Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Spotlight: Ethan Clive Osgoode

One of those very angry Christians. His profile is an exhaustive list of how all eugenicists believed in evolution. He seems to think this rather pedestrian fact is a scathing indictment.
Poking around the Web, I mostly find him on other forums ranting about evolution.

These days he spends most of his time ranting about the growing embrace of Islam, though. As is often the case with Free Republic's more committed religious zealots, he also spends a lot of time policing his fellows for not hewing to his own personal moral lines. This is particularly the case with Apple. He has some kinda hilarious personal jihad against Apple.

It's not censorship if it's to protect Christianity:
Charlie Hebdo fans. think that we must ridicule Christianity along with Islam. But the difference is that Islam is of the devil, and so it deserves to be ridiculed.
What Atheists paradoxically spend their time doing:
The last one in my lineage to believe in God must have died in the beginning of the last century.

Bah, go back to promoting islam like a good little atheist.
But ISIS is actually a puppet of the New World Order:
ISIS is being ruthless against entities the global puppet masters couldn't defeat in ways that a civilized government couldn't be.

You are on to something.
Muslims are also all possessed by demons:
Knowing a bit about demonic possession is the key to understanding Mohammed and Islam.
Europe will violently attempt to throw off the chains of islamization. Under the leadership of a foreign puppet, America will come to the defense of islam in Europe, as they did on a smaller scale in Serbia. Europe may fall because ISIS will get a lot of help.
America's Islamic future:
“They’re pushing Islam and they’re putting down Christianity.”

They are preparing students for the future.
Capitalism is insufficiently nationalistic:
What's good for university profit margins isn't necessarily good for America. Especially when american students are sacrificed to make way for chinese idiots/criminals with dubious qualifications. I can understand why Chinese idiots want to come to America, but I can't understand why Americans want Chinese idiots to come to America.
The history of Islam is all lies:
The West does not own anything to islam.

But this ludicrous narrative, that muslims used to be science-loving scholars, or that there used to be advanced muslim civilizations long ago (like Atlantis or ancient astronauts) appears frequently in literature, obviously for the purpose of reinforcing anti-Christian and anti-Western sentiment in the reader.
"Computer education:"
How to plug in parents’ credit card numbers into the app store is what they mean by computer education these days.
Freepers don't hate Apple enough:
Look, it’s time to start accepting the fact that the makers of Honda, Toyota, Ford, FoxNews, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Target, and so on, all support the same agenda, even if they don’t have a homosexual CEO.

So, according to you, the appropriate response to this should be to support corporations with overtly homo CEOs, like Apple.
Apple is Islamish:
Every muslim I see has an iphone. Especially the mullah types with the idiotic beards and dents in their foreheads. Only the best for the religion of piece. They buy them because they think iphones are magnets for white chicks.
Tim Cook - overt raving queer:
So, in your view, it's better to support overt raving queers rather than those who are not overt raving queers.
Disproving the scientific method:
the observation of phenomena,

Fred likes to watch TV.

the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena,

His favorite show is on fridays at 8.

experimentation to demonstrate the truth or falseness of the hypothesis, and

He turns on the TV.

a conclusion that validates or modifies the hypothesis."

At 8pm Fred discovers that today is thursday.

Fred is a scientist!
Saudi sand monkeys:
It’s unconscionable that western leaders have to pay such respect to these illegitimate saudi sand monkeys who pretend to be something they are not.
Putin is fighting against Islam
I trust Litvinenko went to the one true God

According to Livinenko's father, Livinenko converted to islam.

You should stop promoting this pro-chechen idiot. Promoting pro-chechens isn't doing your cause (whatever it is) much good.
Quality cinema:
Reefer madness was an excellent film.
Sick people:
Atheists are deeply sick people.


  1. Ethan Clive Osgoode is a prime example of the problem with today's "Religious Right".

    They do not regard Christianity as a moral philosophy, as a way to live a good life or as a way to "eternal salvation".

    For them, they have reduced Christianity to a mere political ploy ... the same as they regard political Islam.

    It's not so much as they actually disbelieve evolution, its just that one has to publicly declare "creationism" as a political position.

    Their argument with Islam boils down to "it's not Christianity".

    Ethan Clive, like all the other big "right wing religionists", are incapable of promoting Christianity on its own merits.
    They use Christianity just as an excuse to act like a bitch.

    1. They have reduced Christianity to what they accuse Islam of being.....a political and social system maintained by rule of law.

    2. And they'd rather have all their raving queers be covert, not overt.

    3. If they had their way, they would do all those things they think all Muslims do. Stoning, death sentences for breaking God's law, prosecuting blasphemy Etc.

    4. In my opinion part of the reason they hate Obama and Islam so much is due to jealousy. They wish they had a leader who could push their agenda the way Obama has pushed his. They also love to whine about how no one pokes fun at Islam but will make fun of Christians at the drop of a hat.

  2. Ethan.....if all eugenicists believing in evolution is a damning indictment, this will really blow your mind.... all KuKluxKlan founders, leaders and members were white.

  3. Would be interesting to know what he thinks of Judaism, which is also not Christianity, and has been brutally persecuted by Christians, using Christian arguments.

    1. I don't expect this ever to make its way onto Free Republic, but the first victims of the Crusade in 1096 were European Jews. Saying so would spoil their whole narrative.

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  5. Hilariously enough, Ethan Clive Osgoode, FR member since 2002, was banned for (I assume) having anti-Israeli views on that site. His account is inactive as of a day ago, but his post history is both amusing and elucidating of the insanity/delusions of that website's members.

    I think FR got too crazy even for Ethan...

    LINK to banned account's post history:;brevity=full;options=no-change