Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Obama's third term.

I'd note that Freepers are projecting when they crow how Sarah Palin is living rent free in liberals' heads, if it wasn't a Rush Limbaugh quote.

Because while Palin's descent into obscurity has been met mostly with benign neglect by the left, Freepers are having some real trouble with the idea that Obama is going to actually leave office.

They just love to hate him so much, plus they've endowed him with supernatural evil abilities, secret Republican allies, and dark ambitions that don't align with someone who just leaves when it's time.

And then last week Obama, who I am convinced kinda likes to tweak the Freepers out there, said at a speech about rule of law in Ethiopia that “I actually think I’m a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t.”

Along comes a long thread with concentrated craziness.

Lazamataz doesn't know how a hypothetical works:
“I actually think I’m a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t,” Obama said in Ethiopia on Tuesday. ” There’s a lot that I’d like to do to keep America moving, but the law’s the law.”

This is the first positive proof that he's going to run for a third term.
Portcall24 also sees this as a sign:
This is called a trail balloon. Run it up and see what happens. We should be afraid...very, very afraid.
houeto KNOWS!
When I heard him speak those words I KNEW that he plans to stay.

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

We ain't seen nuthin' yet.
McGruff is one of the few Freepers to actually believe America hates Obama.
And they say Hitler was delusional in his bunker.
But the vast majority are paranoids like kosciusko51, for whom Obama is an entity that has already accomplished such great evil, he can do anything:
Usually when he says stuff like this, it means he’s going to do it. See executive orders regarding immigration.
Kartographer also knows Obama's abilities are limitless:
"but the law’s the law."

Since when did the law matter to him? It isn't nothing that an executive order or two wouldn't take care of.
redfreedom has endowed Obama's opposition with such superlative weakness that he can't see how a third term would be any different:
And if he did run for a third term, the RINO’s would just be RINO’s and let him. Make absolutely zero effort to enforce law. They would continue to do everything that is counterproductive to their own cause and lose the election. Afterwards they’d respect obama’s third term as though nothing wrong had happened.

And above all, those self righteous arrogant POS RINO’s would just think: “SCREW AMERICA!!!”
Ditto Fiji Hill, but with the Roberts Court:
If he wants to run for a third term, he could probably do so. He could get the Roberts court to rule that the 22nd Amendment doesn’t apply to him, perhaps rationalizing that since it was passed in an era of Jim Crow, it doesn’t apply to blacks.
ilovesarah2012 just seethes, undirected.
“Hate” does not even come close to my feelings for this maggot.
MeshugeMikey also fails to respond to the actual quote:
He's ILL, very, very ILL!

Stoned too, most likely....

Self Medication
yoe blames Obama's hypothetical on our schools not teaching 'Mericah enough:
Obama: ‘I’m a Pretty Good President’ And If I Ran For a Third Term, I Could Win

Absolute proof our teachers are killing off any knowledge of our U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and pride in our country, America. Obama like his Muslim fathers before him, USE America, he has put nothing back except Socialism, using the American largess in ways that reduces this nation, not adding a whit to her exceptionalism.

Abra Kadabra...POOF Ø
sport sees in every sentence a secret message to Obama's evil disciples:
“There’s a lot I’d like to do”. (I would keep entitlements moving)
“But I can’t”. (Unless my people rise up)
“But the laws the law”. (Wink, wink)

A coded message from him to his disciples and worshippers is in each of your quotes.
Maris Crane knows with speculative massive voter fraud, everything's possible:
I think he can turn out people that don’t even exist. It just confirms my idea that the fraud that was perpetrated in the last election can be used again and that is scary.
I still wonder if some electronic manipulation was in play.
I shake my head when thinking about 2012.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America blames single ladies:
For as long as single females (and illegal aliens) are allowed to vote, Odungo WINS.
Noted Confederate apologist nathanbedford has an odd accusation to level at Obama:
Barack Obama is not a man to shrink from civil war but I believe that his contemplation of it would be entirely focused on timing rather than on the morality of it.
chajin has a whole scenario planned out:
I am not concerned that he will try to run for a third term. My guess is that he sees the presidency as a stepping stone to either SCOTUS, where he could be the Real Black On The Court, or Secretary-General of the UN, where he could be the Savior of the World.
If Obama may cede power, eastforker is willing to allow an evil dynasty, at least:
Beware of the Mooch in 2016, don’t say it couldn’t happen. All it would take is Hillary cratering, a hint from O to his followers that she would enable him to continue his policies and it damn sure could happen.
He's not alone. Half a dozen Freepers like luvbach1 settle for Michelle Obama as the new flavor of hate.
Moochelle would be a shoo-in if she ran for prexy. The USA has jumped the shark!


  1. This has been going on since the 1980s ... (George HW Bush was really Reagan's secret third term !!!).

    Then Clinton was supposed to be going for a third term!

    The George W Bush was going to use the war in Iraq as an excuse to cancel elections and take a third term !

    and blah blah blah, it goes on and on.

    Basically, 'pubs are still butt hurt over Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  2. Seems portcall24 and I have very different ideas of what a "trail balloon" would be.

  3. I still wonder if some electronic manipulation was in play.
    I shake my head when thinking about 2012.

    Oh, NOW they give a shit about "electronic manipulation" of the vote. I guess they were asleep at the switch.
    IN mid-August, Walden W. O'Dell, the chief executive of Diebold Inc., sat down at his computer to compose a letter inviting 100 wealthy and politically inclined friends to a Republican Party fund-raiser, to be held at his home in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. ''I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year,'' wrote Mr. O'Dell, whose company is based in Canton, Ohio.

  4. freepers may dream themselves as the last line of defense against ObamaForever, but for realsies, remember who actually did try to use a national crisis to get around his term limits:

    Rudy Giuliani:

    Mr. Giuliani, as Mr. Green recalled, was blunt: I want to remain in office three more months. I have a great team, I can lobby Washington. I’m being reasonable, he cautioned; my supporters want me to run for a new term."

    Oh yes, he added, I need your answer tonight.

    Mr. Green was taken aback. Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish holidays, was hours away. His closest advisers, many of whom were Jewish, would not pick up the phone.

    “He made it clear he would invest his Churchillian popularity in hitting whomever did not go along with him,” Mr. Green said in an interview.

    That many wanted the mayor to stay on is undeniable. But American electoral democracy rarely pauses. Abraham Lincoln held elections in 1864. Franklin D. Roosevelt stood for re-election as World War II raged.

    “It was a very dangerous idea,” said Mr. Schwarz, the former corporation counsel. “The knight on the white horse is always indispensable in his own mind.”

    Five days after the attacks, anonymous leaflets urged Mr. Giuliani to run. The governor had postponed the Sept. 11 primary. But when a mayoral aide inquired about pushing back other election dates, Mr. Pataki refused.

    A few advisers cautioned the mayor against draining his vast reservoir of good will. The mayor spoke at first against the idea of serving beyond his term. But many in his tightly held circle at City Hall urged him on, as did talk show hosts. World leaders lionized him; he would soon be knighted. You are needed to put the city back on its feet, advisers said.

    “This wasn’t about ego; it was about recovery,” said Joseph J. Lhota, a former deputy mayor, referring to Mr. Giuliani’s effort to stay on. “It just lasted four days, maybe a week.”

    In fact, the mayor’s campaign lasted nearly a month. Mr. Giuliani warmed to the task, jabbing at potential rivals as disaster neophytes. He wrote of a charity fund-raiser in October: “I got a kick out of Adam Sandler” who “managed to rhyme ‘Giuliani’ with ‘why must you be gone-ee?’ ”

    Mr. Giuliani tried to persuade the candidates, Mr. Green and Fernando Ferrer of the Democrats and Michael R. Bloomberg, the Republican, to support a term extension.

    Mr. Green gave in, to his regret. Mr. Bloomberg acceded; Mr. Ferrer refused.

    “In retrospect, I was wrong,” Mr. Green said.

    Calls poured into the office of the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, from Mr. Giuliani and from rabbis and priests. Mr. Silver was on the phone when a secretary signaled a new caller.

    It was Ehud Olmert, the mayor of Jerusalem, calling to lobby for Mr. Giuliani. But Mr. Silver declared the matter dead. And it was.

    1. via wikipedia:

      [giuliani] threatened to challenge the law imposing term limits on elected New York City officials and run for another full four-year term, if the primary candidates did not consent to permit the extension of his mayoralty.

  5. Be on the look out for the new term "cuckservative." It appears the New Far Right (mostly neo nazi types) has updated the RINO insult in order to disparage fellow (white) conservatives whom they deem too race-traitory or beholden to Israel. Interested in how freerepublic responds to this. IChing has started a few threads in order to try to popularize it.