Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri

I'm back and in full effect!

Ever heard of victory gardens? txrefugee has a spite garden!
Why buy any greens from filthy countries when you can grow your own in pots on the patio or balcony with very little trouble or expense? Fresh produce with no Mexican feces on it...priceless!
Political Junkie Too seems to think Senate leader Mitch McConnell is obsessed with Ted Cruz:
The problem is that McConnell is turning into Ahab.

He'd rather see Planned Parenthood survive, Ex-Im survive, and ObamaCare survive, rather than see Cruz survive. He's so obsessed with destroying Cruz that he's blind to the actual destruction that he's causing.
T-Bird45 knows who would love the 'Black Lives Matter' movement:
Reich Minister of Propaganda Goebbels would be so proud to see that his methods have endured to be used for such noble purposes, driving wedges into the population of a country that was his enemy.
hosepipe thinks EVERYTHING is illegal:
Congress, the White House and the Supremes are criminal enterprises...

could be the military and the military complex are criminal enterprises..

Then; you got your Pharmaceutical Industries many Hospitals and the entire Legal profession... not to speak of ALL Insurance and the Federal Reserve..

OH!... TV, Holly-weird, Cable, various journalism Hives.. and Wall Street.. K-Street, and Empire of Obamaville..

Somebody stop me... I didn’t Touch the Boy and Girl Scouts.. Masons, Elks and the Moose..
Eddie01 wants some good old fashioned American imperialism:
How about we export our Constitution and convert impoverished nations to free republics to eliminate poverty at it’s source?
Truthsearcher thinks Trump talking about how rich he is all the time is a well thought out tactic:
I like him too but you don’t run your mouth off about how much money you have. It’s really in poor taste. I’ll watch the debates with great interest.

I think he’s doing it deliberately to subliminally battle the media narrative that he somehow has no business running for president that he’s not a serious candidate.

By saying he’s more wealthy than all of them put together he’s really saying “you should be asking if they’re fit to run against me, not the other way around.
Another black guy gets killed by the police. SoCalTransplant blames the uppityness of negroes these days:
So we all know the “black guy getting pulled over procedure” now. When the cop makes a lawful request, such as your license or that you submit to arrest, DONT STOP TALKING. Say you ain’t getting arrested or ask questions over and over and over again about the reason for the stop while repeating “I didndu nuffin”. Then you are never to blame.
McGruff still hasn't switched to Clinton hate from the Obama kind:
I never thought anyone could out do Bill Clinton but Obama makes him look like a choir boy. The truth will come out. Some day. History will look back on the Obama years and it won't be pretty.
Awesomely, re_nortex's war on facts continues:
You do realize that crime is at or near all-time lows right now, right?

Those are the numbers propagated by the lying lamestream media. The drivebys are also trying to persuade the gullible that the economy is doing great. Those claims are not the reality.

Conservatives refuse to buy the lies from the enemy media. Crime rates have soared since hussein illegally seized control of the Republic. In particular crimes against whites by Mexicans and blacks are at stratospheric levels ad evidenced by the mob violence of "polar bear hunting" and the "knock out game". Add to that the mass shooting by mooselimbs. The situation is just terrible and it will take a Reaganeque leader to restore a sane and safe America from these perilous times.
MuttTheHoople is pithy:
Rapin’ Bill and his partner in crime, Hillary the Baby-chopper.
ETL takes confirmation bias about Democrats and crime to it's logical conclusion:
And it seems, at least for the dems, the more sleazy and/or corrupt things they get caught doing, the more popular they get with the base. Weird bunch, dems. Then again, I guess they wouldn’t be dems in the first place if they knew how to think properly, and/or have a normal sense of morals.
IMR 4350 explains how everything is a conspiracy by the Clintons:
This is the new hangman noose hoax.

That was part of Hillary’s 2007-2008 dirty tricks campaign.

Before that B Clinton had black churches being burned as part of his 1996 dirty tricks campaign.

All of this flag outrage is Hillary’s doing.
pepsionice wants to make the lion killing thing about Republican victimhood:
could we convince the lion-name guys in Africa to use “Ronald Reagan” and “Thomas Jefferson” in the future....so people get sympathetic about republicans as they shoot the lions?
Also: Thomas Jefferson: Republican?

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper knows which Revolution turned out super well:
Hillary is a leftist doucebag and knows it. Obama is the ultimate psychopath, narcissist, egomaniac and doesn’t know it or care. That is why he surrounds himself with hardcore Marxists and politically preening egoists. They will always bow down and tell the emperor how great he looks and how smart he is.

Reminiscent of the French Revolution of 1789.

Michelle is “Marie Antoinette” in that she is more of a “let them starve” in the schools instead of letting them eat the “cake” that tastes good.

Where the hell is Robespierre now that we need him?
GilGil accidentally admits Michelle Obama isn't fat:
I predict that once gone from the White House she will gain 50-100 lbs like many celebrities who have been destroyed by Hollywood. then the real Michelle will come out.
montag813 deserves watching:
justiceseeker93 wonders if Huma Abedin has an eeevil accent:
The comment there got me to thinking if Huma Abedin speaks English with an Arabic accent. I know she was born in the US and spent her early years here. But it occurred to me that I've never heard her speak because it seems as if she never does media interviews. Oh, her face has been on TV quite a bit, but does she ever say anything? Would anyone here know anything more about this? Does anyone recall ever hearing her on TV or radio?
jsanders2001 cannot admit that Planned Parenthood's donated fetal tissue can be doing anything good:
My gut tells me that many of these organs, and perhaps the babies themselves, are ultimately being used in some abominable satanic religious practice.

The Illuminati comes to mind and I’m willing to bet dear leader and his buddies are members.


  1. Oz, check out THIS crazy:

    Decades ago mrs p6 and I had to deal with one of her “well meaning” friends who called Children and Youth Services to remove our children from our home.

    Yes, we were at a low time with sometimes OTA TV, electric on and off, but I set up what is now “off the grid” solutions so we rarely were without power.
    When the TV wasn’t working the kids listened to shortwave. They started to learn French.

    One of the phrases they learned...I didn’t.. was “throw it away, it’s not working.”

    But the main complaint was...wait for it...


    Of course I could set it up but it wasn’t worth taking power from things we actually needed.

    The argument was everyone else in our area DID have video games and so our kids were deprived and being abused and should be removed.

    I kid you not!

    CYS sent an inspector out and it became a weekly annoyance until mrs p6...bless her heart...asked me if I had ever asked for proper ID.

    Turns out he didn’t have a driver’s license, car registration, not to mention official ID from CYS.

    You don’t want to know what I did to him and CYS.

    In retrospect I should have done more and sued for millions, but hey, I’m a nice guy

    22 posted on 8/4/2015, 4:03:36 PM by prisoner6 (Unmutual and Disharmonious)

  2. First off ... no one, not even other freepers, believes prisoner6's story of "No Nintendo" being the cause of CPS's involvement in his household.

    Second off ... how precious is re_nortex?
    The winner of Poe of the Century award goes to re_nortex!!!!

    1. I was always partial to Uncle Slayton. But I'm pretty sure its the same guy LOL