Thursday, August 6, 2015

Does National Geographic Promote Atheism?

Short, but good. The seemingly innocuous NatGeo joins the vast left-wing conspiracy:

Over time, Mollypitcher1's reading list is going to get shorter and shorter:
I cancelled my National Geographic subscription when they published their lie on GLOBAL WARMING. I had been a faithful reader since 1956...and even before.
BenLurkin can read between the lines:
National Geographic has been part of the “Death to America” media for decades.
savagesusie reveals the goat-god agenda:
All media including NG, has been about destroying the Christian Worldview and planting the Humanist one. Pictures are worth a thousand words and dozens of starving children with flies buzzing around their bloated bodies were standard in the 50s from the war-torn (Marxist) parts of Africa which was an emotional appeal to quit breeding.

Of course, the White race was on the trajectory of extinction—and that is the point. Can’t have people pass on their Worldview which created the Age of Reason and Individualism and Natural Rights from God. They need to destroy that Worldview-—and so reproducing was the first attack-—normalizing two “kid” families (for the goat-god sacrifice).
She goes on for a while, but you get the idea.

Conveniently, theBuckwheat defines Secular Progressivism as all the things that aren't True Christianity:
Consider over the years the number of times that NatGeo ran stories about all the quaint native customs of far off tribes of indigenous peoples who were steeped in worship of all manner of deities.

But secular progressive-ism, which the staff of NatGeo certainly are, at least predominantly, is itself a religion, even if it doesn’t have a deity to bow down to. It certainly has its own hive-mind of social interactions and what is considered acceptable.

So, promoting Atheism? No. Hostile to the values found in the Bible? Very much so. Values the NatGeo pushes? Secular Progressive Values, meaning any values except those found in the Bible.


  1. Freepers reject everything that promotes facts and reality.

  2. Savage Susie, always a nut case, has been becoming more and more a "Christian Identity" aficionado lately.

  3. Amazing how people who advocate theocracy even know the term "the Age of Reason."

    1. ...but predictable that they don't realize that the basic premise of the "Age of Reason" was rejection of obscurantist superstition (known as "Christian Worldview" in Freeper parlance).

  4. They take credit for a lot of things they don't really agree with.