Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Abortion is back, baby!

For Freepers looking for a shot in the arm, the Planned Parenthood videos are a godsend. Factually, the videos aren't much - having seen a few clips and read some of the transcripts, I am unimpressed. Even on a practical level polls aren't moving (56% pro choice to 53% pro choice, last I heard).

But Freepers aren't about proving anything or getting anything actually done. This, like the more fact-based ISIS videos before it, is a chance for a good righteous hating of the other side.

Yaelle explains the Freeper version of what's going on:
I really thought that Obama wanting newborn alive aborted babies to die in the closet was the worst thing ever. It never crossed my mind that anyone was monster end to keep them alive FOR PARTS.
NewCenturions is one of many to declare they have no words:
WTF?! - that expression keeps coming to mind....WTF! and I don’t normally speak that way. THis is the absolute bottom of society. God help us!
Jane Long also has no words, but spares some to declare how the opposition is pure evil:
Praying for the souls of our innocent unborn. May He help us in this fight against pure evil.

No other words come to me.
dschapin delivers the Nazi comparison, with a legalistic twist:
I have no words. The leadership and personnel of planned parenthood need to be charged with crimes against humanity and punished to the full extent of the law. Planned Parenthood IS Auschwitz.
In his high dudgeon, SGCOS takes the ideological positino to it's conclusion, and respects ISIS more than Planned Parenthood:
Seriously, what is the difference between these activities and what ISIS proudly displays?

ISIS is for ideaology, and PP is for profit..

f'in disgusting
MNDude is one of many to declare they're so outraged they're having a physical reaction:
each video gets worse. I thought I’d be desensitized by now.

I’m literally dizzy, and I feel like I’m going to pass out.

I’ve never felt this way before watching ANY video.
caww also with the physical reaction, specifically at the lack of properly clinical terms:
First time in my life I ever felt like crying and throwing up at the same time!.... Tears for what they were doing to this child....and throwing up for their absolute complete callousness and barbarism poking around on a pie plate separating these parts.... because ‘they actually’ called this a baby.. and later a boy...yep it’s a boy with glee!

God’s Mercy on this nation is soooooo undeserved.....we should not have lasted this long.
longtermmemmory makes up some laws:
I am surprised nobody is discussing the fact that planned parenthood altered the abortion procedure to maximize fetal tissue harvesting.

1. This is specifically against the law. (felony?)

2. Doctors could lose their license to practice medicine over this.

3. Altering medical procedures to maximize profit increases the risk to women undergoing the procedure. (permanent damage)

The whole “less crunchy” discussion seems to be a criminal conspiracy to violate the law regarding medical safety.
Not to be outdone, Bobby_Taxpayer speculates up some false facts:
not only are taxpayer funding going directly to PP, they are probably also billing Medicare. Fraud AND murder. Book 'em Dano!
Of course, the best rage is personal. TexasCajun takes it to the woman in the video:
OMG !!

Words fail.

That bitch has no soul!
mrsmel does some soul analysis and comes up Nazi!
More than a ghoul-she’s the “soul sister”, if she could be said to have a soul, of the women like Ilse Koch, the Bitch Of Buchenwald, who had lampshades made from the skin of dead Jews.
Roman_War_Criminal is pissed everyone is angry about the lion, but split on abortion.
A damn dead cat—and just ONE!

Or 60 million dead babies—God’s most innocent creation!

A flag—or 60 million dead babies?

Every freakin’ person employed by the MSM works for the father of lies.
'God’s most innocent creation?' That's a nice canned phrase if I ever heard one!

tcrlaf explains that there's totally a huuuge coverup, which is why this is only being covered everywhere:
“The videos are getting progressively worse - contact your newspapers and local TV stations - tell them to run this story!!”

They won’t...
This is counter to Democrat-Approved Memes, could harm a Dmeocrat Campaign Revenue source, and does nothing to help adicalScalists to crush Republicans.

Reporting this, and making a big deal of it, could END the media career of anyone daring to do so. Its political dynamite.

People who do already know of this won’t even put it on their Facebook Pages, because they fear the possible backlash, that could include costing them their JOBS.

Yes, that is the point we have now reached, in the “Fundamentally-transformed” Amerika, folks.
I want the USA back wants to use this hate to go after the "fangtooth feminazis"
The democrap party is bought and paid for by the raging, man-hating fangtooth feminazis.
noiseman prefers to bootstrap into hating libertarians.
Pure, unmitigated evil. In addition to calling the left to account for their support of this, it is high time to hold libertarians accountable as well. Their artificial distinction between "fiscal issues" and "social issues" is just an excuse to live as debaucherous a life as they please without the government taking too much of the income necessary to fund it.
And so it goes. A brief high, availing nothing. But these days, even mustering a good 10 minutes of hate feels like victory.


  1. Freepers long for the day when any rich or upper middle class white girl could go to any one of several doctors in any mid sized city across America and have a "cyst" removed, and everyone just shut up about it.

    And more than a few freeper women did just that in their less wrinkled days.

    1. It's different when THEY do it, don'tcha know! Get with the program!

    2. They're not perfect, they're just "saved."
      The rest of us can just eat shit & die.

  2. Freepers took the polio vaccine when they were kids and avoided life in an iron lung. Polio was a very big deal back then. Now that they have benefited from it, everyone else who'd like to benefit from this kind of medial research is somehow evil.

  3. I've seen the videos. Everything these people were recorded doing was explained in the most clinical way you can when talking about such a sympathetic issue.

    The interesting thing is that they're still stuck on the notion that Planned Parenthood performs tax-funded abortions. That doesn't happen. The claim is that they use the money to do that through "family planning," but if there was a shred of evidence that this "family planning" money was going to abortions (against the Hyde Amendment), then it would have already been found.

    1. I saw the 5th video..sick sick sick .. human arms and legs in a liberal metrosexual fags are warped.

    2. You've clearly never been anywhere near a post mortem (autopsy: but that's absurd latin - so necropsy). It gets way worse than body parts in a dish. The smell of the bone saw taking the top of the skull off is particularly nasty. If you're going to get all squeamish about chopping up human bodies then you've got much bigger fish than this to fry.

    3. Comparing innocent babies to adults LOL.innocent babies murdered by their own mothers. even worse

    4. Arms and legs do not a baby make.

      Really, it's a metaphysical question that no one can actually know. That's why we make it a personal decision.

    5. Anon1, choosing inflammatory language like "innocent babies" and "murdered" does not help your side. Moral absolutism exposes weakness in your argument, it does not strengthen it.

    6. Yes, prolifers care so much children, that they do jack shit about the children dying in poverty.

      Everyone one of those useless assholes can get fucked you self righteous liars.

    7. anon1 has fallen for the selective editing and twisting of facts that the Center for Medical Progress was hoping for.

      The righties biggest issue is that anyone seeing the full unedited tapes knows that nothing illegal (or even untoward) was going on.
      They can't stand that sober and objective people aren't having the same conniption fits the pro-life industry (and anon1) was hoping they'd have.

    8. anon1 is sure that none of those piece of shit organ donors who became a medical school cadaver was innocent. Cut 'em up! They had it coming.

  4. It'd not about facts, Silly, it's about false narratives pimped by right wing "news" outlets and interest groups.

    The crap they get outraged over is manufactured to make the most impact and provide the most funding to RWNJ candidates and causes.

    1. And If I hear one more caller to a RWNJ radio show say "I just thought of what this planned parenthood abortion tape reminds me of.....Josef Mengele " I'm going to lose it. At least use original talking points. Maybe say bit reminds you of Hannibal Lechter, Vlad the Impaler or Count Chocula.

  5. Once again FReetards respond with an accusation:

    ...that Geraldo Rivera is actually Jerry Rivers.

    Rather than look even mildly educated and doing a Snopes search:

    ...they simply live within their uneducated minds.

    1. Safetgiver: "Jerry Rivers is a white guy with a Jew background. Shouldn’t he be fired? ( I didn’t say JewISH because that is degrading like saying MethodISH.)"

      (coz i gets to say what those people find degradin ...)

      VerySadAmerican: "Jon Lovitz was asked if he was a Jew. He replied “Jew-ish”."

      Safetgiver: "Whoever he is (was?). He meant “ I’m a moderate, not Jew and maybe something else and possibly not anything at all.”"

      (gee, i dunno whothehell yer talkin about, but i can sure tell ya what he's thinkin ...)