Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Objective Scrutator loves Trump for being the abusive father we need:
It’s time for the liberals of this nation to have their skin flayed by their old man’s belt. Trump strikes fear into the hearts of the Millenials because he is the only candidate who could actually beat the insolent children. Scripture mandates the use of the Rod, not the apple pie.
Fantasywriter's birther yarns are getting more elaborate:
There was such a mole. He is on record as saying there was never any LFBC on file in HI for Obama. He said it was an “open secret” (I.e. that Obama lacked a BC). He wrote an entire thesis on the subject. I don’t recall his name offhand, but I could look it up if it’s important.
alloysteel has an odd definition of love:
The approximate time California started its slide - about the time the “flower children” began to vote in sizable numbers. California was still pretty decent in the late 1970’s, but with the departure of Ronaldus Magnus for the White House, the last of the barriers were falling, and “love” (as exemplified by the Manson Family) became the “New Way”.
Nervous Tick has a theory about Bill Clinton:
>> What the hell is wrong with Clinton’s arms?

I dunno... I noticed that too.

Crystal meth?
BinaryBoy has the real story of why the Hillary e-mail dates don't allow a scandal:
Hillary and Obama are a step ahead.

1. Declassify the documents
2. Backdate this action to before she sent/received the emails
3. Claim they weren’t classified at the time she received them.

Voila! Problem solved.
Balding_Eagle reads a lot in Trump's name:
Donald’s mothers name was Mary MacLeod.

As I understand it, MacLeod means ‘stand firm’.

I don’t think he’s going to be going wobbly. It’s not in his blood.
5thGenTexan on what will happen when gays allow Muslims to take over:
After we evil Christians have been run out and only Liberals and Muslims remain, the gays will find out their deaths will be all the more entertaining to the crowds. The buildings they will be thrown off of in the USA are much higher than those in the Middle East, making for a more spectacular end.

On the way down, will they call out to God, or Allah?
Mr Apple isn't ready to give up on the Muslim bating just because Obama's leaving office:
Bill and hilary are dancing and laughing about how the'll continue to help obama transform America into a more Islamic nation.
blackdog's family situation seems strained:
My daughter is an enviro-whacko lawyer in Portland who takes on these types of cases and prevails. She can tie it up in courts for decades.
For maximum chaos, Freepers like MuttTheHoople is why I'm rooting for Jeb to pull it out:
If ¡Yeb! gets the nomination, I'll either stay home, or vote for the Democrat nominee and pray for the Rapture.
minnesota_bound wants war with Iran:
The next president needs to BLOW it up along with the Iranian gov’t.
Speaking of imperial America, LeoWindhorse thinks the time is perfect to invade North Korea:
I do believe it’s time to go for the throat , of Kim Jong Un .
100% regime change , once and for all .

Let’s liberate millions of poor long suffering NK’s
See how that goes .

drop the hammer
Sequoyah101 wants Trump's first lady to be meek, like they should:
Melania needs to keep a low profile and not talk to loud or look to proud. It is a Presidency and not a Monarchy.

The Balls need to be private and so does the sex and everything else like that.

Anything else will not end well. We don’t need and won’t tolerate another show boat woman like moochie wants to be.
TigerClaws wants Trump to pack the Court:
If Obama can change laws with his phone and pen, Trump can do the same.

It’s how the laws are enforced that matters. The actual laws, as we have found out under Obama, are irrelevant.

The USSC can also be stacked. The number of justices is not set in stone. 5 new Trump justices could ‘evolve’ on many issues and interpretations in a conservative manner.
subterfuge heard about another police killing, but he can't pick a position without figuring out one important detail:
Not sure what to think about this as the article doesn’t mention the officers’ skin colours.
PAR35 thinks science is heretical:
Those who worship at the altar of the false god “Science” probably won’t have their faith shaken. And they won’t care as long as those grants keep flowing.


  1. Wasnt Donald MacLeod Trump an Anchor Baby?

    1. Nah, his grandpa emigrated from Germany

    2. Meh, facts don't matter with a good strawman argument like Anchor babies. Was his mother a citizen at the time of his birth? Where'd his Birth Certificate? All I remember seeing, when he was harassing President Obama about his citizenship, was one of those keepsake certificates from Trump that aren't legal documents.

    3. Unfortunately Balding_Budgie has it wrong (no surprise for a Freeper).

      The motto of Clan MacLeod (pronounced MacCloud) is "Hold Fast" but the name actually means "Son\Descendant of Leod" which is a variant of the Norse name Ljotr which in turn means "ugly".

    4. Donald MacLeod Trump would actually break down as:

      "World Ruler (of) Ugly, Loud Flatulence"

      (Dubno+Val = World+Rule = Domhnall = Donald - Scots Gaelic.

      Trump from the same root as "Trumpet". The "Noisy Blow Wind" implication being a euphemism for farting. Lowland Scots and Northern English dialect term, related to German "Trompeten" which is the verb for a bellowing elephant).

    5. Doesn't count. Trump is white.

  2. "Those who worship at the altar of the false god “Science” probably won’t have their faith shaken. And they won’t care as long as those grants keep flowing."

    Says the person using a computer

  3. Gawd, they really think Trump is going to be President? The freeper tears a year from November will be sooo sweet.

  4. "If ¡Yeb! gets the nomination, I'll either stay home, or vote for the Democrat nominee and pray for the Rapture."

    Then he votes straight GOP ticket for the 18th election in a row.

    1. " ¡Yeb! " is actually pretty clever, ha ha.

  5. Today's FR racist thread. Everyone who isn't white is a whiner.

    White Supremacist Wants to Take Over, Rename Town After Donald Trump

  6. i'm thinking child protection services should probably take a swing by objective scrutator's house.

    and not leave before checking out the basement, the attic and the shed.

    1. He does sound a little like Martin Vanger from Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, doesn't he?

  7. projection is often the underlying mechanism driving freeper delusions, so we don't need to guess how an administration under binaryboy would operate. (nor guess how he currently lives his life.)