Thursday, August 20, 2015

Global drought denial

As the science gets more and more assured, even Republicans have retreated to the fallback position that global warming is a thing, but we can't do anything about it.

But Freepers worldview does not allow retreat from partisan positions. So they have moved well beyond science to an amusing level of know-nothingism wherein the global climate is whatever is in their yard.

ButThreeLeftsDo does not understand a world beyond Minnesota:
It won’t stop raining here in the Twin Cities. Two years in a row. Cutting the grass three times a week and I don’t fertilize.
peteyd sees the drought, but focuses on hating godless California:
And I’m praying for rain in NE WA state. My kids in Idaho are too….Very dry here, horrible air to breathe, and real danger of fires and months of smoke……..

Well here in the heathen state of Calif,someone has put up signs:”Think rain....Now think harder.”
There will be no praying for rain around here!
minnesota_bound has damning evidence of rains stopping a drought, proving droughts do not exist:
My sister in Robbinsdale was complaining about the grass growing quicker as well. Accuweather shows 6 out of 14 days they will have rain there. The local weather channels said that Minnesota was in drought conditions but had to change their tune as it has rained alot. You know the land of 10,000 freaking lakes! (actually around 17,000) plus rivers, creeks, ponds. Yep all dried out. People can see all the water yet still they insisted the state was in drought....

The lies the democrats tell.
Brooklyn Attitude thinks this will replace climate change as an issue:
With the GloBull warming scam losing its luster the left is now seeking a replacement apocalyptic threat that can be blamed on America/capitalism/Republicans.
DouglasKC is not good a thermodynamics:
What about the water cycle....I”m sure it’s going somewhere...
UCANSEE2 seems to understand what's going on, but mocks it.
So.... water table levels are dropping and the oceans are rising. Hotter places are getting colder, colder places are getting hotter. Dryer places are getting wetter and wetter places are getting dryer.

How will we ever survive?
LostInBayport knows you cannot have a current crisis and then another in the future:
First the ice caps were melting and coastal cities were to be flooded, now we are running out of water. Next year there will be no change in the amount of water and that will be a worry to somebody.

Liberals are trans-crisis. They transition from fictional crisis to fictional crisis.
GGpaX4DumpedTea keeps it classy:
“But the Greenies...”

Turn the greenies brown...bury them in shit.
tflabo - environmentalism and science are hubris!
Its Gods earth that He created and only He can destroy. True— mankind can damage it a bit in spots but no way puny humans can affect it on a grand scale. The godless leftists don’t factor this into their irrational equations.
msrngtp2002 lives locally, and looks forward to the environment forcing liberals to suck it:
Just like the deer population in a confined area. Eventually the environment won’t support the herd and some will die off. As the water dries up in these areas we will likely see an increase in communicable diseases which will reduce the human herd to a level that is sustainable.

So choices have to be made - does southern California save the mice or humans? Will all that nice, sunny weather shine on people or empty cities?

Do we build dams to contain water to provide for people or do we save the snail darter?

I choose to live where there is water and I eat what tends to grow near where I live. Avocados and almonds aren’t really in my diet.
Leto is one of the few voices of concern:
Water tables refer to water taken from the ground, this is a legit concert, there was a Japanese study estimating that 40% of the rise in ocean levels was from water pumped out of the ground going into the ocean.

Just because AGW is a scam doesn’t mean that there are never any problems.
The Antiyuppie agrees with the environmentalists, but hates them anyhow:
AGW is a scam (with the A standing for Anthropomorphic).

Climate change is real. There’s PLENTY of evidence for this in The Bible, whether one believes in the religious aspects of The Bible or not.

A common characteristic of liberals is that you either agree with them or you are a dirty, rotten, baby seal killing, cadmium dumping, plutonium spewing evil nemesis. There is no middle ground - on any issue.

Most true conservatives don’t like to see waste of any kind, and want their children and future people to have at least as good of a life as they did. Pollution and profligate spoiling of the planet is IMO an offense to true conservatives. It is absolutely possible to disagree with man-made global warming AND be against pollution and waste and unsustainable living at the same time.
VerySadAmerican puts on the tin foil:
Could this have something to do with Agenda 21? No more home building because there’s no water. Put ‘em all in city apartments except for the Mexicans. They’ll keep living like they do now and keep picking the fruit and vegetables.
Gator113 blames illegal immigration:
I have an idea for you Californians: Ship every other illegal back across the border and then tell us how you’re doing.

I know..... I am heartless.
justa-hairyape has the best of the Freeper memes - 'I'm so against global warming, I'm going to believe we're actually cooling, guys!'
The oceans are not evaporating. That is the problem. They are cooling. We are in a global cooling cycle. NASA is 180 degrees wrong as usual. They need to focus on what they know best. Uranus.




    The Freep bigshots seem to be coming to a consensus that Trump/Cruz will be the ticket to run. I would love to see that ticket as a third party, just to see all of Freep's hopes and dreams crushed.

    1. The Republican Party is not going to run Donald fucking Trump for President of the United States. LOL.

    2. and i would love to see that ticket as the gop's nominees, just to see all of freep's hopes and dreams crushed.

    3. Trump will never be the GOP nominee, but there's a more than decent chance he'll run third party. There's no way Cruz would be stupid enough to be Trump's VP and become even more of a pariah with the GOP leadership, though.

  2. "I know..... I am heartless"

    No, just an asshole

  3. Emboldened by their baboon haired messiah, Freepers go straight to full batshit insane regarding what to do about "Anchor Babies".

    1. so ... if breaking the law makes one "de facto" an unfit parent underserving of custody of one's kids, how many freepers would have long ago lost theirs?

      and then some things only make sense to freepers ...

      publius911: "Since it is not a baby until the mother takes "it" home ... It can't be a "person" either."

      "... Then, when they "argue" that the person-unborn child was conceived in the U.S.A., so the unviable mass of cells must be a citizen, hell, Planned Parenthood (!) will drive them to the border in limousines!

    2. Just as Freeptards struggled for years to dodge the "n" word that they really wanted to use (before discovering "feral"), so here you tell what they are really dreaming of (gas and furnaces) but they haven't let settled on a single, acceptable (to them) euphemistic narrative yet.

    3. They really lean towards firing squad, with the condemned's family being billed for the cost of the bullets. Good thing every freeper is 100 native American, and not an immigant, or descendant of immigrants, otherwise they'd be hypocritical.

    4. Oh, wait, they hate native Americans, too.

    5. Pre-Adamite humanoids don't count since by definition they're not "people".

      The only PEOPLE to colonize the North American continent (Post-Adam, circa 6-10ky) are white Anglos and their (also Pre-Adamite) African chattel field animals.

      Freepers ancestors "immigrated" from the Garden of Eden to all parts of the globe, but that doesn't make them colonialists since there were no actual people there before them, just "ferals" etc.

      What we have to day is analagous to the Rabbit infestations in Australia. A human vectored population explosion among a lower species causing resource depletion problems. A humane solution like Myxomatosis is clearly required.

  4. When James Rodgers was asked if he had any last requests before being executed by firing squad, his response was "a bulletproof vest."

    I had to start reading about murderers and the death penalty to lighten up the mood after hitting freep overload.
    Catroulette is always here to help in all emergencies.

    1. Sorry, cats do NOT deflect Freep overload. One glance at a "cute cat" pic and All that goes through my mind is: "Oinks, TheOldBag, DJMadCow..."