Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jared Fogle: probably gay

Jared Fogle's fall is shocking and pretty horrible. Initially, it just looked like he was into 16-year-old girls, which is antisocial and creepy enough. But then he clearly was totally cool with his co-worker's proclivities for much younger girls.

Freepers try their best to turn yet another horrid story into propaganda for their various causes.

Goreknowshowtocheat is pretty sure he can assume Jared's sexual orientation, without research:
Probably boys since they didn’t make it clear. The Gay lobby would not like it if they printed “boys”.
wbill is also wrong, via the same algorithm:
Since gender wasn’t mentioned, I’ll guess boys. That’s kind of the RoT with the media.
Cowboy Bob knows Obama protects the gay pedos:
It does make a difference. If it was boys, he would be protected and pardoned by Obama. If it’s girls...he’s dead meat.
mumblypeg uses this as evidence against gay marriage:
Perverts often hide in marriage. The marriage is a sham to present a public appearance of ordinariness.
Which is why we now have gays getting married and “having children.”
Same thing with hetero pedos like Jared.
Responsibility2nd has a different hobby-horse to ride:
I just saw on Google News that his wife is filing for divorce.

Pornography just ruined another marriage.
Perhaps sensing he wasn't winning, Responsibility2nd adds in some shocking made-up facts:
Porn didn’t ruin the marriage. HE ruined the marriage with kiddie porn AND kiddies.

What do you think porn is? The majority of porn involves children.
nascarnation is pushing the Bill Clinton = pedophile narrative that some are trying to get going:
I will never understand how a man with children can do this to another person’s children

Ask Bill Clinton.

I think Monica and Chels were similar age....


  1. How would Obama pardon Jared Fogle?

    Don't these morons understand that the president can only pardon people convicted of FEDERAL crimes?!

    Not that the president would ever pardon someone convicted of child pornography.

  2. But but ..Freepers say that Obama already has been protecting them...oh wait...they must have meant the Catholic Church/Pope. Nevermind.