Tuesday, August 18, 2015

someone linked a birther thread, and I was disheartened that their increasing clear irrelevance did not have any effect on the usual go-round. I expected this thread on the new black panthers to be similarly well trod ground.

But Freepers actually tried to answer the question. And extremists in denial analyzing opposing extremists makes for some hilariously attempts at insight.

ClearCase_guy doesn't stint on the drama:
Blood and Fire.
Note that while Freepers want the same thing, they always act in reaction to B&F instigated by the left.

NorthMountain finds their silly posturing to be super dangerous:
Their plan is simple: "Kill Whitey".

"a two-hour, nonviolent protest, shouting “Oink, oink! Bang, bang!” and “The revolution has come! Off the pigs!”

Really peaceful, that ...

Bring it, you freaks!
E. Pluribus Unum knows who else was known for violent rhetoric:
Their proper name is the New BlacKKK Panthers.
Resolute Conservative knows what all blacks want:
Free stuff from the gimme stack.
Throwing threatening tantrums? Well thought out plan to get more welfare!

thorvaldr knows that the real puppet masters are Marxists!
They don’t, themselves, have an end game. Everything that they do is counterproductive to the cause of Black people in America. They are just useful idiots being controlled by their Marxist masters.
Old Sarge knows what happens when Leftists win:
What do they want? They've only been telling you since the Sixties: they want you dead.

Just remember a fact of history: in each case where Leftists come to power, genocides of their political opponents always follows.
Anyone remember the Obama genocide when he had a supermajority? It was rough.

MeshugeMikey reads a lot into decades-old graffiti:
The Panthers originated in Oakland Ca......

I saw the Off the Pig graffitti there many decades ago..

these newcomers have simply expanded the category of pig to include all white people.

what line it is that they will have to step over..before they are retired...I do not know
It seems MeshugeMikey wishes for the old, effective Black Panthers:
there werent any Mooselim pretensions....in the “old days”

these morons are all obama wanna-bes
Actually, a lot of Freepers have trouble hiding their desire for an actually violent foe.

EQAndyBuzz knows who is a true black leader!
What are the New Black Panthers up to, and what is their next move?

Ask Charlie Manson.
driftless2 explains the black psychosis with the usual crocodile tears about black-on-black violence:
It's like looking on a group of people, black Americans, who are seized by a sort of psychosis. Here you have one hundred or so blacks killed by police annually (some by black policemen) with only a handful questionable. Even in the questionable cases, there weren't any cases where a white cop simply walked up to an innocent black person and gunned him down for no reason whatsoever.

Contrast that with the six or seven thousand black males gunned down by other black males. Add to that the several hundred black children killed annually by stray bullets from black thugs and you've got to wonder if most black people should be treated with strong, anti-psychotic drugs or given a class in math and logic. As if the latter would help much.

P.s. Over the weekend in my hometown of La Crosse, Wi. there were five separate shooting incidents with several people shot. No one reported dead however. The black pop. of La Crosse is only about five hundred people or one percent. All the perps are black. When I grew up in La Crosse fifty years ago with only ONE! black family you could go years with no gunshots being reported and people being shot. Now it is a constant occurrence. What can we conclude from this info?
Organic Panic feels angry posers like the New Black Panthers have subjugated him:
We are watching their endgame. Revenge, reparations, and black supremacy. They want whites subjugated and they are getting it with the Obama administration.


  1. Oh no, a Freeper lives in my hometown of La Crosse. Sounds like he (and his friends) also posts on the local newspaper comment board:

    "I've noticed a recent influx of new ... chicagoians .... while running errands lately. Longer dreadlocks, pants hanging lower than wanna-bes. Chicago, Milwaukee or the cities have crushed some more gubmint housing and sent more of the element on the interstate to find a home. *sigh*"

    "isn't diversity neat ....i remember moving to la crosse in 73... I saw a sign that said This Is Gods Country....so I said.... Dad, why do they call this Gods country? he answered.. because there are no minorities here. Sure enough just about everyone was white...they can take the sign down now."

    1. Some more of those non racist conservatives at it again

  2. Freepers got their facts from watching this documentary.