Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt I

mumblypeg has questions about a judge who banned a high school from singing a hymn:
BTW Judge Reeves —Obama appointee—is the same judge who overturned Mississippi’s ban on gay marriage.
His Wikipedia page reveals no religious preference. I think beliefs are far more significant than race.
I wonder if he is a Muslim?
If so, it would explain his anti-Christan rulings which seem to me me even more hostile than the average atheist rantings.
Even the atheists pay some—not much— lip service to students’ or individuals’ rights to initiate voluntary faith activities on campuses.
This Reeves guy is ordering NO religious (Christian) activitities whatsoever. No way, no how, or pay a fine.
That smacks of Shariah, right there.
I hope Todd Starnes writes about this aspect of the assault on Christianity—and America, from the jihadists in our midst.
I love it when Freepers like Menthops think America is just hungering for Maximum Freep:
Shut down the government, file Articles of Impeachment against Obama, win 2016 in a LANDSLIDE!

But the GOPe would rather Hillary win than have True Conservatives gain power.
In some kinda weird China-invades-Africa scenario, PapaBear3625 advocates genocide of African blacks, because they're crappy workers:
Africa has farmland and slaves to grow and harvest food for China, and to mine its resources

China would be better off colonizing South Africa with Chinese to do the work, and getting rid of the current residents.
This week's maximum anti-Kelly misogyny brought to you by 4Runner:
MK is nothing but a glorified trampy pole dancer with an affirmative action law degree. Why do u think her other polls are UP???? Trump knows this. She’s no Anne Coulter.

Expect to see her NAKED somewhere soon on the internet. If she isn’t already.
I shudder to think where E. Pluribus Unum gets his stats - racist website, or his ass?
If you treat black crime separately, the US is as peaceful as Sweden.
manc is far from the only Freeper to point to a certain someone behind the market volatility last week:
Well, somebody has made two killings this week.

...on the crash ...and then on the recovery.

Follow the money.

Soros up his old tricks again and I am sure some of those elected officials who have inside info have made some gains.
Ticonderoga34 mixes up Freeper fantasies with reality:
I don't know about his health but Soros is 85 years old. It makes me wonder why doesn't he just retire instead of acting like a James Bond villain.
Spotlight-worthy rage homunculus WENDLE's hatred of Megyn Kelly drove him into the arms of Maddow
I’ve been watching Rachall Madcow. At least I know where she stands!! She is not a liar on FAUX news. Actuall( this is blasphemy here) but Madcow has been good lately . Far mor fair that suggesting the Trump hated all women when ,in Jack, he just hated Rosie O’Donnell. We will never watch her again. She was completely destroyed,not by Trump, by her own assassinating attempt on Trump that blew up in her aging face.
Liz has no shortage of questions about every liberal.
Kicking out Ramos is not enough. Investigations need to commence. Americans demand to know:

<><> how many violent organizations advocating the overthrow of the US govt Ramos belongs to;

<><>how many US govt checks Ramos, his family, his staff are collecting;

<><>how many SS nos Ramos, his family and his staff have;

<><>how many identities Ramos has;

<><> how many times Ramos has traveled to foreign countries;

<><> whether Ramos, his family, his staff are registered agents for foreign governments.
Most of her posts are guilt by association-filled giant paste jobs that ask Freepers to call the FBI demanding they investigate (Obama/Hillary/Boehner/Mexicans). She's a fixture, but I'll spotlight her only if desperate.

NorthMountain likes Star Wars, and hates the slightly less Manichean sequels.
I enjoyed that little movie called "Star Wars" back in '78.

Since then ... the suckage has become intolerable.
Mere Internet rage isn't enough for Din Maker:
I’ve never hit a woman in my life, but I’d pay for the opportunity to bitch slap Hillary and her lesbian lover, Huma.
SkyPilot has gone full Pope Conspiracy:
The very first words from Francis to the Cardinals who elected him after the blackmail ouster of Benedict were: "May God forgive you for what you have done."

When Francis was chosen, lightening stuck the Vatican............twice.
unlearner has a totally legit plan to defund Planned Parenthood for worshiping Satan:
Many tax payers oppose Satanism being a state sponsored religion through Planned Parenthood funding.


Class action reparations for PP victims.

Prosecute PP leaders, politicians and judges for crimes against humanity.
Hostage thinks birthright citizenship is a conspiracy created by immigration attorneys:
A ‘child’ at the time of birth is not subject to any allegiance other than that of the legal parent or guardian.

The fact is that ‘birthright citizenship’ has been squashed from view by political leaders and because of this cover provided to this false notion, immigration attorneys have marked it as a LOOPHOLE and made it their cash cow business, promulgating it as a lie that it is completely legal and constitutional, and furthering their abuse of it by joining it with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 chain immigration reform so that an anchor baby becomes a beachhead for an invasion of illegals.
DouglasKC does not think well of Obama supporters:
Where are the stories about the homicidal maniacs supporting Obama? Or the kill the whitey blacks supporting Obama?
Tucker39 has great hopes for Hillary:
I believe Hillary will sing like a Mockingbird, about Obama, about Holder, about Jarrett, about Pelosi signing off on Obunga being legal to be President. She knows where many of the bodies are buried. She may even have a stanza or two about Slick before she’s through. Copping a Plea. State’s Evidence.
Falcon4.0 has another word for scientific research:
Legalized Cannibalism.
Rich White Liberals, cannibalizing mostly minority babies, ostensibly for "Medical Research",
so Rich White Liberals can live longer.
If you're looking for folks pining to be victims, Savage Beast, maybe check a mirror?
maybe they want to be marched naked to a gas chamber.. The people of the left really are insane..

Yes, it's a serious mental illness, mass psychosis.

They must be marginalized and rendered harmless.
TexasFreeper2009 is pinning it all on the silent majority:
Here's my pet theory.

Yellow Dog Democrats which deserted the Democratic party in droves after the 1968 commie takeover of the Democratic convention only vote when there is a “strong” alternative on the ballot. They came out for Nixon, and Reagan and gave them vote massive landslides. They seem to be attracted to strong personalities with strong opinions, even if they don't agree with all of them.

I think this is where Trump is getting a lot of his support and if true it spells doom for the others in the primary and for any Democrat in the general, because polls wont accurately reflect how strong Trump is, if he is attracting voting who don't usually vote and/or are not even registered to vote.
Gritty is pretty sure Iran is gonna conquer America now:
Our national survival has been sold out to the Iranian Mullahs for cold hard cash. Our blood is on the hands of these Senators.
Sontagged has done some pretty strong retconning:
You guys weren’t around FR, I guess during 2003-2007 when conservatives woke up to the fact that Bush was an operational liberal.

Open borders while we were at war; pushing Amnesty, big pharma etc., etc.
The hagiographic 'A day in the life of President Bush' threads didn't end until about March 2008...

Wilhelm Tell doesn't think Satanists are bad enough:
They way the Satanists are standing stiffly about and bullying people looks very fascist. Those black-clad Satanists look like they would have also been perfectly at home wearing Nazi uniforms.


  1. "...Reeves guy is ordering NO religious...{snip} ...smacks of Shariah, right there."

    What?? ...Just ...err ....WHAT?? What are these clowns smoking? Shariah MANDATES religious meddling in (what in the west are) secular affairs.

    I'm used to the conspiracy, racism, insanity, obscurantism and lunacy ...but totally, diametrically inverted logic?? What's next? Up is down, black is white, Trump is a statesman ...oh ...wait....

    1. You and your fact-based reasoning is Muslim witchcraft!

  2. I am really glad that Trump is showing Freepers to be just about the most desperate and stupid of voters. He's done nothing over the last 20 years to suggest he's Christian or Conservative. Act like an asshole, say racist shit, and always attack, he's got the GOP loonies wrapped around his finger.

    Also, as a fan of Potholer54's videos, as he points out in a video, it's quite funny that "follow the money" is now used by all sorts of conspiracy theorists. As if see who benefits. It was used in the movie to see who making the payment. In the end, after weeks of hard work, verifying and checking evidence, the evidence led to the Nixon white house. They say it as if they have reciepts that Soros was manipulating the Stock market.

    1. I've heard "Follow The Money" for years, but more recently the conspiracy crowd snatched it up, just like "Wake up!" and taking the red pill

  3. Must be a slow freepathon. FR seems to be down and I am sure is inducing some panicked paranoia with the over 65 set.

    1. Would be hilarious if hacked and the member list was posted

    2. This is the backup group, but it looks like they restricted the access. JimRob used to post all of the server issues here.

    3. Fear not. The sewer is unblocked (probably a bolus of impacted, part digested bread sticks).

    4. JimRob likes to unplug things to shake some more pennies out of people if the thon starts taking too long

  4. Trump admits to wanting to raise taxes on corporations:

    Let's see how long it takes for Freepers to call this a New York Times conspiracy.

    I thought they weren't going to vote for someone if they weren't conservative?

    1. They'll vote for anybody who mouths off about the same pet peeves they do.