Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

With Freepers like IMR 4350, will we even notice when Obama's gone?
Hillary has been a radical Muslim for some time now.

The Clintons became butt buddies with the muslim brotherhood back in the 1980s.
roadcat explains to us PC libs how genocide is cool and effective because it worked on Japan.
Dropping it on the Holy City of Mecca would probably be the most effective way to bring them to leash.

Not politically correct, but screw the PC libs. This would be a highly effective way to serve notice to muslims that they have to rein in the islamic radicals. That as long as muslims act as terrorists, that we treat their religion as a religion of death that civilized peoples will no longer tolerate in our midst.

"Oh, a lot of innocent civilians would die!" say the PC libs. A lot of innocent civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki also. But it got the attention of the Japanese government to throw in the towel. Taking out Mecca would have the same effect. Show them we mean business by putting a stranglehold on their religious underpinnings until they rein in the radicals and quit murdering non-muslims. Take out all large islamic centers, one by one as needed until they reform their "religion". And keep eliminating the islamic soldiers anywhere they show their heads; no imprisonment, just elimination.
Cowboy Bob's faith in the efficacy of some is equaled by his denial of the humanity of others
I would put a bounty on the wetbacks. $500 per person rounded up and brought to the detention center to await deportation.

Their assets will be seized and sold off wth the proceeds divided between the government and bounty hunter.
Haha, Arthur McGowan brings back an oldie:
Jeb Bush murdered Terri Schiavo.

Therefore, he is not a good man.
Through ignorance, EQAndyBuzz has our maneuvered Democrats again!
This should be a congressional move with the intent to lock the Democrats into a battle over PP.

Rats, you have a choice. If you want PP to exist, all funding for women’s services under Obamacare goes away. We are just trying to get rid of duplication and additional costs.

Hammer that message home and PP goes bye bye.
Leep's purity rant isn't new, but his imagery is metal as fuck:
Most of the Republicans, who have done little more than talk tough , are by default baby killing, baby part selling, blood shooting out of their soul...LIBERALS/Progressives socialist supporting scum! They are actually worse than Obama!
CodeToad gets into Obama's head:
To a muslim like Zero, Jews ruin every birthday by simply being alive. He wants to kill them all; he wants genocide just like the Nazi.
Cats Pajamas, hates most of America for accusing him of being a hater:
Megyn’s punking out. Typical temper tantrum. What an egg sucking dog she is. I hope her ratings tank and she moves to PSMNBS. Play with the big boys you better be ready to take back what you dish out girl.

The whole entire media, government and half the voters in this country are worthless debris.

Race card
v*gina card
victim card

They all have played these cards so much they have worn the t*ts off the queen!
GilGil seems to have some trouble with gender:
Trump gets death treats every day. You don’t see him whining. Kelly needs to learn how to take it like a man.
aquila48 on Trump:
He’s the REVOLUTION we’ve been waiting for!
Psalm 144 has an odd Biblical take on the Benghazi coverup:
The Uriah the Hittite style murder of Ambassador Stevens and his guards had to involve the approval of others, almost certainly Obama, and Hillary could take them down with her. There is no way should would not have secured proof to cover her own actions and inactions. She could hurt them. Hard. Perhaps pull down this administration.

Something is wrong here. Someway, somehow, this is theater. The recover of innocuous material, the decision to halt and seal the investigation - something. She would not go down alone. No way.
Everything 1010RD knows about economics he learned when he was 16.
Being public property killed the American Bison. See the Tragedy of the Commons.
Completely in touch with America KC_Lion explicates why girls love gun totin' Taylor Swift and hate Miley Cyrus:
The Fails on this HURT!

What makes matters worse for the left, is that Girls Look up to Taylor Swift because She Still Looks and Acts Like a Woman!

GASP! She isn't some Pale Androgynous Non-Person and can't have that sort of inequality presented to the youth!
cripplecreek's political choices are mostly spite-based:
Much of my support for Akin was a simply reactionary resistance to the establishment.
squarebarb tries to somehow be a populist literary snob, but just comes off rambling.
Our literature is totally debased. His examples may not be within the general reading of many people but his points are correct.

I read Tirso de Molina in the original when I was majoring in romance languages and I found Don Juan (El Burlador de Sevilla) bombastic and not very comprehensible but then my professor was only concerned that we write essays on it (in Spanish) with all our accents correct and proper grammar. I had no one to help me look at these deeper implications. Especially important is his take on how the original audiences viewed it.

We are soaked in irony, which David Foster Wallace pointed out has a short shelf life and a very narrow world-view. Our writers are trapped in irony, cynicism, sarcasm. Most novels I read (novels of ‘literary fiction’) have tiresome, shallow, mean-spirited characters and really awful plots.

I would rather read YA dystopian novels.
Norm Lenhart cleanly explains why Freepers are both Real America and a small minority:
Because most people are unprincipled sheep that are scared by anyone who believes in something and stands behind it. FR has a few people that won’t compromise and that is interpreted by the sheep as ‘bad’.

Thus they avoid having to think for themselves.


  1. "Their assets will be seized and sold off w[i]th the proceeds divided between the government and bounty hunter."

    Straight-up robbery is an increasingly popular policy. IIRC, Trump's Official Immigration Plan (TM) calls for seizure of wages of illegal immigrants, and he's called for boots on the ground in Iraq to, in part, Seize The Oil

    1. I for one welcome our new Pirate overlords! Aargh, matey!

  2. The whole entire media, government and half the voters in this country are worthless debris.

    Which half? I'm guessing the Freeper half.

    Race card
    v*gina card
    victim card

    Oh, please. If people on FR didn't play the victim card every day, they'd have nothing to talk about. Poor, persecuted conservatives and Christians...

  3. But I'm sure that roadcat is in the freeper majority that believes that any and all of William Sherman's actions during the civil war are war crimes or even more laughably those of a 'traitor'.

  4. I would rather read YA dystopian novels.

    Translation: "I'm hoping for the collapse of civilization so I can shoot my enemies in peace, without faggy liberal laws getting in the way. And the teenage girl characters don't hurt, either!"