Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trump > Homophobia

I'm not sure whether to do a formal Trump Tuesdays like the Hildabeast Thursdays of old, because I keep expecting Freepers' knee-jerk Trump love to get boring. I still think it will, but this week has brought a sorta new development - the departure of content from Trump's cult of personality.

I mean, it makes sense - cults of personality aren't about policies. But it's amusing to watch Freepers abandon their principles and just revel in Trump's empty insults.

I have 2 examples of this. The first is Trump saying the gay marriage fight is over, and Freepers embracing something that has gotten Freepers zotted a mere few months ago.

A CA Guy follows Mark Levin's silliness:
Have to use the Liberty amendments, Trump is right about Congress.
dps.inspect remains steadfastly anti-Trump:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... there is not one moral bone in trump’s body... he will do whatever is convenient for Trump... a man like trump does not not have a stake in any industry that makes money (gays are among the wealthiest people in america) and his buildings scream as much...
SeekAndFind still wants some loud denouncing:
What both Trump and Kasich should do is to OPENLY and BRAVELY defend Religious Freedom.

They should openly denounce what the courts are doing against Christian Bakers, Photographers and Lodge owners.

Unfortunately, I don;t see anyone doing that at all.
SeekAndFind may be wavering a bit:
RE: When he becomes POTUS, he can appoint an AG and judges who can deal with this.

He already said he is partial to Trey Gowdy. How do you think he’ll do on this issue?
longtermmemmory attacks the messenger:
National Review has no credibility any more.
BlueYonder writes a long post explaining that principles no longer matter to him:
In the past I’ve looked for ideological purity in my candidate. I want them to be pro-life. I want them to be fiscally conservative. I want them to reduce the size and cost of government, reduce regulatory burdens, etc. I want them to be conservative on social issues. In short, I want to find a mini me.

I can’t say that during my five decades of voting, the government has shrunk, that budgets have been balanced, abortion has been reduced, etc. So, what have I got gotten in exchange for my vote?

Not much. Certainly not enough. Not compared to what the other side has gotten as the culture slides closer to Gomorrah every day.

Considering Trump now for other reasons. What if he were able to deliver on only one or two issues I care about? What if he could really secure the border, for example? What if he could restore the country’s lost economic might better than any other candidate? Are his chances of success on just or two topics better than the empty rhetoric I’ve received in the past, the same mini me rhetoric from the other candidates as I’m receiving now?

Of course, Trump will dissappoint me in some ways. He’s no mini me. What would Trump make worse? Will he make “gay” “marriage” any worse than it already is? Abortion access worse? Budget deficits worse?

Would I trade the little bit of nothing on many issues that I’ve gotten from the GOP-e in the past for a whole lot of something on a couple (but not all) of my big issues in the future?

It remains to be seen but I’m beginning to see reasons to support him.
Las Vegas Ron blames liberals and moves. Ob.
This is a great example of the left using their tactics to divide conservatives and fracture adequate support for a single candidate.

It is a very effective one too.

I firmly believe marriage is one man one woman, though these days I should modify it with biological man and woman but it is a state issue.
Dr. Thorne is too crazy a God Warrior to abandon his post!
Bottom line: God will remove His blessing from the United States because of our immorality including abortion and homo marriage. Without that blessing, we are doomed.

Trump thinks he can win on the immigration and economy issues. Perhaps he can. But even solving those problems will not stop our slide into the abyss.
Forward the Light Brigade is sure this is just the Democrats reporting what Trump says again:
Another troll attack—”Trump isn’t Pro-family” Don’t elect him! Its a Democrat trying to get the hard right wingnuts to drop Trump because “he’s Not Right wing enough”. Might have worked with Mittens—doesn’t work now. Go back to your day job at “Black Lives Matter” and take your fat Soros check.
o2bfree blames Republicans for gay marriage:
Gay marriage is the fault of the GOP elite.

Let us remember that President Romney instituted gay marriage while Governor of Massachusetts.
If I didn't know it's motivation, montag813 would almost sound sane. For 3 sentences. Then, it's crazytown!
I don’t like it, but Trump is right. This is a dead issue. Only an idiot doesn’t know it. Google Yuri Besmenov. This was the KGB’s long term goal for 40 years. And it will only get worse. No one man can change it. It takes a conservative purge of academia, media, Hollywood and civil service to achieve it — the same way the Soviets engineered the leftist takeover of those cultural pillars in the first place. Trump needs to focus on sealing the border and crushing illegal immigration.
Monorprise wants to destroy the Republic with Trump in order to save it:
The Federal Employees in black robes must be impeached. Their presumptive power OVER the federal Constitution to rewrite and over turn basic law as clearly written, understood, and practiced for 150+ years is a form of lawlessness that can NEVER be tolerated in a Constitutional republic.

The so called ‘court’ must fall or our republic will.

No we can not afford to move on, this and every other evil shoved down our throats by that group of lawless Federal employees must be nullified. The lawless employees should be made impudent to change the Constitution as written.

A Constitutional republic can permit only one way to change the law, vote of the people or their legislator.

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