Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The King of Jordan's Star Turn

After the public and grisly execution of a Jordanian pilot, the King of Jordon has vowed revenge. That might be what his country needs. And while ISIS also wants escalation, it might end up working against them.

Freepers, for whom foreign policy is only another way to bash Obama, ignore that this guy is a Muslim, and cheer his tough rhetoric and manliness.

BwanaNdege knows righteous rage is the only way to show patriotism:
Not every world leader is a wuss who hates his country as is Obama.
Da Coyote keeps it schoolyard:
He rode his Harley around the US and did stop off at Bandon Dunes for some golf.

Dorkbama couldn’t handle a Harley.
Obadiah likes this guy, so Obama must be secretly sabotaging him:
I maintain that Obama will actively try to restrain Jordan, whether Obama does this publicly or not is inconsequential. He will try to hold Jordan back.
SoFloFreeper deals with the King's troubling Muslimness:
I am guessing good old Abdullah is a MINO...Muslim in Name Only.
umgud deals with it in a different way:
No US blood to save muslims from muslims.
Meanwhile, PapaNew is blaming 9-11 on Bill Clinton.
9-11 was the result of a whole bunch of stupid stuff the U.S. did and didn’t do under the Clinton administration precisely because the Clinton Administration was NOT looking out for the best interests of the U.S.
wardaddy is becoming predictable:
Whatever one thinks of him he certainly has a beautiful wife
nomad transfers his fantasies of heroic brutality to a new vessel:
If I were him I`d announce that every ISIS agent and sympathizer caught from now on would be killed by intravenous lethal injection. The ‘poison’ of choice will be pig`s blood and the method will be to wait till agglutination causes systemic embolism sufficient to terminate the individual.
I want the USA back knows Obama hasn't hurt anyone in ISIS at all:
And when is $hitface going to help them eliminate the vermin?
Oh I forgot. $hitface wouldn’t hurt his true buddies.


  1. Waiting for Wardaddy to tell everyone how many of his foreign girlfriends were from the middle east, and how he lavished them with jewels and diamonds, but then ended up marrying the (probably) wrinkle bag who kicks his ass on a daily basis.

    1. His wife looks like old redneck bar trash..bet she has been around the block a few times.

    2. Amazingly, wardaddy serves up some shit to fellow freepers regarding Kayla Mueller being killed by ISIS today ...

      To: FR_addict

      Some freepers are fickle and quick draw.

      One minute fold treat her like a missionary martyr based on little info.
      The next minute with some prodding from a wacky blog she’s now a female Heydrich.

      So which is it

      Personally I think she likely less a Jew hater than Obama or Kerry or that weasel Josh Earnest and his kosher deli parsing fantasies

      My opinion... A shiny face bred by shiny faces lured by lions into their jaws

      48 posted on Tue Feb 10 16:38:58 2015 by wardaddy

    3. Wardaddy always calls them out. He usually insinuates that Freepers aren't racist enough for his taste! His wife has that scared look in her eyes. He's said that if she gained weight he would consider that a deal breaker.

  2. Freeper logic:
    2001 - Bill Clinton causes 9/11
    2008 - Barack Obama causes financial meltdown
    2011 - George W. Bush kills Osama bin Laden

    1. In my view of FReepers:
      2001: Muzzies declare war on Christians
      2008: Big Gov't causes fiscal crisis
      2009: Barry HUSSEIN 0bummer makes things worse, and only continue throughout his term
      2011: Bin Ladin killed despite of Obama
      2012: BENGHAZI!

  3. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3256189/posts
    Just waiting for GeronL to hit that thread!! He may already be on his way to China.

  4. Oh god I can't wait until I get to read the outpouring of Freep love for Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.

    1. They'll be in good company.
      Knights in White Satin, never reaching the end.


    2. Searched "Judge Roy Moore" and the first result was a WND article. Oh boy.

    3. Interesting how it's the Mississippi Klan that is supporting him (from what few articles are available on this), not anyone in Alabama. Are they too busy talking about signing day because ROLL TIDE?

  5. Roy Moore, a walking advertisement for Judicial term limits