Friday, February 13, 2015

10 minutes of hate

I've got a bit of a cold, so I think this week it'll be Sunday Spotlight, and Sunday Pix.

But I will not leave you empty-handed! Via Anon.

Some object to FOX News' constant showing of that Jordanian pilot being burned alive. Personally, I managed to miss it.

Freepers, though, are big fans of stoking hate, both in themselves and everyone else.

I guess PROCON was kinda wavering about whether ISIS was bad before this:
Screw 'em, I watched it, this just reinforces my belief that we better get serious with this ISIS threat before it comes here.

Bastards are savages!
T-Bone Texan wants more guns!
Mainsteam media is on the same side as ISIS and Obama.

After viewing this horrific video I want to go out and buy more guns and ammo, which is probably why the Treasonous MSM wants to hide this truth.
Georgia Girl 2 thinks the world is complacent about ISIS:
The world needs to be upset. I’m glad they showed it.
chris37 saw the video out of spite:
I watched it because I am aware that certain quarters in my country did not want me to see it, so I saw it in defiance of these fools.
Texas Eagle - anyone who doesn't want to broadcast a man being burned alive is probably in favor of it:
Fox’s decision drew condemnation from terrorism experts consulted by The Guardian

Just out of curiosity, did ISIS's decision to burn the Jordanian pilot alive in a cage draw criticism from terrorism experts consulted by The Guardian?
Monty22002 believes people that don't equate ISIS and Islam just haven't seen how bad ISIS is:
I also support them showing this horrible stuff. People need to see it to get it. It may desensitize some, but most are going to see these guys as a true enemy of humanity. islam already did it to us on 9/11 times 3000, but they censored the footage as much as possible there too.
VerySadAmerican also thinks if you have enough hate for ISIS, you'll hate all Muslims:
I won’t watch it. There’s nothing I can be shown to make me despise these barbarians more than I do. But I do think it should be available and I believe some should be made to watch it. Especially those who say “Muslims aren’t bad people. I have friend who is a muslim.” And I hope W watched.
JAKraig is inspired to invent an ISIS-seeking nuke:
I watched it, doing so makes me more committed to begging our government to turn the sand where ISIS is into glass.
I think it should not be shown because the demons that did it get satisfaction every time it runs.

Wrong. Seeing what the Demons do also reinforces our reserve and educates stupid people. Present company excepted.
PROCON wants 10 minutes of hate:
Screw the demons, how about FOXNEWS lead off every newscast with the twin towers falling, people jumping to their deaths, dead NYPD and FDNY folks being pulled out of the 9-11 rubble...

This video should reinforce to every American that we better get our sh!t in order or we're next.

We need new leadership, or America will not survive!
knarf agrees, but with more anti-Obama propaganda:
I agree, but more fitting is 9/11 footage interspersed with the muslim in the white house saying he loved the sound of the muzzie prayer, and would stand with muslims ... et.
Guenevere is one of those pro-Lifers that do not help their cause:
Look, I support showing this as do most on this thread.....

.....but how many networks would have the courage to show the human burnt or torn apart remains of babies savagely pulled from the womb......’s your answer......ZILCH!

We, as a nation have become so desensitized to what we’re doing, we don’t realize we’re only steps away from the savagery and horror of becoming ISIS.


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    1. Onyx better be being overdramatic just to get more donations to the 'thon. Because, wow, her priorities are messed up if she's putting FR so high on her list.

    2. Yeah, some of those woes seem a bit of a stretch.

    3. OH MY GOD!!! I know that guy in the pic of that post...the guy who has that '(Heart) Free Republic" bumper sticker!!!

      Ok, I'm the guy who worked on Romney's campaign in Florida; I've posted here quite a few times. I was on his Florida leadership team, so I had an "in" to the internal affairs of the campaign. I've noted how it was GIGO to begin with. Anyway, I digress....

      So there was this militant conservative idiot who we had to kick out of one of the Tampa, Florida area campaign offices...we had like six of the offices. He was some old creep who became a serious liability when he refused to keep to the written script and would start talking about Obama being Muslim.

      I was called to come by the office and politely talk to the guy about how he was making it more difficult for us to get our message out to undecideds if he wouldn't stay to the script.

      He flew into a rage, yelling "you're TRYING to lose! We're going to lose the country because of people like you!!" And other shit like that. He asked me who my boss was and I, exhausted anyway, quickly drew a diagram that showed a "chain of command." It had three boxes: Romney....Me....YOU! With that, he (likely) said something racist (I think, I can't remember) and I bounced the guy.

      As he drove away, he was driving a black Chevy SUV (I'm fairly certain) and had a Florida tag. When I noticed that sticker, I shit you not, I said to an underling "listen and look for anything Free Republic...if you hear or see anything- especially if they try to recruit- walk them. These guys are nuts!" At that point we looked over a few FR posts and had a jolly good fucking laugh at how retarded these people are.

      Anyway, I hope you appreciate the story. I know it was one of my favorite parts of the whole campaign! Believe it or not, there's a lot of these nuts living in Central Florida!

    4. @Anonymous 10:54, Too funny. And I bet if you ran into the guy today, he'd say something like, "See??? I TOLD you!!!"

    5. That's awesome AnonymousFebruary 13, 2015 at 10:54 AM. I love your campaign stories about the crazies.

    6. I once had the "Pleasure" of having flowers delivered by the infamous Kristinn Taylor (Official Reich Spokesman). Yeah, the national media contact for the Mighty Free Republic is a flower delivery guy in Melbourne Florida.

    7. The crazies mostly came out after the primary. It was funny watching conservatives slowly come to the realization that none of the goobers they supported would make it beyond the Florida Primary. Or the people who didn't understand why there were so many Ron Paul sign wavers but he was insignificant in the primaries/caucuses.

      To his credit, Romney's camp made sure we kept the Obama/Muslim/Birth Certificate crowd on a short leash.

    8. It's like I told a RWNJ once. Normal people who vote Republican love candidates like Romney. Those people are still in a fantasy world where they think that the 1980 and 1984 elections are the norm and extreme Republican candidates will be rewarded.

    9. Huh.
      So, just maybe the people JR relies on to beg for cash shouldn't be the same cackling goofballs leading the Zot Brigade; and/or making an endless stream of racist comments & graphics; and/or throwing their weight around in threads.

  2. Hope you feel better Ozy!!

    1. Thanks.

      I slept all of yesterday, and seem mostly recovered already.

  3. I love them "just nuke them" comments. They spell out the sheer ignorance of these morons.

    Even when America dropped nuclear weapons on Japan, it had taken YEARS of firebombing to clear the way for Japan's surrender.

    You can't just "nuke" people and expect the result they think will happen! Nuclear weapons, while devastating, still have a limited affect on an area the size of Northern Iraq. That's leaving out the hundreds if not thousands of innocents that would likely die collaterally; I guess they don't care about those people.

    Scenarios included in the notion of Mutual Assured Destruction was the only way you COULD use nuclear weapons and destroy a whole country. And, if you remember, those took THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons!

    Not to mention the economic costs of "turning them into glass." Nuclear weapons aren't cheap: Minuteman III land-based missiles cost about $50M each!

    I guess when "nuking Muzzies," these Conservatives aren't worried about the variable costs associated with "turning (the Middle East) into glass."


    1. That, and, in this day and age, a country that uses Nukes is going to be a pariah, and rightly so.

    2. There is a significant number of ex-military people (or allegedly so, anyway) on Free Republic. Why don't any of them ever point this stuff out? It's their site, after all. They fancy themselves all about facts and not emotion, but wanting to nuke random countries out of frustration is nothing but a fit of pure emotion.

    3. Because to that type of person, "Nukes make the man".

      I was a missile tech in the Navy, on a Trident sub. We knew what the missiles could carry and
      what they could do.

      During the cold war, we and the Soviets had thousand upon thousands of the things pointed at each other, when 1 or 2 would have served the purpose. The mentality that led to that craziness is the same mentality that creates a culture of the supposed need to have multiple handguns, rifles and shotguns in ones house. It boils down to a big dick contest, and they don't care what the end result if using the weapon is, they feel tough, secure and manly just by having them.

      Why won't ex-military freepers speak out against the talk that "Mecca should be nuked"?

      1. They hate Muslims for the most part
      2. They think that the lost horrible option will solve their "Muslim Problem"
      3. They have dehumanised their "enemy" in much the same way death penalty proponents dehumanised the "monsters" who have been condemned

    4. Not to mention their precious Israel is right around the corner. Even if there's no major retaliation, do they really think fallout, the humanitarian crisis and so on with stop right by the Israeli border?

    5. Nuke Mecca. Great idea.

      Last I looked, Saudi Arabia was not exactly an enemy. I do wonder if the Freepers know that by saying that they are aiding and abetting Iran? Because you can take it to the bank that Iran's first functional nuke will be aimed squarely at Mecca and not Israel.

    6. Freepers don't distinguish between types of middle eastern nationalities, religious sects or even races. If they look Arabic they're Muslim to freepers, and to freepers there are no "good" Muslims. They're a sad lit over there and their hate consumes them

    7. EC, you old liar, tell us some more stories about your heroic deeds.

  4. taliban kills 19 people in a Pakistan mosque...

    Gosh, I hope this doesn’t spur an anti-Mooselimb backlash. It would be a bummer if a bunch of innocent Mooselimbs were killed because some vicious, violent, rogue, lone wolf zealot randomly killed a bunch of innocent Mooselimbs.

    12 posted on February 13, 2015 at 8:20:52 PM PST by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)

  5. "One of my voice students is a very loquacious and precocious 8 year old Black Child. The family are big O supporters.

    Yesterday, she confided to me that her mother’s business is failing, and that Mom will have to find a job, and things are looking very bad.

    I told her to think carefully about why this has happened, and what has become of our Nation in the last six years."

    1. Yes, Obama personally saw to it that her mother's business failed. During a Democratic presidency, anything bad that happens, no matter how insignificant, must be their fault. Business shut down? Obama! Gas prices went up? Obama! Stub your toe? Obama!

      Reminds me of how they treated Bill Clinton.

    2. It's too bad that Obama Derangement Syndrome has turned damaged, petty adults to taking out their frustrations on unsuspecting children because no one else will listen to their bullshit anymore.

  6. Is having LanceyHoward listed under the 300 club the same as democrats having dead voters on the rolls?
    Onyx is a fairly attractive woman. Sorry about her hubby but she needs to branch out from FR and get back to living.

  7. We are observing Lent this year by not watching anything pertaining to Obama, which is Satan’s way of tempting us to curse. So for 40 days, we will fortify ourselves spiritually with prayer and reading the Scriptures instead of cursing the television screen.

    16 posted on ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2015‎ ‎7‎:‎05‎:‎25‎ ‎AM by txrefugee

    Not sure if they are joking

    1. So - where is all this Obama-themed programming crowding the TV sets?

      If they're not going to curse for 40 days, I expect that's going to dent the Freepathon...I think logging in for their daily dose of hate is all that keeps that irrelevant website still creaking along.