Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

MrB's spite has birthed a delusion:
OK, this has been twitching the back of my mind since the second video release.

The Judgement of America is coming like a freight train.
Like, in a little over a month.

And God is telling us This is Why I’m Doing This.
Will he be sad come September, or just more angry? VanDeKoik is confused that people don't want Trump to sound like a Freeper:
Are people on the right so flipping desperate that they now consider Trump saying the same things we say to be a gaffe?

I’ve read this 5 times, and I’m still trying to figure out what he said that was supposedly so terrible.
Ohioan corrects another Freeper that Obama is more like Hitler than Stalin:
You may remember I have been saying for some time that I think there is a possibility this man will not leave the WH in 2017... I have compared him - cautiously - with Stalin: narcissism > megalomania...

Obama's model is indeed a form megalomania, indeed, but he employed the Nazi--not Bolshevik--formula in the 2008 election. The tactical comparisons to Hitler will better fit your suggestions: Leftwing Chickens Coming Home.
hoosiermama wants a melding of stupid things with Trump' crazy demeanor.
Ben Carson has said all the right facts about PP targeting the black community and the history of Margaret Sangor. But he’s used such sophisticated word and his sweet controlled speaking voice no one is paying attention -particularly no one in the inner democrat city.

If Trump would repeat the same information using his enthusiasm and bombastic style and simple words the Republicans would gain a foothold the size they have never had before.
GraceG has Mitch McConnell's Satan worshiping philosophy all figured out:
Mitch already sold his soul and KNOWS he is going to hell, right now he is positioning himself to get in Satan’s good side so that he gets made into a demon in hell DOING the torturing and not one receiving the torturing.

What he doesn’t realize is that in hell, everyone except Satan and his fellow fallen angels are tortured.
GoneSalt explains that to properly support Cruz, you need to love Trump:
A Trump hater is not only a Palin hater, but a Cruz hater. When they make Trump out as the Antichrist, by association they make Cruz standing with Trump as a bad judge of character and easily duped, or a liar, or a prostitute for political advantage.

Which they would deny immediately, because Cruz is a conservative icon, and this is a conservative site. But when they attack Trump’s character, they also invalidate Cruz’ character and good judgement. IMO a veteran debater who has wrestled with the worst UniLiberal slime in DC has seen every subterfuge and false flag that leftist minds can conceive, and Cruz is utterly WORTHY of my trust.

Anti-Trump, anti-Cruz trolls disagree with this assessment. It’s one thing to choose another foxhole, but quite another to hang beyond the wire at night and yell “Hey GI”.

Not trying to be inflammatory, just laying down the math. If I wanted to be inflammatory I would call it Bergdahl Syndrome. Catchy but less than accurate.
Jim Noble thinks Trump would win as a third party:
It is clear that Trump is taking votes from all candidates

He's supported by (at least) 20% of Democrats.

If that's true, and if it holds, he will easily beat both Bush and Clinton.

And flushing the Uniparty turd that is choking our system is EXACTLY what we need.
fatima tells a story that doesn't quite hold water...
I was told my granddaughter was aborted in a late term abortion in Center City Philadelphia.
My prolife friends were outside but when I received the news it was too late to save that baby’s life.
I named her Maria.
The pro-lifers told me back then that she would be chopped up and used in experiments which made me throw up.
Some Russian woman’s showed up at the location I was At and gave me whiskey from Israel. Strong stuff -felt better.

Bottom line our DNA is being used for research without our knowledge on Monkeys,Cats whatever.
We have no rights.
I don’t think so.
Does Planned Parenthood have this right-never given.
Shut it down.
Follow the money.
Pre-debate, Art in Idaho posited that, like Obama cheated in 2012, Jeb Bush was being fed the answers beforehand.
These GOP debates are being set up for Jeb Bush, and how much in this do you want to guess that Jeb Bush already has the questions and the questions are all aimed to make Donald Trump react to place him in the worst possible light. I will repeat that Jeb Bush already has the questions and has the responses which appeal to the focus groups.

Will be watching Jeb's responses closely. If too canned, . . that will be the tip off.
Cruz2Victory has an adorable, if crazy, vision:
Obama is comitting treason, and valjar the iranian commie is clapping her little lizard feet with joy.
9YearLurker explains how Trump is the likeable one:
There is a softness and a generosity about Trump that lets him get away with quite honestly negative things about quite honestly negative people.

And I just don’t think Cruz has that. Cruz is not naturally inclined to good humor, which I think Trump is.
Today's voter suppression brought to you by fr_freak:
Irresponsible voters are the reason this country has fallen so far so fast. For example, how many people would vote for the various entitlement programs if the money to pay for it came out of their own pockets? That was the reason for the or5ginal voting rights restrictions in the US Constitution. Unfortunately, progressives, in order to get their ridiculous ideas through, knew they have to get more irresponsible voters on the rolls. Lowering the voting age to 18 was one way, because people are never so gullible and irresponsible as when they are young, and letting indigents vote was another, because people who can't succeed on their own are more likely to vote to screw those that can.

Finally, we have women. Frankly, women just have a different base psychology than men. In general, they will happily sacrifice liberty for security, and they instinctively vote to get themselves "free" resources as much as possible, which directly results in an all-powerful nanny state. Lastly, women are, unfortunately, much more prone to emotional manipulation, especially by a politician they find "sexy". The progressives/Marxists recognized long ago that the key to getting their agenda passed was women voting. That's a fact. It probably is unrealistic to believe that we'll get rid of women's suffrage now, but we can still learn our lesson for the rebuild after we collapse.
Sorry, gays, ExCTCitizen doesn't think about you guys at all!
Queers think that us STRAIGHTS are worried about them, but we have more IMPORTANT THINGS - like paying taxes, raising our kids to be productive, and working - than setting their home or business on fire.
P-Marlowe has an odd reverse barometer:
If Stephen King hates Trump, then he’s obviously doing something right. Another feather in the Trump cap.
jonascord Starts out chastising Farrakhan for being a violent jackass, but somewhere it derails into racial holy war fantasy:
The man is mad. How long would it take until everyone with a good tan is chased down and shot? Race wars tend to snowball.

Once all the Primary targets are thinned out, who says there wouldn't be an open season on Democrats, professors of Womyn Studies, union members, anyone who still has an Obama sticker on their car, hipsters with soul patches, barristas with too many tats, grey haired old crones in peasant skirts and tye-dyed blouses, the mind shivers.
Thank You Rush is sure fetal stem cell research is all Mad Science:
Who were the politicians who were for “fetal stem cell research?” We need to make it uncomfortable for them if they’re still around. Even idiots know that researchers would create a Frankenstein for the simple reason they could! What lasting achievement for healthcare have they accomplished? I sure don’t remember hearing about any!
Aria may be projecting a bit re: Megyn Kelly:
I used to like her until she asked Ted Cruz why, if he liked Trump so much, didn’t he get out of the race and just support Trump. The look on her face was pure witch.

But now I absolutely hate her. She is every nasty mean girl that ever went to high school. I won’t participate in her nasty games by watching her.
Pure witch: accept no substitutes!

And another conservative falls to the Trump purity inquisition - Viennacon:
Glenn Beck: “Megyn Kelly did a REALLY good job”

His trashcan career is finally finished.


  1. There you are, you are such a selfish old geezer that you want the Rapture to come, you want the whole world to end because... well, you ARE the most important thing in the world, aren't you? What would be the point in a world without YOU in it?

    And at the same time you are going to vote for the Donald if you live long enough to get the chance because no candidate better represents Christian values than Donald Trump? What?

    Hey, I didn't say any of this made any sense. It's wait for the Rapture and vote for the Donald.

    God help us.

    1. I almost can't wait for the rapture. If it goes like Freepers think it will, they will all be taken up to heaven.

      Then again, in the rapture stories it's the good Christians that are taken up....shit, we will be stuck here with the freepers.