaah.